Best Bourbon under $50

Invest in the Best: Not the Most Expensive

We often believe that if we are going to be purchasing bourbon or whisky, it will require a large amount of money…like A LOT of money. But the great news is that good bourbon does not always mean I will have to break into my entire bank account to afford the sweet smooth taste of whisky.

Many of the aged or limited addition drink options typically cost hundreds of dollars per bottle. Therefore, it is safe to say that there are some whiskey options available that are an investment, however; it is still manageable to find some of the best bourbons under 50 dollars. I will dive into a few of my best picks of whiskey under $50 that are sure to impress even the pickiest drinker.

Endless Options for Enjoyment

There are several affordable bourbon brands available on the market allowing me to truly have the choice to select my top favorites. I need to know what I am going to be using alcohol to make the appropriate selection. It is important to understand that not all of these products are created equal. The brand I select heavily depends on the occasion and how I will be enjoying my drink. I have to ask myself will, “Will I be sipping, mixing throughout the evening, or simply adding ice?” Many factors play into my selection process so I highly recommend doing your research, know what you like, visit a local distillery, or seek out some expert advice to pick out the perfect drink for yourself.

Some of the Best Bourbon

Again, many people automatically assume that to experience a very smooth bourbon that you must spend a large amount of money. That is not always the case. The professionals understand how important it is to have an affordable whisky option because not everyone can spend hundreds of dollars on each bottle. Thankfully, many brands have dedicated their resources to provide an obtainable product.
There are still some incredibly smooth and delicious whiskeys that are very expensive and those should not be completely ignored. If I ever have the means and want to taste I will splurge and try a glass at the local pub. But there are still a large number of great bourbon brands that are more affordable than work better into my budget. Below is a list of some of the best bourbon under 50 dollars that you would be crazy not to at least give a try.

Best Bourbon Under 50

  1. Buffalo Trace
    Average Price: $25.99

Tasting Notes: Buffalo Trace is a deep amber whiskey that offers drinkers a highly complex aroma filled with vanilla, mint, and molasses. Brown sugar and spice offer a sweet taste followed by oak, toffee, dark fruit, and anise. The whisky finished off long and smooth with full-bodied flavors. This is one whiskey I recommend having on hand for an everyday pour. It is made in a Kentucky distillery that has been making whiskey for over 200 years…so they know what they are doing!

2. Larceny Small Batch
Average Price: $25.00

Tasting Notes: I highly recommend the Larceny Small Batch because it has incredible notes of honey, cinnamon spice, and sweet maple sugar. This whiskey does have wheat as the secondary grain, therefore, making it more limited.

3. Knob Creek
Average Price: $45.99

Tasting Notes: Knob Creek offers a simple smooth taste filled with vanilla, dried fruit, and a smoky finish. This whiskey is extremely rich in aromas with bold complex flavors.

4. Maker’s Mark
Average Price: $50.00

Tasting Notes: Only a few years old but still impressive taste. Maker’s Mark Cask Strength provides bold eccentric flavors. I also discovered the subtle notes of vanilla and nutmeg to be extremely palatable.

5. Jim Bean Kentucky Straight
Average Price: $20.00

Tasting Notes: With a base of rye, corn, and barley; this whiskey provides flavors such as oak, vanilla, and spice. The Jim Bean Kentucky Straight whiskey selection is one of the most affordable yet still serves up a well-bodied flavor profile.

6. Wild Turkey Rare Breed
Average Price: $35.00

Tasting Notes: Packed full of bold notes such as clove, pipe tobacco, leather, orange, and brown sugar; this is probably one of the best bourbon choices on the market. It
Eagle Rare

7. Four Roses Single Barrel
Average Price: $43.99

Tasting Notes: This selection, while under $50, is considered top-shelf because of the unique corn, rye, and five yeast strains that are used to produce a very rich flavored product. Each sip is filled with cherries, pear, and chocolate all accompanied by oak and toffee.

8. Elijah Craig Small Batch
Average Price: $30.00

Tasting Notes: This whiskey includes subtle notes of maple and creme brulee mixed with a cherry. Elijah Craig Small Batch is a great whiskey for an everyday drink.

9. Stagg Jr.
Average Price: $50.00

Tasting Notes: Stagg Jr. stands out among the other whiskey options because of its bold flavor. This is one of the options that sell out quickly due to popularity. It is packed full of cinnamon sugar whiskey with slight notes of cherry and clove. This is one option that left me wanting more to drink.

Enjoy Life and Drink Up!

I believe that life is for living and enjoying. There is no point in spending crazy amounts of money on very expensive whiskeys when there are wonderful inexpensive options available that offer a lasting smooth impression on drinkers. I enjoy spending my money on adventures and traveling to various locations around the world. By rearranging my budget and opting for the best bourbon brands on a budget, I am more easily able to afford luxurious trips. These wonderful getaways have also allowed me the opportunity to taste various whiskeys from around the world. All of these on my list are definitely worth a taste test. If there were any that you have not tried, I would highly recommend seeking the now and giving them a go!

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