Top 10 Best Cigar Ashtrays You Should Look for in 2022

Whether you are smoking in your man cave, you are a chronic smoker, or simply a lover of handmade cigars, you need a quality ashtray to enjoy your smoking. An ashtray is a basic tool you need to start smoking if only you value neatness. Flicking your cigar ash into an empty whiskey bottle sounds rude and crude. Today, there is an endless list of the best cigar ashtrays you can shop right in the comfort of your phone. These ashtrays are not only useful in making your smoking breaks worth it but also act as interior décor centerpieces.

Here are the Best Cigar Ashtrays in 2022

If you’ve been looking for an ashtray that will make your smoking worth it, then Bottle And Ash is here to hold your hand. Here we list some of the best quality ashtrays you should look forward to buying the next time you are online.

1.  Freelove

Your love for quality cigars begins when you have the Freelove ashtray on the table. This ashtray is not only a perfect choice if you’re using it as décor but also a practical choice if you choose it like cigarette ash. When you’re not using it, the lid will keep the ash contained. You can easily remove the inner tray for cleaning. 

This concrete ashtray comes with a lid and a liner making it stand out from most of the ashtrays. It has a geometric design and fair, dark grey paint. The look is expensive, but you’re not going to part with more cash to put your hand on this centerpiece. 


2. 1stDibs

1stDibs is one of the best cigar ashtrays you can find around. If you are looking for a vintage aesthetic, you will love all the ashtrays features on this 1stDibs. The company behind this ashtray is the leading in quality and extraordinary design, and it has managed to capture the hidden magic of the Paris flea market in the online space. 

The company offers you a wide range of centrepieces you can have for your home interior decors. This ashtray is one of the best vintage centrepieces from the seller you can lay your hand on. If you’re looking for some unique ashtray for a cool smoking experience, this ashtray is meant for you. 


3. The Home Wet Bar

Home Wet Bar is a black marble square cigar ashtray that gives you value for your money. Indeed, most cigar ashtrays are not suitable for cigars because of their small notches, but this one beats them all on this feature.

The stylish marble ashtray comes with a larger cradle that holds cigars of all sizes. The dotted patterns on the tray give it a retro and art décor appeal. It is perfect for placing in your sitting room – it doubles as a tray and an interior décor. This is the best pick for those who love marble.


4. Hcssade

Hcssade stands out among equals to bring you the best ashtray you can have on the smoking table. This quality ashtray comes with a timeless aesthetic, a matching wooden lid, and beautiful grain. It is lined with stainless steel. It means the ashtray is fireproof. You don’t have to worry about starting a fire or burning the tray. 

The price doesn’t match the beauty and glamour it brings to your interior. It has removable steel, which makes it easier to clean. The bottom of the ashtray also features an anti-skid material. This makes it last longer than most ashtrays.


5. Lependor 

If you want some ashtray that your kid will inherit, the Lependor ceramic ashtray is meant for you. This ashtray is made of ceramic material, which gives it more life. It is handmade and comes with a weathered antique-inspired look. It comes with a lid that keeps out the lingering ash smell and wind. It also hides your butts. 

The ashtray comes with three built-in cig grooves you can use to hold your cigars. The tray is advertised for outdoor backyards and patios but can also work indoors. Most cigar smokers would go for Lependor for its unique design, size, and the fact that it fits both indoor and outdoor use.



For those who love to save on space, and those who smoke and drink whiskey, this MDCGFOD cigar ashtray is meant for you—the cigar ashtray doubles as a combo for your cigar ash and whiskey glass. 

It holds your drink safely in place as you enjoy the smoke. The ashtray features a detachable metal ashtray and some curved out nooks where you can place your smoke. If you love to enjoy a drink as you smoke, this ashtray is the best you can have at home.


7. Velvet Toke Mate

This is the best-lidded ashtray you can have for a perfect smoking experience at home. This porcelain model ashtray elevates the concept of lidded trays. It doubles as a decor for your interior and a tray – just a perfect place to empty the ash and continue enjoying the smoke. 

The tray is waterproof, which makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Additionally, the porcelain build gives the tray a contemporary look. You can also clean the tray alongside other kitchen utensils and wipe it with a cotton towel.

It is dishwasher friendly, another reason to gift your neat friend. The material used in making the ashtray is durable and stronger. You can use this tray as a sage for incense and blunt.


8.  Hand Ashtray 

If you are looking for a tray with a unique design, this hand ashtray is for you. The ashtray is unique and comes with a glaze finish. 

You can choose to use the tray as a jewellery bowl or planter – it fits both because of its outstanding design.  

It looks like a beautiful piece you can have on your coffee table or bookshelf. It has a glossier finish and an eye-catching design. For a multipurpose ashtray, we recommend this Hand ashtray. 


9. Bohemian Art Decor

This Bohemian art décor ashtray is the best pick for lovers of vintage classics. It comes with all the features you may be looking for in a classic cigar ashtray.

It looks expensive from far, but when you notice it from the 1930s Era Bohemian Art Deco, you may just be ready to break the band for it. It is a dreamy sea glass-inspired piece in a unique shape. Some minor nocks still add to its character. 

You can shop for this ashtray if you’re looking for a tray with some vintage design and one that assures you longevity. It has just enough space to hold the ash and notches for the cigar.

10.  Manzon Concrete Ashtray

The Manzon concrete ashtray is a perfect minimalist pick if you want an ashtray that doesn’t take most of your space. Well, shiny ashtrays are not for every cigar smoker, but this one is a bit tempting for its unique combination of beauty and sturdiness. 

The most common type of this tray is classic gray, but the seller also provides other classic tones you can choose from. You can go for the steel concrete tray if you prefer trays with an earthy and organic look. The tray is larger and heftier than you’d expect.


Final Thoughts 

When you shop for the best quality ashtray, you want to ensure it has all the unique features. Find out if the material used in making the ashtray is long-lasting. It should also be spacious enough to hold your cigar and ash.

If you drink and smoke simultaneously, you would like to shop for a combo ashtray like MDCGFO. This one is made for cigar and whiskey lovers. 

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