The Best Savoy Humidors to Shop In 2022

If you love smoking cigars, then you know having your cigar when it is fresh and intact is the best you can do. When you pull out your torch lighter to light up your cigar, it should be giving out the exact flavors and aroma you expect of them. A quality Savoy humidor keeps your cigars in perfect condition so you don’t miss any flavors when smoking it.

Storing your cigars in the best Savoy humidor is the best you can do if you want your cigars to remain in their perfect condition for long. Your cigar is more likely to go bad quickly if you don’t store it in a quality humidor. If you wonder how you can make your cigars last longer, you are on the right page.

Humidors may look like simple devices, but they play a significant role in making your cigars last longer. With a humidor, you can keep your cigars in the best condition, that is, relative humidity of 64F and 75F.

This is the recognized optimum RH for storing cigars. If you are new to the world of cigars, you may not believe; that a good humidor can store your cigars for longer without compromising their quality.

3 Best Humidors You Should Buy in 2022

1. Megacra Desktop Cigar Savoy Humidor

This is one of the best Savoy humidors you can shop for if you want to make your cigars last longer. This cigar humidor is made of PU leather and cedar wood lining. It is purely hand-made, which means it will last longer than you expect. It is a luxurious humidor with a gift set for a desktop.

The cigar humidor stores up to 50 cigars and comes equipped with a humidifier. It has adjustable dividers, which makes it a favorite for cigar holders. The tight seal design is another factor you want to consider when choosing this cigar humidor.


MEGACRA Desktop Cigar Humidor, Cedar & Leather Cigar Storage Box Well Seal Design with Tray and Adjustable Divider, Glass ...

2. Glass Top Cedar Savoy Humidor

This is a high-quality humidor you should be looking forward to if you want to keep your cigars instant. The humidor comes with a digital hygrometer which makes it easy for you to check the humidity level in your humidor.

The lining of this cigar is made of Spanish cedar wood to retain moisture. The hydro system used in making the humidor makes it accurate to keep the humidor within 65-70% relative humidity.

This case elegance humidor is magnetically sealed to create a great enclosure for your cigars. When seasoning this Savoy humidor, all you have to do is wet the Hydro Sticks with distilled water and place them in the humidor.


Mantello Royal Glass-Top Cigar Humidor - Desktop Humidifier Storage Box for 25-50 Cigars With Hygrometer & Divider - Handc...

3.  Montello Royal Glass Savoy Humidor

This is a perfect gift cigar for men. You can have the best of your cigars when you lay your hands on this quality cigar humidor. It helps to keep your cigars fresh all day with its sealed construction to keep the moisture out.

There are plenty of rooms here for you to store your cigars. You can store between 25-50 cigars, depending on the ring size of the cigar. It comes with a removable cedar divider, making it easy for you to organize your collection. The artisan-crafted elegance of this humidor makes it a great gift for any cigar lover.


Mantello Royal Glass-Top Cigar Humidor - Desktop Humidifier Storage Box for 25-50 Cigars With Hygrometer & Divider - Handc...

What to consider when buying a quality Savoy humidor 

If you are shopping for cigars for the first time, these are some of the factors you want to consider most before pulling one out of the counter.

1. The type of humidor 

Humidors are going to come in different shapes and sizes. You want to choose one that you are more comfortable having around. For instance, if you want a humidor you can use to carry your cigars as you travel, a portable desktop humidor is the best you can have. These are the ideal cigars humidors for outdoor lovers.

Desktop humidors have metal hinges, and vacuum seal, and some reasonable capacity so that you can get the right amount of cigars on your journey. Some of these desktop humidors are a bit bulkier, which means you should have enough space to keep them as you travel. If you are looking for smaller alternatives, you can opt for a cigar storage jar. These are the best you get for carrying ten or fewer cigars on your way.

Mantello Cigar Humidor Box with Digital Hygrometer and Accessory Drawer - Glass Top, Handcrafted - Spanish Cedar Cigar Cas...

2. The material

The material used in making the cigar humidor is another factor you want to consider most when shopping for one. Desktop cigar humidors are mostly laminate and wood, while freestanding cigar coolers are made from stainless steel.

Most humidors use Spanish cedar wood to retain moisture and repel insects that may be drawn to your cigars. When shopping for a Savoy humidor, you should look for one that comes with cedar-lined drawers. Pinewood is also an alternative you can opt for, but cedar makes the best of them all.

3. The hygrometer 

A quality Savoy humidor should come intact with a hygrometer. This is the instrument you will be using to check if the humidity within the humidor is just within the required range of 65-74F. Check that the hygrometer is calibrated with precise units before buying the humidor.

Mantello Cigar Humidor - Elegant Cigar Case Humidor Box for Men- Magnetic Seal, Humidifier & Hygrometer - Spanish Cedar & ...

4. Seal

When choosing a humidor, you should ensure it comes with a tight seal. If your humidor lacks an airtight seal, you are wasting your money and time buying it – it won’t help store your cigars properly.

These are the four most important factors you want to consider most when shopping for a humidor to store your cigars. If you focus on these factors, you will not have any problem finding an ideal cigar humidor to store your stogies when you travel.

4. Price 

If you are out to shop for a quality Savoy humidor, you should be ready to check the best price in the market. You want to ensure the Savoy humidor you are buying is within your budget, and the price matches the quality of the humidor you are buying.


How much will you spend on a Savoy humidor?

How much money you spend on a Savoy humidor depends on the design and function of the humidor. It is not easy to know how much you will spend on a high-quality humidor in the current market. The price range for most humidors tends to vary a lot depending on where you buy.

Is it worth spending your money on a Savoy humidor?

The market is full of adverts on the latest and new Savoy humidors in the market. You can spend your money on many different Savoy humidors if you want the best of a humidor. When shopping for a quality cigar humidor, you should look keenly at the unique features like material, design, functionality, and sealing. Not all the humidors you find in the market are worth your money.

Which is the best quality Savoy humidor to buy?

If you find it difficult to choose a quality humidor, you are not alone. It is not an easy decision to make if you want to buy a cigar humidor. If you are shopping for humidors for the first time, you should check the humidor‘s features and functions keenly before you can choose one.

Mantello Cigar Humidor for 100 Cigars - Large Glass-Top Cigar Humidor Humidifier Box- with Hygrometer & Removable Cedar Tr...

Final Thoughts 

Buying a humidor should not be that difficult if you have this guide by your side. When shopping for a quality cigar humidor, you should not hesitate to look at the key features and functionalities that make them stand out from the rest.

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