How Many Calories Are in Bourbon?

Are you looking forward to a great weekend when you are finally done with a busy day at work? Well, you can go for a cold glass of wine, whisky, and Bourbon when you are finally off the long day at work. There is little you may know about a bottle of Bourbon or other types of alcoholic drinks apart from the fact that they make you feel ‘high.’

There are more details most manufacturers may be hiding you – it’s all on the nutritional content to the drink. How many calories a shot of your best Bourbon contains is something you may not have taken some time to think of.

When you value your body, and you want to lose some calories, then you must be concerned about your calorie intake. Knowing how much calories exist in Bourbon is therefore essential if you frequent the local bars for a sip of this famous drink.

In this article, we talk all about Bourbon and its calories. Find out how much of this drink you should be taking if you want to keep healthy and fit.

The Number of Calories in Bourbon

According to the USDA Food Data Central, a single shot of Bourbon or whisky contains at least 97 calories. A single shot is equivalent of 1.50 ounces. Note that the number of calories on a shot of Bourbon varies according to the proof level. Since there are other higher proof levels, a 100-proof contains at least 124 calories. That means you should go for lower proof Bourbon if you want to consume low calories, but as usual, the more shots you take, the better you feel.

Some people prefer mixing Bourbon with other types of beverages like ginger ale and cola. In that, you want to find out how many calories the beverage contains because it also adds up to the total calories in the shots you take. As long as you don’t add any beverages on your shot of Bourbon or you don’t go for a higher proof, you’ll be taking the usual 97 calories per shot. The calories present in a shot of Bourbon are equivalent to any whisky or distilled spirit on the counter.

Just like most non-flavoured distilled spirits, there are no carbs present in Bourbon. So, if you are thinking of carbohydrates adding to your weight, you should feel free. Bourbon contains no carbs unless you mix it with other beverages.

 When it comes to managing your weight and keeping fit, you still must watch how many shots of Bourbon you take per day. The fact that Bourbon does not contain carbs should be an excuse for you to throw back glass after glass when you visit your local bar.

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What are the Calories Contained in Different Flavored Bourbon

The calories present in a glass of Bourbon may differ based on the type of flavor used in the drink. While no-flavored Bourbon and most non- distilled spirits contain no additive and carbs, you should be more careful whenever you consume flavored Bourbon and other whiskies. Here are some types of flavored Bourbon and the calories they contain.

1. Baking Spice Bourbon

Whenever you take a sip or shot of baking spice Bourbon, you can feel the taste of allspice, anise, nutmeg, and cinnamon. This is an indication that the drink has lots of flavors intact that simply adds to its calories. This drink has some traces of yeast and rye grain used during the fermentation, which may also include the calories it contains. Some types of baking spice Bourbon drinks to watch out if you want to check your weight include;

  • Master’s Mark (80 calories)
  • Buffalo Trace (97 calories)
  • Ezra Brooks (64 Calories)
2. Floral Bourbons

Flora Bourbons is another type of Bourbon you should always watch if you’re on a weight-loss routine. In most cases, distillers use yeast to ferment Bourbons, which creates ethanol and carbon dioxide gas and change the drink’s flavor. Floral Bourbons normally taste like rose petals or honeysuckle with some small traces of fruits. Some of the common floral Bourbons you can enjoy this weekend include:

  • Woodford Reserve (73 calories) 
  • Old Forester 86 Proof ( 105 calories)
  • Four Roses Small Batch ( 73 calories) 
3. Grain Forward Bourbons 

Grained Forward Bourbons are some of the most popular Bourbon you can grab from the counter. They don’t have much of an oak flavor, although they are a bit aged. The drink has a unique and dominating taste of wheat, corn, and barley. As you know, wheat and corn are rich sources of calories. Some brands of this Bourbon you should watch out for include:

  • Johnny Drum Private Reserve
  • Very Old Barton ( 105 calories)
  • Basil Hayden’s (101 Calories)
4. Wood-Forward Bourbons 

In most cases, the Bourbons drink will get its actual taste from the barrel it matures. Some drinks may take up to 4 years on the barrel to mature fully. The longer the maturity time, the better the taste but that doesn’t mean tastier Bourbons have fewer calories. When you drink a fully matured wood-forward Bourbon, you can feel the taste of cedar, course oak, almond, and walnut in every shot. Sometimes the shot may have a tobacco or black tea flavor. Some common Wood-Forward Bourbons you should find on the shelves include:

  • Jim Beam Black ( 109 Calories)
  • Wild Turkey 101 Proof ( 124 Calories)
  • Elijah Craig Small Batch (109 Calories)
Why You Should Drink Bourbons Responsibly

It a common saying that alcohol is not for sale to persons below 18. What about those trying to cut some weight. Well, if you want to keep your weight in check, then you should mind the number of Bourbons glasses you take daily. The reason you may not be losing weight is that you take a lot of Bourbons without checking the calories on each shot.

You can reduce the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes, heart diseases, and ischemic stroke by limiting the number of drinks you take every day to just two. Most Bourbons brands contain a lot of calories that can make it a bit challenging to cut weight if you make them part of your diet.

Drinking alcohol is not bad for your health as long as you do it in moderation. Drinking in moderation is taking just a bottle or a drink per day for a woman and two bottles of a favorite brand for men. A single non-distilled Bourbons drink contains 15 ounces and an equivalent of 97 calories. Imagine taking more than 3 drinks a day and not exercising to burn the calories – you end up with belly fat.

Your doctor will always advise that you shouldn’t drink in excess if you want to keep most diseases such as cancer of the liver at bay and most importantly keep your body weight in check. Drinking alcohol in excess is one of the leading causes of obesity in adults. To cut off the belly fat, you should mind how much of Bourbons shots you take daily.

Final Thoughts

Drinking alcohol comes with lots of pros and cons. Most people only consider the pros of alcohol when they go partying. That’s why you must check the calories present in every shot of your favorite drink. In this article, we’ve shared some useful information about calories in Bourbons. If you love Bourbons that much and you want to keep your BMI in check, you should mind how many shots you take every day.  

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