How to Drink and Enjoy Whisky like a Pro

Can you learn to taste, drink, and enjoy whisky the right way? Well, there are many ways to have this magic drink down your throat, but you have to choose the right way. Often, most people have fallen in love with scotch and bourbon after the second drink.

At first, the salty and antiseptic aroma of scotch may be quite harsh on your palate, but you get used to it with time. If you don’t have a childlike palate, you can join your friends on the whisky table – just some good friends with insights on tasting and drinking whisky.

Here at Bottle and Ash, we make it hassle-free to drink your first bottle of whisky. Keep reading for some tips on how to drink and enjoy a whisky as your friends do.

Step #1 – Pour the drink into the glass

Use a small tumbler like a tulip-shaped or lowball glass. Don’t go for polystyrene and plastic cups when drinking whisky because this may affect the aroma and flavor. However, if you don’t mind your whisky’s flavor, you can just go for a metallic cup.

Pour at least 30 -35 ml of your whisky. You can wrap your index finger at the bottom of the glass and pour the whisky to the height of your finger. This is one trick you can use to know how much whisky is good for a start. A little whisky is just enough to get you started.

Step # 2- Try the whisky neat

Before you can drink your whisky, you should try sampling it in its pure state. That means you should not add anything like ice or water into the whisky before you taste it.

By tasting the whisky in its pure form, you can decide whether you want to drink it raw or add some water or ice to it. You also get the perfect aroma and flavor of the whisky when you try it neat.

Step # 3- Sniff before tasting 

You can smell through your whisky at least three times before you taste it. A simple way to smell a glass of whisky is to put your nose in the glass and breathe in.

Take some big huff to get the aroma of the whisky down your respiratory. If you want to get the whisky’s real aroma, you have to repeat sniffing at least 2-3 times.

At first sniff, you may not get the actual aroma. On the third sniff, you get all the notes like wood and spices. When smelling whisky, keep your mouth open to improve your sense of taste and smell.

Step # 4- Roll it in your mouth before you swallow  

You should avoid gulping whisky down your throat like a glass of water. When drinking whisky for the first time, you should take a small sip first and roll it around your tongue. Swallow the whisky and allow your palate to rest for another one minute before taking a second sip. This way, you can feel and appreciate the real aftertaste of the whisky.

By rolling your whisky on the tongue, you can get most flavors like vanilla, toffee, and caramel. 

You can also chew the whisky in your mouth to get it rolling on all sides of the tongue. Try breathing through your nose to get more aromas. You may not like the whisky’s taste at first, but you can give it time. You’ll get it right on the second and third sip if only you take it slow.

Step # 5 – Enhance the flavor with some water

Once you taste whisky and find it a bit strong or harsh on your palate, you can add some splash of water to make it cool. Add a few drops of clean and fresh water into the whisky glass and stir with a straw.

When you splash water into the whisky and stir with a straw, you bring out the hidden aroma and flavors. Water makes your whisky taste better by trapping all chemicals in the drinks, which cause unpleasant flavor. Just add water in bits as you stir until you get the flavor you want

Step # 6- Put some ice cube if you want it cold

Whisky is best served cold, or maybe extra cold. If you want to drink your whisky cold, you can add extra ice cubes into the glass. Most people prefer drinking whisky on the rocks, but adding some ice to the glass does not harm your whisky in any way.

You should note that adding ice to your whisky may dilute it. Also, the ice cubes’ coldness numbs your taste buds, making it a bit difficult to get all the flavors in the drink. If you must add ice to your drink, then pick large pieces that take time to melt. Alternatively, you can use chilled whisky stones because they don’t dilute the drink.

Step # 7- Finish the drink 

Whisky is best enjoyed when you take your time on the counter. Instead of slamming the drink like you’re taking a shot, you should sip it slowly and get all the hidden flavors. Whisky is for the patient people, and once you take your time, you can get the rich flavor in every sip. Give yourself between 30-60 minutes to enjoy your whisky to the last drop.

If you enjoy taking a shot of whisky, it’s well and good. You can try drinking your whisky slowly or just knocking it on a single gulp. You are the ultimate judge when it comes to enjoying whisky.

When you drink a whisky bottle, take note of the flavor and compare it when you seek other whiskies in the future. Whisky is all about enjoyment, and you can drink it the way you want. Sometimes you don’t have to be told how to enjoy the drink in front of you.

3 Common Whisky Drinking Questions

1. Should I add water or drink my whisky neat?

There is something unique about adding a splash of water to the whisky. It makes your whisky taste better. This is perhaps the reason most people find the drink amazing. However, the best way to enjoy your whisky is to take it neat. Water cleans your palate so that you get all the rich flavors in the drink. When you add water to the whisky, you open it up for more flavors; just ensure you don’t add more water at once.

2. Should I drink Whisky with ice?

Whisky is best served neat in the rocks. However, if you want to make your drink more refreshing, you can add some ice cubes. Note that ice can dilute the whisky if you don’t find the right balance. Go for larger ice cubes that take time to melt f you want to enjoy cold whisky.

3. Can I drink my whisky with a mixer?

Yes, you can drink your whisky with a mixer without compromising the flavors. Drinking whisky with a mixer allows you to experience the drink with different flavors. You can try the whisky with a highball cocktail. Fill the glass with ice, add your favorite whisky label, and then top it up with your favorite mixer of iced tea or classic ginger.

Final Thoughts 

Every whisky enthusiast will agree that there is no single way to drink or enjoy whisky. Therefore, if you want to drink and enjoy your whisky the right way, you should not forget to follow the tips we have shared in this article. Always ensure you have the best whisky brand on the table and some company to help you enjoy it.

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