Best Whiskey: Choose the Best Bottle to Set You Off

If you’ve been drinking Vodka, Gin, or even Lager, you still don’t know what it means to have a glass of whiskey on the table. There is a literal world of whiskey out there, and if you are new to this famous liquor brand, it may be a quite daunting task to choose a bottle.

Getting the right whiskey that takes you to the cloud is not that easy. If you are trying whiskey for the first time, you need Bottle and Ash to hold your hand. If you are new to this quality whiskey category, there are plenty of questions that may ring in your mind. Which is the best whiskey out there? Where do I start with choosing whiskey? Which whiskey bottle is ideal for a beginner?

In this simple guide to whiskey selection, we have recommended some of the best whiskey bottles you can drink as a beginner. We mention some of the most important whiskey brands in the market that you can choose if you are drinking whiskey for the first time.

Here is our list of the best whiskey drinks you should look forward to drinking in 2022:

1. Bourbon 

Bourbon is a type of American whiskey you can try if you are drinking whiskey for the first time. Most bourbon are usually younger in maturity than scotches because of the high humidity.

This doesn’t mean that bourbons are an inferior type of whisky – they mature fast than most types of whiskey. If you are drinking bourbon, you are probably looking for sweetness, smoothness, and a vanilla flavour.

There is a pretentiousness that comes with drinking other forms of whiskey like scotch, and if you are not ready to go through that, you can always opt for bourbon. This type of whisky is just for anyone drinking for the first time. It is open to trials and explorations, making it a great gateway for the most complex drinks.

If you are new to bourbon or tasting whisky for the first time, you should try the Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon. This one comes at 50:5 ABV and relaxes your mind as you sip down the bottle. The Wild Turkey whisky comes with some sweet toffee and a well-rounded balance to keep you calm if you are on your first glass of whiskey.

2. American 

If you are drinking whisky for the first time, you want to try any kind of American whisky. There are many different brands whisky in the market, and if you haven’t tried the American types, you are not yet there. This type of whiskey is generally sweet, spicy, and punchy. It is a kind of whisky drink you want to try if you are drinking for the first time.

Who should drink American whisky? Anyone interested in exploring different worlds of whisky should not forget to pass through some quality American whisky. This kind of drink shows you that there is always a better way of doing things in life – having a glass of whiskey on the table makes your life easy, spicy, and powerful.

There is plenty of American whisky in the market, but you want to try the Balcones Baby Blue that comes in oak and toffee notes. This is the absolute whiskey you should be drinking, especially if you are looking for fresh wood shavings.

It is an amazing display of what an American whisky should look like, shifting from the utter sweetness of the famous bourbon into something out of this world. You get the best when you drink this kind of whisky.

3. Irish 

There is something that makes Irish whiskey stand out from the rest, the amazing taste and powerful touch. This type of whiskey has enjoyed double-digit growth in the last couple of years.

Jameson is not the only brand you hear of; there are plenty of other Irish drinks you can choose from. There are now different flavour profiles you find in an Irish collection of whisky. Today, Irish whiskey is all about flavour and personality. When choosing your Irish whiskey, you want to ensure you are making the right move.

The leading Irish whiskey producers have succeeded in making this type of whiskey stand out from the rest in terms of flavour and chilled-out experience. As a beginner, you are probably looking for some drink that won’t give you hangovers. Irish whiskey is that kind of drink you should be looking out for a chilled experience with your friends.

This is a drink you can enjoy with your friends if you are out to have some good times. Irish whiskey is generally smooth, rounded, and relaxed, with the right combination of sweetness if you are here for the flavour.

So, for the love of Irish whiskey, which brand should you shop for the first time? Go for Jameson Caskmates. This is one of the best whiskey bottles out there to end your day.

The Caskmates is one of the best Irish whiskies we know out there. If you are making your way into your local bar, you should not hesitate to ask the waiter to offer you a glass of this fine whiskey. The whiskey is aged in an ex-stout barrel giving it the fruity and malty note. This is some great stuff if you are drinking whiskey for the first time.

4. Canadian 

You can try the Canadian whiskey if you are drinking it for the first time. If you are passionate about whiskey, this brand makes you feel lively. Sometimes it gets hectic switching to another brand once you are fond of the Canadian whiskey.

This brand is not that distinct from American bourbon – they are almost similar in taste and flavour. Most whiskey producers are trying to make this brand stand out as a separate entity. Unlike producers in Scotland, there are no specific rules for making the Canadian whiskey, which means producers can twist it a bit and make it a separate entity.

The Canadian whisky is for any person looking forward to exploring the world of whisky and looking for something different in the market. If you are looking for some of this stuff in the market, you should be willing to put in some effort – it’s not easy finding a cool one. You will be rewarded in the process with some fine Canadian whiskey to make your day merry.

Which is the best Canadian whiskey to drink with friends? The Dillon’s Rye is the best you can pick from the bar. This new release of the Canadian whiskey comes with plenty of spicy, oaky, and warming flavors. There are different bottles in this category. You can check for other whiskies too and find one that suits you.

Final Thoughts 

There is always more to enjoy when you opt for whiskey as your favorite drink. If you are new to drinking whisky or whiskey, you can enjoy some Speyside, Indian, Canadian, Lowlands, Islay, and Irish.

You can find most of these drinks in your local bar when you are out to drink with friends. Whether you like your drink warm or to be on the rocks, you can still find some lowlands for some good times with friends. The world of whisky is wide and inspiring.

If you are out for the best drink, you can choose some of the whiskies mentioned in the article. Take your time when you’re choosing a whisky. Once you pick your ideal brand of whiskey, there is no turning back.

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