Should You Punch Your Cigar? This is What You Need to Know

As a cigar lover, there is a lot you should know about smoking cigars like a pro. For instance, you should find out how to use a cutter or a punch when you want to smoke. Also, you should be able to differentiate between the two; a punch and a cutter.

A cigar punch is a cylindrical blade device that you can use to remove the center of your cigar, leaving the shoulder or the edges of the cigar cap in contact. A cigar punch leaves a hole that looks like a bullet; hence most people call it a bullet cutter or a v-cutter. 

When it comes to smoking, a cutter makes a lot of difference. While some smokers may argue that legends like Winston Churchill never used a cutter, it still makes sense to use one as a modern cigar smoker. Here we explain why you need a cutter in your smoking.

Why you need a punch cutter 

The punch cutter will leave a small cylindrical hole at the end of your cigar when you use it. This type of cutter adds some flavor and concentration to your cigar – a reason most people will always opt for the cigar cutter. When you draw smoke through a small hole on your cigar, the flavor and heat are more concentrated. 

A punch makes the smoke and draws from your cigar more magnified and tighter. However, a punch is not the best to use if you like to transfer moisture from your mouth to the cigar head. This is because every draw you make after punching your cigar will become plugged. You can use one of the draws by performing a straight cut over the hole left by the punch cutter if this happens to your cigar.

Another reason you should punch your cigar is that punching the cigar leaves a small hole at the center, which keeps the cigar’s cap intact. To ensure the cap remains intact, you should twist the blade gently when performing the punch cut.

Punch cutters come in different aperture sizes you can use on cigars of varying gauge. If you need a more open draw of your cigar, you can punch the head of a thicker cigar two or three times for an open draw. In most cases, when you shop for a lighter, you are more likely to get a punch because most manufacturers will include a punch cutter at the bottom. 

The only downside of using a punch cutter is that you cannot apply it on a torpedo-shaped cigar or any cigar type that tapers at the head. You can always use a straight cutter if you love smoking Belicosos and Torpedos.

The difference between Punch and Cutter

  1. Cut

There is always a thin line between cigar cutter and cigar punch. While a cigar cutter will slice off the cigar’s cap, a punch will simply create a hole in the cap. It makes it easier to draw magnified smoke from the cigar.  

 Cigar Cutter
Cigar Cutter
  • Functionality

Another difference between punch and cutter is on the functionality. A typical cutter is guillotine-style, with the cap of a cigar being cut in a faster motion. For cigar punch, the blades are always inserted into the cigar’s cap and twisted until a hole is created on the cigar. Once the hole is made, you pull out the punch.

  • Type of smoke

There is a difference in the kind of smoke you get from a punched cigar and one that is cut. When you punch your cigar, you make a 6mm -9mm hole in the cigar. Sometimes the smoke may not travel through the hole, and you are forced to cut the cap again. 

Drawing through the cigar may not be that easy when you punch it. However, when using a cutter, you cut the cigar cap clean off, which means you can produce a denser and stronger smoke. 

How to punch your cigar?

There are many cigar punchers out in the market, but how exactly do you use them to punch your cigar the right way? Follow these steps if you are looking forward to punching your cigar like a pro:

  • Reveal the blades in the cutter by opening it. If your cigar punch is a rectangle model, you can extend or twist the blade. Remove the cover on your punch if it has one.
  • On the cap of your cigar, position your blade over the middle.
  • Hold the blade on the cigar firmly and try twisting the cutter into the cap of the cigar. Move the blade in back-end and forth motion. To avoid cracking the cap on your cigar, you should not punch the blade into the cap forcefully. Apply slight pressure that can easily remove the thin wrapper layer.
  • Pull out the punch-cutter to remove it from the cigar cap. You notice a clean and precise aperture on the cap of the cigar.
  • Dispose of the cigar wrappers that remain on your punch cutter. In most cases, the cigar punch cutter is designed to expel the cigar remnants from the blade when you retract or replace the blade.
  • The last step is to light up and enjoy your cigar.

Final Thoughts 

Punch cutters are not for everyone. However, if you want to get the best from your cigar, you should handle it like a pro. 

Besides punching your cigar, you can also use cigar scissors, a knife, or a pencil to make a hole on the cigar. Although they can help you out if you don’t have a punch cutter by your side, these methods are not recommendable. 

So, should you punch your cigar? Yes, you should punch your cigar if you don’t want to waste off your cigar by using a knife or pin to make a hole in it. Punching your cigar makes it easier for you to draw concentrated and more flavored smoke from the cigar, which improves your experience smoking. 

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