7 Best Accessories for Every Cigar Aficionado in 2022

Smoking is not all about having some fine cigar and whiskey by your side. The best you can do when you plan to smoke the best cigar or better become a pro in smoking is to have some top-quality cigar accessories by your side.

The best cigar accessories in 2022 come when you read this list we have prepared for you. Here are some of the essential cigar smoking accessories you should not be missing in your room:

1. Cigar Humidor

A cigar humidor motif or one made by Elie Bleu is one of the best cigar accessories any cigar smoker should have. If you have mastered the art of cigar smoking, having a cigar humidor is a must. A cigar humidor helps you keep your cigars fresh and humid for the longest time.

It is more likely to dry out when you store your favorite cigar outside an Elie Bleu’s humidor or a Ziploc bag. A dry cigar burns out fast and gives a bitter taste. You are not going to enjoy your Nicaraguan tobacco when it is dry. Cigars mature and become more natural with time when you store them in a humidor.

A humidor helps cigar lover to keep their cigars at the required temperature of 21 degrees Celsius and 65-70 humidity. Some humidors come with a calibrated hygrometer you can use to regulate the humidity level. Most humidors are designed to mimic the Cuban climate where the best cigars come from. They come in a variety of sizes and materials.

You want to choose a sizeable humidor for storing a packet of Fuente Fuente cigars when you are traveling. Here is a list of some of the best cigar humidors you can shop today:

  • Case Elegance Handcrafted Cigar
  • Bald Eagle Handmade Cigar Humidor
  • Whynter Stainless Steel Cigar Humidor
  • Montello Cigar Humidor
  • Capri Desktop Humidor


2. Cigar Cutter

How do you cut Arturo Fuente’s cigar when you want to get ready to puff it? Well, you will not do that with your teeth when a cigar cutter is all you need. A cigar aficionado will agree that having the best cigar cutter in the market can save you a lot.

You don’t want to cut your cigar the wrong way and lose some tasty tobacco or damage the wrapper just because you don’t have a cutter. Cigars come in different ring gauges, which mean you should get a cutter that fits your cigar brand.

Having a cigar cutter ensures the end of your Drew Estate cigar is just cut precisely, and even, so you don’t lose your precious tobacco. They come in an array of sizes you can choose from based on your budget and aesthetic preferences. Shop for the best cigar cutter and enjoy your smoking with friends.


3. Cigar cases

A cigar case is another piece of equipment you will need to enjoy smoking your cigars like a pro. If you are planning to travel or go golfing with your buddies, you will need a leather cigar case to carry some of your cigars.

A good cigar case should be constructed from a natural material like leather. It should give your cigars that perfect room to breathe and optimum humid conditions. Note that your cigar is more likely to go wrong if you don’t store it properly.

You can shop for a cigar case that you can adjust to accommodate cigars of different ring gauges and sizes. Cigar cases come in various capacities. Some can carry between 3-6 cigars at once. A single cigar case, also known as a cigar tube, is also an excellent option to go for if you like to smoke a cigar a day when outdoors.

A cigar tube is ideal for keeping your cigar in the pocket while on the move. It should come with reinforced ends to keep the cigar intact and safe from being crushed or damaged as you move around. Buy the best cigar case when you plan to travel and enjoy smoking.


4. Cigar lighters

How do you light a Carlos Fuente cigar when you don’t even have a torch lighter on your side? Well, some people prefer using a matchbox or butane lighter to light their cigars. You should be keen when shopping for a quality Svelte lighter like a gunmetal torch lighter.

A poor-quality matchbox and cigar lighter will spoil your Cloud Hopper cigar. You have to burn your cigar for some time before you get rid of the butane smell on the cigar cap. Buy a premium cigar lighter and light your cigar faster when you want to smoke.

Choose the best cigar lighter from a cigar accessories company depending on the type of cigar you smoke. For instance, you can shop for single-jet lighter if you like smoking small ring cigars. For cigars with a ring gauge of 60 and above, you should go for a multi-flame lighter.


5. Cigar Ashtray

When you are done smoking in your room, you need somewhere to discard your cigar. That is where an ashtray from the best cigar accessories maker comes into play. If you are smoking Nicaraguan Puro cigars, an ashtray is where you will discard the cigar butts. Ashtrays can also be functional or decorative.

You can shop for cigar ashtrays made of steel, wood, or glass. Choose an ashtray that matches your class, aesthetics, and function. If you need to smoke while driving, you can go for a folding or a portable cigar ashtray.


6. Air purifier

If you are going to smoke your cigars indoors, you need an air purifier to keep your hose fresh all the time. Not everyone that comes to visit you enjoys the smell of cigars in the living room.

If you live with friends and family and they don’t enjoy the aroma of cigar smoke like you do, an air purifier is a must-have accessory in your home. You need an air purifier to remove all the cigar odor and smoke from the air.

When buying an air purifier, you should go for one that fits the size of your room. If you smoke in a room, you need a standard air purifier that can filter the air at least five times in a row to keep your room fresh all-round.


7. Cigar punch

A cigar punch is a small cylindrical device that comes with a circular blade you use to remove the cap of a cigar. You can use a cigar punch to make a punch on a cigar before you can light it and start enjoying it.

A punch cutter does not waste the tobacco because it leaves the cigar cap intact and creates a straighter draw than a cigar cutter. When you punch a cigar, the smoke is drawn through a hole, making it easier to puff.

A cigar punch is not an accessory you need if you like to smoke Torpedo cigars. A Torpedo cigar tapers sharply at the head, making it incompatible with a circular punch cutter. Some of the best cigar cutters you can find in the market include Xikar 009 Punch Cutter and Visol Odair Punch Cutter. You can shop around for some top-quality E.P Carrillo cigar punch online and enjoy your smoking.

Final Thoughts

Additionally, if you like to smoke Rafael Nodal cigars in your car, you need a cigar holder and air purifier to keep your car fresh. Always buy the best quality cigar accessories to enjoy smoking cigars with your friends.

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