7 Best Cigar Humidors You Should Try in 2021

The best of the cigar comes when you know how to store it well. To most beginners storing cigars is a big challenge. If you want to enjoy your cigar, even if you are not a habitual smoker, you still need quality cigar humidors.

A humidor does more to preserve the actual taste, flavour, and moisture in a cigar. Therefore, when shopping around for a humidor, you want to be keen enough to land on the best one. Bottle And Ash has searched around for quality cigar humidors this year. Here we make it easy for you to choose the best cigar humidor as a beginner. Keep reading to find out some of the best cigar humidors and how to choose them.

What to look for when choosing a cigar humidor 

Material: The material used in making the humidors is an important factor you should consider when choosing one. Most humidors are made of cedar wood because of their high moisture retention qualities. The humidors drawers should be lined with this type of wood to maintain the humidity. Wood humidors are better than metal because of the authentic experience.

  • Capacity: You should also consider the number of cigars the humidors can carry. However, this will depend on the cigar ring gauge.
  • Lid and seal: Always ensure the lid and seal are airtight if you want to get the best experience storing the cigar
  • Temperature control: The ability of the humidor to control and regulate the temperature and humidity is crucial. Ensure the humidor cans maintain a humidity level of between 62%-75%. The humidors should come with an inbuilt hygrometer to help you check the humidity level.
  • Type of humidor: You can go for a cooler which stores more cigars and comes with automatic temperature control. If you want to store few cigars, you shouldn’t have a humidor jar or a desktop cigar humidor.

Which are the best cigar humidors of 2021?

1.   Case Elegance 

Case Elegance is a handcrafted cigar humidor with some of the best features you should be looking for in a humidor. It can accommodate up to 15 cigars and weighs 3 pounds only. The number of cigars you can store in this small compact humidor depends on the ring gauge, size, and shape of the cigar. 

This humidor keeps your cigar within the required humidity level of 65% -70%, making it one of the best you can lay your hands. It comes with a digital hygrometer, which means you will monitor and regulate the humidity. The glass display allows you to showcase the cigars on your desktop as you store them. The humidor is made of real Spanish cedar wood. It also comes with humidifier gel. SHOP HERE

2. Bald Eagles 

Bald Eagle is another cigar humidor you should be looking for in the market. This handmade humidor comes from one of the best manufacturers and gives you value for your money. It is a desktop cigar humidor with 20-25 cigar capacity. It weighs 15 pounds and is therefore ideal for placing on your desktop. 

The material is scratch-resistant velvet. This means the humidors will stay on your desk for long without getting old. It has a removable partition on the inside. You can use this section for cigarettes or something you want to store. The humidor has a walnut finish which makes it easy to see your cigars through the glass window.

It also comes with an in-built hygrometer, making it easy to monitor your cigars. The humidor is affordable and comes in a variety of sizes you can choose from. SHOP HERE

3.  Magacra Desktop Cigar Humidor

Magacra desktop cigar humidor is another appliance you need to enjoy smoking and store your cigars as a pro. It has a classy design making it ideal for placing on your desktop. The humidor is made of polyurethane leather. It has a cedar wood lining, which means it can preserve more moisture and keep your cigars’ flavour intact.

It is spacious and can accommodate up to 50 cigars. It also comes with an adjustable divider, allowing you to separate different types of cigars. 

The humidor has a quality rectangular humidifier and a hygrometer, making it easy to regulate the humidity. The seal and lid are also perfect, which means all the cigars you store inside will be clean and fresh. It is also easy to clean this humidor and maintain a classy look for your desktop. SHOP HERE

4.  Audew JC-23C1 Electronic Cigar Cooler 

If you want to go a notch higher in storing your favourite cigar, you can choose this electronic cigar humidor. The Audew JC-23C1 is one of the best electronic humidors you can shop for today. You can use it to store up to 150 cigars at a go.

It has electronic controls, which allows you to prevent any unwanted fluctuations in the temperature and humidity. It comes in a beautifully crafted interior with drawers and shelves made of genuine Spanish cedar. The in-built loop circulation system is something you want to consider most when you choose this humidor. SHOP HERE

5.  Scottie Cigar Humidor 

Scott humidor gives you the best option for a minimalist humidor. This cigar humidor is ideal for those looking for somewhere to store a handful of cigars. It is also portable and lightweight, meaning you can carry it around when travelling. It is made of leather containers yet more affordable than the classic design.

The inside is made of cedar wood to improve its moisture retention capacity. The humidor will keep your cigars succulent all day. It stores up to 16 cigars, but for thicker cigars, it could be less.

It also comes with a hygrometer that lets you keep an eye on the humidity level inside. It has a neat packing, which makes it an ideal gift for a cigar lover. If you enjoy cigars as you travel, you should consider this humidor for its small size and high-quality material. SHOP HERE

6.  Capri Desktop Cigar Humidor

Getting the best desktop cigar humidor involves a lot of research. However, with Capri Desktop, you are on the right track to enjoying your cigar experience.

The cigar humidors give room for up to 50 cigars. It comes in a mahogany finish, while the inside has a cedar finish to maintain the humidity inside. This means you can be confident the cigars you store inside the humidor will be succulent and fresh for the longest time.

It has a glass viewing window that enables you to monitor and view your cigars without opening the humidor most of the time. This is essential if you want to maintain a perfect environment for your cigars. SHOP HERE

7.  The Mantello Cigar Humidor 

Mantello is another cigar humidor you should plan to buy if you want to get the best experience storing your cigars. The humidor can store up to 100 cigars, depending on their size and shape. When storing your cigars, you have to ensure the humidity and temperature is ideal for the type of cigar.

This humidor does the work perfectly. It comes with an in-built hygrometer, which makes it easy to regulate the humidity levels inside. 

It has a Spanish cedar lining and felt-lined base, which means you won’t scratch it on the desk. It is quite decorated and stylish, making it a perfect gift for a cigar lover. SHOP HERE

Final Thoughts 

There are many options for cigar humidors you can go for. However, if you are looking for the best ones in the market, you should look for these seven humidors. These humidors are made of quality material, are spacious, and save you money.

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