Philies Cigars: The American Classic Cigars

Phillies is a cigar brand of the U.S. initially made in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The brand gets its name from the location. The cigar was produced initially by Bayuk Cigars Inc. 

This brand was one point manufactured by ITG and brand which is an American subsidiary of the British conglomerate Imperial Brands. Today, the Phillies brand is owned by Atladis U.S.A, an American subsidiary of one Spanish cigars manufacturer.

The original name of Phillies cigars was Philadelphia Hand Made, but smokers shortened it to Phillies, and this eventually became the cigar’s brand name. Phillies cigars are sold in different styles and tastes today. Initially, the cigar brand was sold as a blunt. This is the reason Phillies blunt is more popular in the online market.

Blunt was a popular term coined by Bayuk and used on Phillies packaging. This term was used more specifically in describing the shape of the cigar, which was short and fat compared to expensive cigars that were famous then.

Phillies Blunt was more popular since it was also inexpensive and good. In those days, getting a good cigar at a lower price was not that easy, which led to Phillies cigars being more popular.

What you should know about Phillies cigars 

There is a lot more that you should know about Phillies cigars. This cigar brand is more popular for using sweet and strong tobacco wrappers from the top tobacco farmers in the world. 

This cigar brand is made in Alabama by using a blend of Dominican and Honduran tobaccos. Every pack of Phillies cigars includes five cigarillos, and you can purchase them in cartons of 5 and 30. The wrapper leaf used in making this type of cigar is more similar to the one used in the popular Phillies Blunt.  

The wrapper gives the cigar a sweet taste and interesting texture, different from the average cigarillo found in the market. You can also find cigarillos in different flavors like double-dipped apple, grape, and strawberry.

In today’s cigar market, cigarillos are not taxed that much, which makes them less expensive. Cigarillos have become a popular smoke for most cigar lovers because of their affordability and quality. 

Phillies cigars are also coming up with a unique inexpensive and good cigar to tap into this growing cigarillos industry. The Phillies brand offers a wide range of cigars flavors that you can choose based on your taste and preferences.

What Phillies cigar lovers are disappointed of is that filtered cigars tend to use thinner wrappers. There are not that suitable to most cigar smokers. Cigarillos cigars also come in various flavors, which makes this brand more popular. 

Phillies cigars to enjoy on any occasion 

Even on a low budget, if you are looking forward to having a good time on a smoke, you can still get it here in some fine Phillies cigars. This brand of cigars does not eat that much into your pockets while still giving you the great taste, flavor, and aroma of your typical classic cigar.

Any man who loves soft smoking will find solace in Phillies cigars. The strength of this cigar is medium, making it easy to smoke even for beginners. Experienced smokers can also find relief in this cigar brand for its quality and strength. The original aroma and the unique taste are the peculiarities of Phillies cigars. 

The young cigar lovers, who are still learning to get the best in a cigar, can always find peace in this cigar brand. The cigar has been more popular amongst young cigar smokers for a long time. It is sweet in taste and rich in flavors. The cigars are always available in three formats which you can enjoy on every occasion.

Are Phillies cigars your little cigar?

Most experienced cigar smokers believe that little cigars are like cigar’s little brother. Other smokers also believe that little cigars are simply a mixture of cigars and cigarettes. That means that little Phillies cigars may have both the taste and quality of a cigar and a cigarette. 

It gives you that chance to enjoy both sides of life – smoking a cigar and a cigarette. This is perhaps why most smoking beginners want a share of some good Phillies cigars when hanging out with friends. 

Phillies Little Cigars is a simple way of enjoying some good tobacco in a good way. It may not be that easy smoking a cigarillo. Ideally, how to smoke cigars the right way should not be a controversy.  

When smoking a cigarillo, most cigar lovers are always looking for the taste and the feeling they get. There is no specific formula for smoking a cigarillo. The truth is if you’ve been up to some fine quality cigars, you can as well enjoy a Phillies cigar when you’re out with friends.

In the end, it’s up to you to find out how you feel when you have some Phillies cigar smoke through your nose. 

The ideal taste of smoking Phillies cigars comes from puffing the cigar. When puffing, the cigar smoke is easily absorbed in your oral cavity, and you expel it through the nose or mouth. You can only get the best of Phillies cigars when you absorb the smoke in the oral cavity.

The best of Phillies cigars to watch 

Phillies Peach 

Phillies Peach is one of the best cigars you can have if you are a beginner. At least this cigar brand does not eat more into your pockets, plus it’s also medium strength. 

This is a small 5-inch ring 41 cigar which has a peach smell. It reminds you of bubblegum. If you didn’t love bubblegum when growing up, you might be pissed off smoking this cigar. 

Phillies peach cigar has an ugly band, but somehow, this fits the cigar. It has delicate and sweet pre-draw. If you know how to draw a cigar before lighting it up, you can try that on this cigar brand. After you light up this cigar, it tastes like sweet peach-flavored lemonade. It has a medium burn and construction. However, the appearance is off the hook.

Phillies Blunt Chocolate 

Phillies Blunt Chocolate is a 5-inch long cigar with a ring gauge of 41. It comes in a dark wrapper, but the filler is not real tobacco. However, the leaf wrapper is made of natural tobacco.

The cigar has a tiny hole in the back, and that means you don’t need a cigar cutter by your side to start smoking it. The cigar gives a sweet aroma and is not easy to recognize.

Key features 
  • Strength: Flavored 
  • Filler: Caribbean 
  • Wrapper: Homogenized 
  • Brand: Phillies Blunt Chocolate 
  • Shape: Petit Corona 
  • Binder: Homogenized 
  • Size: 4 7/8 x 42

This type of cigar will leave strange ash, but the burn, smoke, and draw are just on the mark. Phillies chocolate cigar may not be the best you have in the market, but one finds the cigar you can just enjoy with your friends.

The list of Phillies cigars you can smoke is endless. Some of the best cigars in this category include:

  • Phillies Cigarillos Black Foil Fresh 
  • Phillies Cigarillos White Grape 
  • Phillies Cigarillos Sweet Foil Fresh 
  • Phillies Cigarillos Unsweet Foil Fresh
  • Phillies Cigarillos Cheroot Pack 
Final Thoughts 

If you look forward to the best time smoking as a beginner, you can enjoy yourself with some Phillies cigars. These are good and mellow strength cigars suitable for younger and experienced cigar smokers. Phillies cigars are made in the USA, and they offer you the best of taste, aroma, and flavor you need in your typical cigar. 

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