7 Best Straight Whiskies To Drink With Friends

What are the best Straight Whiskies To Drink With Friends? The only drink you can enjoy with your friends on tour is a straight or blended whiskey. Most people enjoy this kind of whiskey for its easy finish and smoothness. Sure, not every bourbon you buy in the market will take you there and give you the kind of feeling you look forward to.

A lot comes into play in terms of craftsmanship, precision, and unique flavors that exist in a bottle of fine and straight whiskey.

In the spirit of getting the best whiskey and the nice things it comes with, we have compiled this list to make it easy for you to choose a straight whiskey. Here are some of the best whiskies you should look forward to buying if you want to enjoy drinking with friends.

If you believe that the best whiskey comes from the US, you don’t have to look any further than the Bulleit Bourbon. This is one of the Americas’ finest and staple drinks that has been around since the mid-1800s. It has an ample flavor profile and is ideal for classic cocktails.

The man behind this drink, Thomas Bulleit Jr, created the concoction as a tribute to his great grandfather. This drink has evolved to become a fine choice for a go-to bar and a fine choice for celebrations.

This bourbon is best used in simple cocktails like a nice glass of Whiskey Sour. It comes in cinnamon, floral vanilla, peaches, brown sugar, nutmeg, and peaches. It gives a delicate palate with a punch of sour cherry candles that begin to set in.

2. Westland Peated Whiskey

As a whiskey enthusiast, when you are out to get the best Irish whiskey drink, you don’t have to look any further than this Westland Peated Whiskey. This 80-proof campfire nostalgia with a salted caramel finish is one of the best whiskies you can sip with your friends. The American single malt variety features all the flavors accompanied by phenol hints and malted barley.

Most whiskey lovers or bargoers would not opt for this kind of whiskey because it is not that famous. However, of late, the peated whiskey has been picking momentum courtesy of the Scottish single malt twist.

3. Old Heaven Hill

This Old Heaven Hill is another straight whiskey you should look forward to drinking if you want the best of whiskey and spicier flavor. The 100-proof bottled-in bond whiskey gives you the best you may be looking for in a fresh bottle of whiskey.

It plays around with sweet citrus hints, making it one of the best bottles for your palate, especially if you haven’t been drinking for some time.

This whiskey has a rye spicy flavor, mint floral notes, and butterscotch, giving it a pleasing aroma. When you nose this whiskey, you can be sure of getting a taste of brown sugar and citrus. Your palate will flow with oak, caramel, walnuts, cinnamon, and hints of vanilla flavors. This whiskey has more you should be looking for on the thin side of fine liquor.

It is lightweight and smooth despite being a popular marquee brand. It has been aged for at least four years, honoring the whiskey tradition. It comes with a genuine stamp on the label, which signals its authenticity – Bottled in Bond.

4. Laphroaig Quarter Cask Whiskey

This 90-proof Scottish whiskey is the best you can get if you want to enjoy your evening out with friends. This bottle draws a thin line between bourbon and rye. This whiskey ages in a smaller oak barrel for at least five years, giving it a reputation for being peat-heavy and single smoky malt.

A glass of Laphroaig Quarter Cask hits you with shouldering seaweed accompanied by some salty notes of wood sweetness.

As your palate makes its way through the smokehouse fumes, this whiskey is most likely to surprise you with a medium-bodied palate, sugarcane, and vanilla. It packs some bitter spent wood that lingers as it finds its way down to your throat.

5. Sazerac Straight Rye from Kentucky

Some of the best whiskey comes from Kentucky, and in this Sazerac Rye, you are getting the best you can have in a whiskey. This whiskey comes in 90 proof and is aged in a new charred barrel. The bottle boasts some barrel spices with a gentle herbal note, making nosing a unique start. It has a bittersweet taste with some fruity punch and a medium finish.

The flavor and the smell of this whiskey make it one of the best you can have if you want to enjoy your day drinking out. One of the best sipping whiskeys gives you a scintillating taste of anise, vanilla, pepper, and clove.

It also provides candid spices and sweet pops of licorice, giving it a sweet finish. This is an award-winning whiskey you can grab if you want to drink with the winners. The Sazerac Rye won the Beverage Testing Institute award and the New York World Wine and Spirits Competition.

6. Knob Creek Straight Bourbon Whiskey

When you taste the best of whiskey, you don’t have to go for a cheap one. A cheap whiskey doesn’t taste that cheap, as bourbon lovers might insinuate.

The 50 proof Knob Creek Straight Bourbon is a standard bottle that boasts unique and rich flavors that you only find in expensive whiskies. It comes with touches of wood and caramel that make this bourbon easy to drink on the rocks.

This is one of the best straight delicious bourbons you can drink in the bars today. It is 51% corn and 50 proofs, a typical straight whiskey. It is aged in an American oak barrel for at least two years. When you nose this strong whiskey, you get all the sweetness and spices that gives it the perfect aroma of butter toast and melted salty.

7. Colonel E.H Taylor Straight Rye

What happens when such a big name is labeled on a straight 50 proof whiskey? Well, you can be sure if getting the best in every sip you take from this drink. Colonel E.H Taylor is another straight American whiskey with the perfect notes and spicy finish. This bottle’s flavors include barrel spices, pepper, chocolate, chili powder, smoky flavors, and barrel spices.

When you have the best sipping whiskey on the table, you can appreciate the taste of drank fruits, cinnamon, and some candy sweetness which will spike your palate to want more. This amazing drink is something most whiskey drinkers have not been thinking about. It gives you a decadent touch.

The making of whiskey

Whiskey is one of the most popular liquor drinks made from a grain mash bill. Depending on the country of origin, it can be made of a single grain or a combination of barley as found in blended whiskies.

After undergoing distillation, the spirit is put into an oak barrel for aging. How long a whiskey age is also depends on where it is produced. For instance, wheated bourbon is aged for at least two years in the US.

Final Thoughts

The best of straight whiskey is out there in your local bar. This article has listed some of the best straight rye whiskey that you can drink when you are out with friends. You welcome new palates, complex flavors, and notes when you try some of these straight whiskies for the first time.

Make a date with one of the best straight whiskies and single malt whisky listed in this post. When drinking straight Japanese whisky for the first time, you should not forget to share it with your friends.

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