Bottle & Ash Review: Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel, Barrel Proof Tennessee Whiskey

Classification: Tennessee Whiskey
Released: Active
Proof: 130.5
Age: N/A
Color: Amber
Special: Barrel No. 17-1149, Bottle Date: 2.27.2017. Rick No. L-29

From the Manufacturer

Barrel Proof Single Barrel is whiskey as nature intended. Our Master Distiller has presented this whiskey at the proof yielded to is by our handmade, toasted and charred, American Oak barrels, specially selected for their depth of flavor. From grain to barrel and straight to the bottle, our Barrel Proof Single Barrel is available in very limited quantities for those who appreciate a pure taste experience. This is an aromatic and surprisingly smooth whiskey, with notes of sweet brown sugar that give way to rich toasted oak and hints of dark spice, best served neat or with a few cubes of ice.

The Smell (Nose)

Those familiar with Jack Daniels will find the aroma a bit familiar. This whiskey has a sweet and boozy nose. The most prominent flavors that I noticed were vanilla, caramel and even a little maple syrup, most likely rooted in what JD refers to in the notes as sweet brown sugar. The biggest difference between this batch and the Old No. 7 is how much bolder the Single Barrel is by comparison. Putting both bottles side-by-side best demonstrates the difference. It is No.7 with the volume turned all the way up. This whiskey has a very enjoyable nose.

The Taste

My newly developed and considerably unrefined process is to do the initial taste neat than I add an ice cube and conduct a second. The initial sip was very boozy with a telltale whiskey heat. Warm, full and bold but the 130.5 proof may have been a touch overwhelming, hiding the various flavors found later. After I added a cube, the caramel and vanilla became much more noticeable as well as a hint of toasted oak. After having a few moments to cool and settle, the booziness seemed to subside a bit and what I first called overwhelming became slightly sweet, but still very bold and rich. The mouthfeel is relatively soft given the high proof.

The Finish

The finish of this powerful spirit lingers for a while after the last sip. What started out as sweet ends with a nice sweet and smokey aftertaste. The flavors remain for quite a while to remind you that you are overdue for another taste.

The Wrap-Up

I really enjoyed the Single Barrel Barrel Proof Select. Starting with the packaging, both the box and the bottle are beautiful. The blackish wood grain with gold inlay lettering on the box makes you take notice on the shelf. As you can see in the photo, the bottle is a beautiful shape. This is a great looking whiskey to give as a gift. The lovely packaging is reflected in the pricing as well. I paid $79.99 for this bottle. Now before you have a heart attack, I live on Long Island in New York and we are unfortunately used to paying an absolute premium price for everything we buy. A little bit of interneting tells me this fine product can be had for closer to $65.00 though I was unable to find a bottle with the gold label that my bottle has for that price.

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