Smoking and Stress: 6 Reasons Why People Find Smoking Relaxing

You’ve just lost your job, or some odds cannot add up to your expectations, or your blood pressure is high. What should you do to calm your heart rate? Take deep breaths or cry behind the doors or make that call to see a therapist?

People have different ways to cope with stress, and smoking quality cigars is one way. Some studies from National Cancer Institute have linked smoking cigars to mental health benefits like low levels of anxiety, arousals, and reduced stress.

There are more reasons why people smoke tobacco products like cigars, despite the widespread belief that cigars can only cause a risk of lung cancer, mental illness, and death in the long run. Here we give you the rationale for smoking cigars; the reasons why most people still stick to their favorite smoke come rain come shine.

1. It takes time to smoke cigars

Unlike cigarettes that blow out in less than 5 minutes, it takes addicted smokers between 30 minutes and 2 hours to smoke a cigar. During this time, you can exercise voluntary control, grab an armchair, sit down and sip some whisky to relax your mind and kill the cigarette cravings as you smoke.

You can spend some time away from the busy daily routine and meditate with some cigars. According to Harvard Health, department of health and human services, relaxing helps you prevent heart attack and other mental health disorders.

Observational studies show that smoking cigars give you all the time you need to think about yourself, that’s the pleasure of smoking. Sometimes it quenches your mixed anxiety.  When you have a strong urge to smoke, you will hardly be talking to anyone, which means you’ll be focusing on yourself.

When you smoke cigarettes, you can hardly have time to meditate and relax your mind because they go out faster. You can take some sugarless gum as you smoke. Remember your healthcare provider is against taking lots of nicotine gum for light smokers. For better health in quitters, you should think of limiting the amount of cigars smoked.

2. A guilty pleasure

After a long day at work, nothing feels good like taking a glass of water, a cold shower, sitting back on the couch, or somewhere in the backyard for a smoke.

You can choose to enjoy your favorite brand of cigar during the rare moments at home. Just like a bottle of champagne or a glass of whisky, cigars can make you relax your mind and feel good. It generally serves as a guilty pleasure when you are back home for a rest.

3. Nicotine is relaxing

A typical cigar contains between 100-200 mg of nicotine. Scientists have been able to prove nicotine as a chemical relaxant.  That is why there is a loss of control when you smoke more cigars.

Compared to cigarettes which contain 10mg of nicotine, cigars make you relax much faster than cigarettes. You need to smoke 10-20 cigarettes per day to be at the same level of relaxation as someone smoking a cigar. Cigar smoking is the time to think of positive life events and exercise conscious control. Different population cohorts have shown change in anxiety.

4. A rare treat

Most cigar smokers don’t smoke every day. Instead, they smoke when it’s time to celebrate personal success, a reward, or a special occasion like a birthday. A cigar is an alternative to expensive wine and whisky on such events, and most people resort to them when it’s time to cool the mind.

When you relate a cigar with good moments, you find some fulfillment whenever you light up your favorite cigar. This is why cigars relax the mind. They remind you of the good times in life, even when the odds are against you.

5. Cigars taste good

If you’ve had some whisky or bourbon before, then you can compare the fascinating taste and notes with some quality cigars. Cigars just taste good for those who like to smoke like a pro.

The taste of a quality cigar is often the simple pleasure that provides amazing comfort to smokers. Most people enjoy cigars over cigarettes for their unique taste and notes, which add to the relaxation.

The taste in cigars is almost similar to what you’ll find in your cup of coffee, spirits, or wine. When you can detect the unique tastes in every cigar, it helps you relax your mind. Taking that puff and allowing the smoke to rest in your palate as you sip some whisky is just self-fulfilling and relaxing.

6. A daily routine

When you find yourself smoking every day, then it’s because you’ve made it a routine. Smoking cigars can often be connected to other daily activities you engage in, such as watching TV, reading a newspaper, and hanging out with friends. When smoking is tied to your daily routine, you find yourself smoking often.

Most people will only smoke when they are out with friends who smoke. The strength of the urge may sometimes push your to smoke cigars. Sometimes there is a need for control of behavior to limit how much you smoke or tobacco cravings.

This means to withdraw from smoking, they’ll have to stop hanging out with those who smoke. When smoking is part of a daily routine, you can make it worthwhile by regulating how much time you spend on cigars.

According to subgroup analysis, you should smoke responsibly, just like you drink your whisky or wine in moderation. Excessive smoking of cigars can always be dangerous to your health. How much you smoke depends on your strength of urge.

How to cope with stress

Yes, smoking cigars can help you relax your mind because of the nicotine and chemical populations in it. However, you should learn to cope with stress because it is part of life. The first thing you should do when you feel stressed is to find out what is the cause of the stress.

Try thinking positively about yourself and do what you feel makes you happy always. If taking a nap, smoking cigars, or drinking your favourite whisky can help, then go that extra mile to relieve yourself of the stress. There is a lot you can do besides smoking and drinking to relieve yourself of psychiatric conditions.

  • Work out with loved ones: Some studies have shown that your body activates endorphins and other ‘feel-good’ hormones that help you improve physical conditions, and reduce anxiety and stress when you work out. Working out keeps your mind off what is bothering you. Working out moves your pelvic floor muscles and voluntary muscles which makes you physically fit.
  • A good night’s sleep: A nap and a good night’s sleep can also help you relax your mind so that you feel good the following day. If you feel stressed, you can take a cold shower, play some relaxing music, and sleep like a baby.
  • Take a break: Change is good as rest. When you take a break from social media and news that may be causing you stress, you can find some relief from anxiety. Stop watching the news and focus on yourself. You can take a break from social media and chill.
  • Take good care of yourself: When you are stressed, the best you can do is start loving yourself. Take good care of your body by exercising, eating a balanced diet, getting enough sleep, and reading a book.
  • Talk to a friend: A problem shared is a problem half solved. When you have something stressing you, you can call your friend and talk it out. You’ll be surprised how things turn out to be okay after talking to a friend.
  • Laugh when you can: That is why you need a friend and some comedy show to follow on TV. If you feel stressed, you can hang out with friends that make you happy, crack some jokes and just laugh your heart out when you can. 

Final Thoughts

Stress is part of life, and there is no single way to get rid of stress. When you change how you respond to stressful events and situations, you learn how to handle your emotions and remain productive. Since stress comes in different forms, there are both positive and negative ways of dealing with it.

Smoking cigars is one way of relaxing the mind when you are off a busy work schedule. However, you shouldn’t consider smoking a healthy way of handling your stress. When you feel like you need to calm your nerves down and think positively, you can light up some quality cigars and relax with your friends.

You can learn how to smoke a cigar the healthy way. Take your cigars in moderation if you want to feel relaxed and get the most out of the smoke.

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