An Ultimate Guide on How to Pair Cigars with Coffee

Best Cigars to Pair With Your Morning Coffee

Like everybody out there, the first thing you will think about every time you wake up is a cup of coffee. In the United States alone, over 45% of Americans above 18 years and over drink coffee every day. This represents over 140 million people taking coffee daily.

Most American adults drink unique varieties of coffee beverages, including cappuccino, espresso, mocha, latte, and iced coffee beverages. Cigars and coffee work well together, offering cigar smokers a perfect pairing for the tasty experience of all time.

The best thing is that having the best picks for your coffee comes with favorite cigar flavors that overlap and complement each other, giving you a fantastic experience.

Most of the flavors from premium cigars will depend on the plant’s growth, the type of soil, the weather, and other factors. The fact is the combination of a fine cigar, and high-quality coffee will provide you with a balanced range of flavors that boost one another.

In this article, we will look at everything cigar aficionado needs to know about how you should pair coffee and cigars, different tastes of coffee, and finally, the best cigars that you can pair with coffee.

Why Do Coffee and Cigars Pair So Well Together?

As every perfect cigar has its unique flavor and taste, so does a quality coffee. Having a combination that matches the taste and improves the whole earthy notes experience is the key. The simplest way to combine the two is to consider the similarities that come with the pair, something cigar enthusiasts should enjoy.

For instance, if your favourite cigar is sweet and mild, it would be best to pick a light roast coffee. This way, you will have made sure that the flavors do not overwhelm each other, and that the taste is favorable to you.

A medium cigar that is lightly spiced, with natty flavors, will require to pair with something like cocoa-based coffee such as mocha.

If you decide to go for strong cigars such as Maduro Wrapper, you will need to pair them with a full-bodied roast coffee; that brings out the acidic tastes or both. This is because strong cigars are likely to be more leathery and spicy in their flavors.

What do Different Coffee Varieties Taste Like?

Deciding what cigars want to take comes in hand with the best cigar that balances the two flavors. Once you have selected the cigar’s strength and the taste that works perfectly for your pair, the next step will be to figure out which coffee flavor fits that profile. Here are some of the most popular coffee tastes for coffee lovers:

  • Cuban Coffee- When we talk of Cuban coffee, the discussion should be about the best blends, among them, being Cubita coffee. This flavor provides you with nasty hints of smokiness and caramel that you can’t resist.
  • Kenyan Coffee– Kenyan coffee is rated as one of the best coffee producers in the world. With millions of tons produced every year, you can rest assured that, if you are a Kenyan coffee lover, you have it on your table every time you need it. Additionally, the Kenyan coffee beans come with gentle and delicate notes that give off the best fruity flavors of all time.
  • Columbian Coffee– Columbian coffee is a medium roast that comes with a perfectly balanced taste, with mild hints of cream, acid, and fruit.

Here are the Best Cigars to Pair With Coffee

As we have discussed, the perfect coffee pairing depends on the similarity of the flavors and tastes of coffee and cigar. Nothing is frustrating, like having the wrong ideal match.

With a proper guide, you will be able to enjoy some of your best Cuban cigars and match them with a daily coffee cup.

Here are the best complex cigars that you should pair with a cup of black coffee, every time you start your day:

1. Bespoke Rosetta Cabinet

Every time you plan to host a party or even spend a few evening hours with friends and family members, Rosetta and some lighter cigar is the best pick for you. Rosetta provides a sweet taste when you match it with your coffee, giving you an experience that you can’t resist.

As cigar lovers to get into the moment of your desire, you should consider cigar pairing with Kokkaffe, a Swedish boiled black coffee method, where the water and the grounds are boiled together to boost the experience for you.

As a perfect way to reduce the bitterness of coffee, you should stir one or two eggs into the coffee grounds before adding them to the coffee.

2. Davidoff Winstoff Churchill

The introduction of the Davidoff Winstoff and other stronger cigars into the industry was to honor the great Sir Winston Churchill. Previously, this full bodied cigar was known to pair very well with Champagne, which was one of the best pours for Sir Winston.

However, this cigar pairs exceptionally well with different varieties of coffee and light beers, and this pair should be on your list.

It is good to know that the sweeter cigar works perfectly with a cup of lighter, roasted morning coffee to make it easier for you and to understand how the pairing works. Making your best coffee black is the best pick to compliment the exceptional creamy texture and sweet notes of Davidoff Winstoff Churchill.

3. Ashton Symmetry and Padron 1964 Anniversary

These two cigars are highly recommended for medium-bodied smoke for those who prefer to get a maximum pick-me-up in the morning. The cigars are the ideal choice for pairing your daily morning coffee cup every time you intend to start your day in a new and exciting mode. Both Ashton and Padron 1964 is an excellent choices to achieve full-bodied tastes that boost your experience every time you decide to enjoy the pair.

Ashton Symmetry has been built around a spectrum of cedar, figs, and some hints of cream, to improve the flavor. On the other hand, Padron’s 1964 Anniversary provides a dark and earthy flavor and mixtures of cinnamon that will enhance the whole package’s sweetness.

Both cigars are a perfect partner that works well with strong dark roast black coffees, making them some of the best cigars for pairing.

4. Montecristo

For some of us who prefer cigars that come with sweet, bold flavors, creamy finish and grassy taste, a fantastic choice for you should be Montecristo. The mildness and creamy flavors in this cigar will perfectly match with a dark black coffee that offers a massive body that is more than a medium roast, offering you a discernible spicy taste for your pair.

You should try a dedicated dark-roasted coffee. The profound sharpness of the roasted coffee provides you with an exceptional tasteful balance to the mild stature of the Montecristo.

5. Arturo Fuente Hemingway

Hemingway was created from the inspiration of a homage to the American novelist that was released in 1983. Arturo is a caramelized experience with notes of toasted cedar to build and improve on the flavor, making sure you enjoy a bit of its taste. The cigar is an ideal pick for accompanying your cup of morning coffee any time you kick off your day.

Hemingway is considered to be a relatively mild cigar. Therefore, it’s recommended that you should seek out some likewise-bodied coffee that matches your flavor and taste preferences.

That is not all. This cigar works well with expresso and the toasted notes of caramel increase the substance to the overall pairing experience.

6. Green Label Oscuro La Fuerza

The Green Label is a favorite to many. The aged cigar has dark, full-bodied and rich in taste but not too strong. Oscuro’s outer part is oily and gorgeous and will always beg you to pull it from the box for you to taste the hidden experience in it. You require to get a cup of coffee along with dark chocolate that comes with an incredibly toasty aroma, just for you. It would be best if you got your cup of black coffee ready for this cigar.

What do we Conclude?

Beginning your day with the best pairing of cigars and coffee is indeed an enjoyable experience everyone should desire. However, this can only come to reality after you understand how well you can pair the two, improve on the taste, and get the whole experience.

First off, it is essential to understand that flavors for both cigars and coffee are the fundament for a tasty pair. Its strength measures the cigar’s body. That being said, a mellow, flavorful cigar is deemed mild-bodied, then increases to full-bodied.

Similarly, the coffee’s roast is also measured by its strength. That means light roast has acidity and toasted grain state, while medium roast maintains balanced levels of aroma, flavors, and acidity. On the other hand, the dark roast will be pronounced bitter, sharp, and smoky.

It is critical to note that the levels of caffeine usually decrease from the light to the dark roast. It is, therefore, essential to understanding the selections you are going to make will make it simpler to find the best picks and pair them accordingly.

To finalize this discussion, it is worth noting that the perfect match of the cigar and coffee is dependent on your taste preference. For you to get your right coffee-cigar pairing you might be required to do some experimentation to find a suitable pairing.

If it is your first time trying to pair a cigar and a cup of coffee, try to use the above examples as your guidelines. From there, you should be able to get the right match. Please remember that the characteristics of both coffee and cigars should be put into consideration. Once you find your right choice, that will make the most memorable way to kick off your day.

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