My Cigar is Burning More on One Side Than the Other

A Complete Guide on How You Can Fix Cigar Burning Issues

If you ask any cigar lover about some of the issues he usually faces with cigars, he will tell you that burning is a significant challenge.  Unlike cigarettes, lighting a cigar can sometimes be difficult, especially if you have not been doing this in the past. You need to get the whole thing clear on how to light and maintain your cigar burning. Many will tell you how frequently they get burnt by cigars, something they are used to. However, with the right guide, you can enhance your smoking moments and enjoy them.

This guide will help you understand some of the significant cigar burning issues, what causes them, and how well to fix them. It only takes a little time to learn, and from there, you get to boost your smoking experience without stress. It’s time to get it fixed!

Why do Cigars Burn Unevenly?

I know you’re anxious to get answers to this question. Isn’t it? Well, here we go. In most cases, you will find that your cigar is burning only along some inches of one side. This can be intimidating. Trust me. For such cases, this is usually as a result of the poorly made cigar. However, other factors might lead to your cigar burning on more side and leaving the other unburnt.

A well-made and high-quality cigar typically burns in all sides and allows you to enjoy very long ash, turning the whole smoking experience outstanding. However, in some cases, things might go wrong. Whereas many people blame the cigar itself, other reasons might affect the cigar’s burning success. You should also consider that human beings make cigars, and there might be some errors here and there.

So, can we get to know some other factors that might lead to cigars burning unevenly? Let’s have a look at several. Here is the list:

You did not lit the cigar properly.

One of the most common things that people ignore is taking care of how you light your cigar. Remember, you intend to smoke your cigar for a more extended period. Hence, from the moment you light your cigar, how it burns matters a lot.

Let’s take an example that you’re at a party. You are having a pleasant time with friends, and then you just decide to light your favorite cigar. You just take five seconds lighting the cigar, and you’re done. Within no time, you will start noticing that your cigar is burning on one side and leaving the other unburnt. The thing here is, you did not take enough time to light the cigar, and that might have triggered the unevenly burning of the cigar.

So, what should you do? You should make sure that you focus for the first 20-30 seconds to ensure that you light the cigar on all sides. Make sure that you are rotating your cigar frequently to ensure that it burns on all sides. Now you know!

During the Cigar storage, the humidor might was not set up properly

A wrong level of humidor can have a tremendous effect on your favorite cigar burns. If the humidor of the cigar is too little at one point, you will notice that your cigar tends to light up increasingly like fire, making the whole experience frustrating and unenjoyable.

On the other hand, excessive humidor in your cigar tends to make it light too slow. If that happens, you will find your cigar burning in some areas causing only the bottom or the top to burn. Also, the cigar can sometimes burn only inside, leaving the wrapper of the cigar intact.  For many cigar lovers, this is an experience they won’t like to tolerate.

There is a possibility that the cigar spent only three minutes in the humidor

Honestly speaking, this might be a more significant issue that you might think. The humidor is the one designed to store your cigars and maintain their good condition. This is to ensure that the situation in which you will get your cigar once you buy it will profoundly affect the experience you have as you enjoy it. If you happen to purchase a packet of cigars just from anywhere, the chances are that the condition of the cigars might have been affected.

To get them, they have sat at the back of the distributor’s car or truck. This means that the cigars have stayed outside the humidor and exposed to freezing temperatures for extended periods. Although this is just fine with a short time, after shipping cigars and exposing them to such an environment, they are recommended that they are taken back to their normal humidity levels and temperature before you get to enjoy them.

To avoid the risk of lighting a frozen cigar, it is good to place them in a well-maintained humidor for at least one or two weeks before using them. For most cigar brands and manufacturers, they usually freeze cigars to keep away the tobacco beetles. You definitely won’t like to have a cigar that is cold,, frozen or something that is too far from the average humid temperature of 70%. Those are some of the reasons you find cigars burning on one side and leaving the other unburnt, which you won’t love.

What are Some of Cigars Burning Issues?

Now that we have looked at some of the factors affecting the cigars’ uneven burning, it is high time we got to know some of the significant issues you will find with cigars. Every time you want to enjoy a cigar, lighting is the first step towards setting the whole experience live.

Here is the list of significant burning issues you experience when enjoying your favorite cigar. Don’t worry. I will later guide you on how to solve such problems.


This is a situation whereby the filler tobacco tends to burn faster than the wrapper of tobacco. On the other hand, this causes a tunnel to form on the inside part of the cigar. Tunneling occurs as a result of extreme slow smoking. If you have to spend a lot of time without puffing on your smoke, the cherry tends to cool, making the core remain hot. The binder and the wrapper will then stop burning. At the same time, the tobacco filler keeps on smoldering.

How to fix the unevenly burning issue

It is effortless to detect a tunnel in your cigar as you will find that there is less smoke coming from the cigar. The best thing to avoid or prevent this is to make sure that you puff on your cigar frequently to make sure that that wrapper doesn’t get cool quickly. It would be great to make sure that you check the smoking status of your cigar to make sure that everything is okay. If you find that tunneling has already occurred, it is recommended that you light the outside tobacco to ensure evenly burning of the cigar.


Conning occurs when a wrapper burns progressively quicker than the filler. This leaves a cone-shaped structure on your cigar once the ash drops. If you happen to smoke extremely too fast, the chances are high that you will find this to be your primary issue. Frequent puffing tends to make the tightly packed filler overheated, making the tobacco binder and the surrounding wrapper burn away quickly.

How to fix this issue

To prevent this issue, it is preferable to set your cigar down and cool down for a couple of minutes. At the same time, you should continue to smoke slowly to ensure that the cigar does not go off.


Canoeing happens when there is a severe divergence in the cigar line, every time you burn or smoke your cigar. Being one of the major burning issues, it requires guidance for every beginner to understand well how to fix it. This happens when you light your cigar incorrectly. If you happen to have purchased a cigar that is unevenly humidified, the chances are high that you will face experience this issue.

How to solve this issue

To fix the issue, you should rotate the cigar as it burns to ensure that the burning ash accumulates on all sides to provide an evenly burning of the cigar. If at one point you notice that your cigar has started to canoe, you should try wetting the burning side with a little spit to low it down. You can also touch some water with your finger then apply it on the cigar’s fast-burning side.


As discussed in this article, cigar burning issues can be prevented and fixed at the same time. However, having the proper information towards detecting and solving such problems. To start with, you should consider several factors to make sure that you are enjoying your cigar.

First, cutting your cigar properly is the first step to ensuring that you don’t have an uneven burn. You should use a high-quality cigar cutter to make sure that the cigar has the best size and shape. Lighting cigars should also follow the required guidelines to ensure that you light and maintain the burn, and enjoy the whole experience.

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