How Many Calories Are in Bourbon?

How Many Calories in a Shot of Bourbon? When you get out with your friends to have a glass of Jack Daniels, you are on your way to having a good time. There is a lot you get from a shot of whiskey. Unlike other drinks like beer, whisky has fewer calories.

If you are on a weight loss plan, having the best bourbon drink on your table is the best thing you can do. Not everybody thinks of how many calories are there in their best drink. It is essential to mind how many calories you can gain in every shot of whiskey or straight bourbon you take.

The truth is whiskey contains less calorie count than most of your favourite drinks in the bar. This makes it the best if you want to lose calories and stay free of heart disease.

This article will shed light on whiskey and its calories – the health benefits of drinking whiskey and not any other drink. Stay put and find out why you should be drinking more whiskey if you want to live healthily.

What is bourbon?

Before you know how many calories are present in a shot of bourbon, you should see the difference between bourbon and whiskey. Bourbon is a type of whiskey, and not all types of whiskeys are bourbon.

There is only a slight difference between a 80-proof bourbon and other types of whiskeys. Bourbon is a native drink from the United States. According to government regulations, bourbon must be made in the U.S and be fermented from a mash of 51% corn.

It should be distilled at no more than 160 proof and not more than 125 proof in a new charred oak barrel. Lastly, bourbon must be aged for a minimum of two years and be free of any additives.

Bourbon Nutritional Facts

Alcohol drinks have little or no nutritional value, which means you should watch how much you take. When you are a daily alcohol drinker, you should also mind your diet.

Taking food rich in vitamins and other essential minerals is essential for your health. Before you can join the party and start drinking with friends, eat some food and ensure you look at the nutritional facts on bourbon.

How many calories are in a shot of bourbon?

Your bourbon becomes unhealthy when you start mixing it with other drinks like soda. Bourbon contains little carbs, which makes it an ideal drink if you want to cut weight. USDA.

There are about 170 calories in a 16 ounce of beer and 15 grams of carbs. That is why beer can make you add weight if you’ve been drinking on a spree.

Those who advocate for low carb drinks have advocated switching from beer to bourbon for many years. However, switching to bourbon is not the only wise decision you should make.

You have to monitor how much beer or any other alcoholic drink you take. You should also mind other alternatives you consume because it affects your health directly.

The number of calories in bourbon will vary from brand to brand. For instance, the original Maker’s Mark bourbon contains 103 calories in every 1.5-ounce shot. This may sound like a few calories, but when you are out there drinking on a spree, you are likely to hit 500 calories or more.

You want to consider the calories in other drinks you use to mix your bourbon when you drink. For instance, when you use soda or other soft drinks that contain more calories, you want to be mindful of how much you are taking.

Ideally, the calories in distilled spirits and different gins are almost the same as calories in whiskey and bourbon as long as there are no additives in the drink.

How many carbs are in bourbon?

Well, your doctor would advise that you take bourbon when cutting weight because it does not have any form of carbs. When taken neat with no additives or drinks like soda, you are not taking any carbs into the body.

Now that your Makers’ Mark does not have any carbs, it doesn’t mean you should be drinking a lot of it when out with friends. The calories in your bourbon also play a significant role in your weight management goals.

To cut back on carbs and calories, you want to remain focused on how much bourbon you are consuming.

What Calories are there in Flavored Bourbon?

The type of flavors used in making your favourite bourbon plays a role in determining the calories it contains.

Unflavored bourbon does not contain carbs and additives, just like a non-distilled spirit. If you are on weight loss, you want to be more careful about consuming flavored bourbon and other whiskies.

Here are some examples of flavored bourbon and the calories they contain:

  • Floral bourbons – Over 70 calories
  • Grain forward bourbons – Over 100 calories
  • Baking spices bourbon – 60 -100 calories
  • Wood forward bourbons – Over 100 calories 

The calories present in flavored bourbon vary depending on your drinking brand. Basil Hayden’s contain 101 calories, while the Four Roses Small Batch contains 73 calories. Therefore, you want to be more careful about the brand of flavored bourbon you drink to cut weight.

It is also advisable that you don’t go for any flavored bourbon if you are on a weight loss routine.

Find out more on flavored bourbon categories and the calories they contain in this recent post on Bottle And Ash.

How many calories are there in your favourite whiskey shot?

Whiskey (not bourbon) may not be the best drink you should be having on your table when you look to shed some pounds. Most people drink whiskey without minding the calories they contain.

If you’ve been drinking some top whiskey brands, you should know that a 1.5 oz shot of whiskey contains at least 108 calories.

Here is a list of some top whiskey brands and the calories they contain per 1.5 oz shot:

  • Bulleit Rye – 109 calories
  • Maker’s Mark – 110 calories
  • Fireball – 108 calories
  • Johnnie Walker, Red Label – 105 calories
  • Jameson Irish Whiskey – 104 calories
  • Jim Beam – 100 calories
  • Bushmills – 98 calories
  • Chivas Regal – 104 calories 

Now that you know the calories in some of your favourite whiskey bottles, you should mind how much you take on the rocks.

Whiskey may not be good for your waistline if you keep taking more bottles every weekend. If you don’t mind the calories, you can relax with some whiskey cocktail and just call it a day.

What you should Remember when you Drink Bourbon

Are you planning a switch from beer to bourbon? That is the right move, especially if you are on a weight loss routine. As discussed earlier, beer contains more calories and carbs than bourbon, making them unhealthy for you.

You should avoid beer and stick to bourbon if you are regularly drinking. A shot of bourbon is just enough for you. The health benefits of bourbon surpass those of beer. If you want to get the most out of your bourbon, here is what you should keep in mind when you take a shot.

1. Always sip and savor

What is your pace when you drink alcohol? The truth is that how fast you drink the whiskey in front of you plays a role in how it gets into your system. You will most likely find yourself under the table fast if you toss back some pint.

Since whiskey contains a higher ABV, you must watch your pace whenever you drink your it in moderation if you want to enjoy the party with friends.

If you want to ensure you are on a good pace, ensure you are not drinking more than a bottle of whiskey an hour.

You can drink non-alcoholics like water, juice, or soda in the meantime if you want to cut the pace.

Also, note that the more bourbon your drink, the more calories you take – something you want to watch if you want to cut weight and live healthy.

2. Your body burns the bourbon first

Your body does not treat alcohol the same way it does to food. The fact that bourbon has few calories and no carbs is not a free pass to drinking more of it.

When your drink bourbon, your body must find a way to eliminate it. It starts the process through metabolism, with the liver taking a big part of the job.

Some residuals hang, and your body will use it fast, which interferes with your metabolism. Therefore, you should always drink your bourbon in moderation, like any other alcoholic drink.

3. Take your bourbon neat

You should make your bourbon as clear as possible when drinking. Clearer spirits have the least impact on your metabolism because they are often metabolized faster.

They also have minimal sugars and sulfites, which ensure you don’t get the insulin response that will often promote fat storage as in most sugary drinks. Always swap that beer with a clear spirit. If you want to take a cocktail, opt for a low sugar mixer or some whiskey neat.

4. Alcohol will increase your appetite and drop inhibitions

When you drink too much bourbon, you will feel hungry and eat more. This is because drinking will always boost your appetite. In the end, there is no way out. You must choose wisely what you eat when you are drinking.

Bourbon may have little calories and no carbs, but what you eat as you drink may still add to your weight. Choose your food wisely if you must eat as you drink.

Drink your bourbon in moderation

It doesn’t cost you a dime when you decide to drink your bourbon in moderation. When you drink bourbon in moderation, it can be part of a healthy diet.

According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, males should take two drinks per day while females a drink per day. A drink, in this case, refers to a one-shot (1.5 ounces) of 80-proof spirits like bourbon.

You should not plan to mix your whiskey with wine or beer to cut the ABV. It’s important to know the pros and cons of too much drinking if you want to be healthy.

Final Thoughts

Bourbon is one of the best drinks you can have if you are on a weight routine. If you want to cut weight, you should plan to take bourbon once in a while because it contains a few calories compared to beer and wine. It doesn’t have any carbs, which play a role in adding weight.

If you are drinking bourbon every weekend with friends, make sure you take it neat. Don’t forget to take the drink in moderation – too much of anything is just dangerous, and bourbon is no exception.

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