Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua Maestro: The Best Cigar of 2019

Aging Room Quattro was one of the top cigars with a rating of 96 in 2019. This is according to Cigar Aficionado, one of the top cigar reviews you can get online. Despite being one of the best cigars you can have for leisure, Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua is still one of the least reviewed cigars in the industry.

You are not likely to get a couple of reviews of this stick, which makes it a bit hectic for most smokers to pick on it.

Being one of the best cigars, you wonder why most big reviewers do not have time for it. Bottle and Ash is here to save you the hassle of looking elsewhere for reviews of Aging Room Quattro. Here is everything you should know about this high-quality stick.

The background of Aging Room Quattro

The story behind the beautiful stick, Aging Room Quattro, dates back to 2011. The Aging Room brand has grown steadily under the leadership of Rafael Nodal, becoming one of the top-rated 25 cigars of the year. In 2013 Aging Room Quattro became second on the list of the best cigars in that year. This was only two years after the brand was founded.  

Three years later, another brand belonging to the company, Aging Room Small Batch, was also named No. 14 cigar of the year. These ratings and awards mean a lot to any cigar company that intends to capture the market and one that started small like the Aging Room.

Rafael joined AUSA Company in 2017, becoming the Head of Product Capability. He joined the company and brought the Aging Room brand to the limelight. He had all the resources and connections with other top cigar manufacturers in the region on joining the company, everything he needed to make the brand the best. His position in the company helped him build a strong relationship with AJ Fernandez, one of the famous cigar manufacturers. 

During his time at AUSA, Rafael and AJ worked together on different projects. These projects include the most popular cigar brands like Romeo and Montecristo. Rafael was more interested in collaborating with AJ to develop another brand of cigar, the Aging Room series. Together they were able to launch a cigar, the now popular Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua.

Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua Espressivo – Fox Cigar

A review of Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua 

There is a lot you should know about this iconic cigar, Aging Room Quattro. Bottle and Ash thought it prudent to give you a layout and some insights on the cigar to help you make the right decision when buying it. 

When reviewing this cigar, we have to consider features such as the wrapper, tobacco, filler, binder, and the vision behind the cigar. 

Visual Characteristics 

The first time you come across a pack of Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua, you will likely judge it by the look. It looks out of this world – completely phenomenal. It comes in a beautiful box-pressed torpedo with an even wrapper that shows no blemishes or veins. The box has a bright orange secondary band labelled Nicaragua. 

Cigar Review: Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua Espressivo - The Stogie Guys

How it smokes 

Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua has a beautiful and even balance from head to toe as it lights. The creamy and dense smoke flows out easily, releasing the unique flavours and aroma of spice and cedar out of the gate. It follows with a hint of bittersweet chocolate that leaves a spicy finish behind. 

The body of this cigar falls within the medium to a whole range that offers it a clean burn. The ash is tight-knit grey, symbolizing some high-quality Nicaragua filler. 

On reaching the cigar’s midsection, you start getting the ideal scent and aroma of almonds and some hint of espresso. The cigar has a lot of flavours intact. These flavours come and disappear, which makes an amazing changeover as you smoke.

For instance, one puff would give you an innocent dark chocolate flavour, the second some spice and sweetness, and the last one may come with earth and cedar flavour. This flavour changeover is what makes Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua a one of a kind cigar. 

The cigar’s flavour profile 

If the great flavour is what you are looking for, then Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua has your back. This wonderful cigar comes in a full-bodied and lusciously creamy flavour. It also gives out a pack of creamy spice and Nicaraguan earth.

When you take a first pre-light, you can feel the significant cedar notes coming out of the cedar and some sweet tobacco, hints of espresso, and roasted nuts. 

Can you pair Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua with a drink? 

Whether you are a big fan of Ram or Red Bull, you can still bring it over on the table while enjoying your favourite cigar. Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua is a jack of all trade, and when it comes to clearing your palate as you smoke, it gives you an allowance for that. You can pair the cigar with Flo De Cana 25 Years, John Drew, or your favourite whisky

If you don’t love ram, then one of the best whisky or bourbon can still save the day. Any spirit finished in sherry casks can do you some good when you smoke Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua with friends. 

Should you buy Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua?

If you are looking for the best of the 20th century for a smoke, Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua should ring your mind. The rich, layered flavor, peat, careful construction, class, and even burn make the cigar one of the best you can have for a birthday. Bottle and Ash would recommend this stick for any cigar aficionado looking for some amazing smoke. 

Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua | Cigar Reviews by the Katman | Cigar Reviews  by Phil 'Katman' Kohn
Final Thoughts 

Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua is one of the best cigars of this decade. The filler, wrapper, and binder tell it all. The Aging Room construction is always on point, and on this product, they hit the nail on the head.

For those looking for some stick for a refreshing moment and stress relief, this one should not miss on your list. 

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