Should you Cut Certain Cigars Differently?

Cigars, we all love them, but cutting them is one of the most challenging things to do for the first time. While some cigars are pretty easy to cut, others like torpedoes require keenness and accuracy to cut correctly. There is no single cutter that is the best suit for a type of cigar. When you’re talking of parejos, you have to do anything that makes the cigar taste great. 

Getting a great smoking experience involves a lot, like choosing the best cigar cutter for your type of cigar. It consists of a lot more than the type of cigar. You have to know the suitable method to cut your cigar if you’re looking forward to enjoying it. That is why you need this simple guide to cutting cigars correctly.

Cutting your cigar 

A scissor or guillotine cut provides a larger opening for a smooth draw. On the other hand, if you choose to go for a wedge or v-cut, you can notice a significant change in the concentration or draw you make in a cigar.

V-cut also changes the way you get all the flavors in your cigar. For a v-cut, the flavors are highly concentrated, richer, and fuller. This is because the smaller v-cut opening you create on the cigar channels all the flavors through a narrow space. 

A cigar that has been punched may also produce a highly concentrated puff. The resulting hole from punching a cigar is a bit smaller than that of a straight cut, and this can result in a better draw. For fuller-bodied smokers, the flavors that are channeled to the palate speak a lot for the best cigar cut to choose.  

There is a downside to choosing the type of cut based on the flavors you get from the cigar. Focusing on the flavors means you will also smoke the tars and other elements in the cigars, and this can result in some harsh flavors coming your way. 

The best you can do is taking your favorite cigar from the humidor and try it with an ideal cut. Find out which of the cigar smoke better when you punch it or it smokes well on a v-cut. Does the cigar smoke well on a straight cut if that is what you use more frequently? You can try another different cut on the cigar and see if it changes your experience smoking. 

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Which is the right cigar cut?

While there is no bad or good cigar cutter, there is definitely the right way to cut a cigar. If you want the best experience smoking a cigar, you should be able to cut your cigar without damaging it. For instance, removing too much of the cap can spoil your cigar and change the way you can draw it. 

The cigar cutting technique comes into play when you are using a guillotine cutter for the first time. In most cases, the v-cut and punches are self intimidating. The guillotine can damage your cigar if you don’t have experience cutting cigars like a pro. 

A cigar cap is essential, and how you remove it matters a lot if you want to enjoy your cigar. If the cigar cap was not that useful, most cigars would come in the box without one. The cigar cap keeps the whole cigar intact and prevents it from unraveling. The tobacco wrapper can get to your mouth if you cut the entire cigar cap off. This way, you end up ruining at least 50% of the cigar flavor in the process. 

When you cut the cap of the cigar, you should be keen enough to just remove the top area without going too deep. Use the right cutter for your type of cigar to avoid wasting the wrapper.

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Should you cut your cigar in half?

Cutting a cigar in half is unheard of for many experienced cigar smokers. Instead of cutting the cigar in half, why not buy a smaller one? While that can make sense, some smokers still prefer to get one of their favorite cigars, cut it in half and enjoy a short smoking session. Cutting your cigar in half is therefore not a bad idea as long as you are doing it correctly.

Here is why you should cut your cigars in half:

  • Some cigars take long to enjoy; if you want to experience the mid-way flavors fast, you can resort to cutting the cigar into half.
  • Finding time to smoke a whole cigar is not that easy for most cigar aficionados

If you feel like your cigar is longer and you are not likely to finish smoking it, you can cut the cigar in half so that you find time to enjoy the remaining bit. You can also cut the cigar into a size you want to avoid wasting the tobacco. 

Why you should not cut your cigar in half

Well, smoking a cigar the right way means cutting the cap correctly and lighting it the right way. If you decide to cut your cigar into half because you don’t have the time to smoke the cigar down, you should expect these pitfalls:

  • Change in flavor: Cutting your cigar in half can easily affect the flavor it produces. It also interferes with the concentration and complexity of the cigar. However, most cigar smokers will rarely notice the difference when they cut the cigar in half.
  • Unraveling the cigar: You are more likely to unravel your cigar when you cut it into two. Even when you use a sharp cutter, it will still fall apart when you cut it in half. When your cigar unravels, you can mend it with cigar glue, corn, or pectin. Choose a substance that will not affect how your cigar burns down.
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Final Thoughts 

Yes, you should cut your cigars differently depending on the type of cigar. Torpedoes and high   ring gauge cigars may are better on straight cut and v-cut. You can punch thin cigars for the best experience drawing. 

 Choose the best cigar cutter you can find and take your time when cutting your cigar to avoid unraveling the wrapper. 

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