Are Cigar Boxes Worth Money?

Everything You Need to Know About Cigar Boxes and Worthiness Behind Them

At one point or the other, you might have come across dozens of cigar boxes in your old store or your grandfather’s old house. The big question is, what is the value of these boxes, and how can one determine how much the boxes are worth. In this article, I will guide you on everything you need to know about cigar boxes and factors that determine their value. The next time you see a cigar box, whether new or old, you will be able to evaluate its usefulness.

To start us off, we will define the different factors that affect the value of the cigar boxes and weigh all the considerations surrounding this fantastic discussion. But we need to answer a question here; are there markets out there for cigar boxes? Do we have any cigar box collectors that we can contact? We will go through all that.

What Defines the Value of a Cigar Box?

The value of a single cigar box will depend on various factors. Some of these factors include the brand name of the cigars, the age, size, the subject matter or the theme of the box label, whether the container or the cigar box has a unique or unusual shape, any historical factors, rarity, completeness and the condition of the cigar box.

A little About Cigar Boxes’ History

Before we run into a conclusion, we will need to understand some few facts about cigar boxes. Every time you find a cigar box, the appearance, makeup, and general characteristics tell a lot about it. Some boxes such as Rocky Patel Cuban Blend are very plain, while some like Funte Opus X is very glamourous. You will find that almost every eye is drawn to them. This gives us an idea of what is inside; the quality of the cigars in that box. 

If you’re buying luxurious cigars, there are higher chances that you would expect the whole package to be fantastic. From the brand image to the box label’s theme, you would expect that they are all up to the standards. The fact will remain that; the cigar boxes will remain intact even after the cigars are long gone. That is why cigar boxes have quite an interesting story behind them. If you’re a cigar lover, getting to understand some of these facts is very interesting.

Get to Hear More

While we tend to burst up and throw some of these cigar boxes away, most smokers will tend to reuse them and change them into junk drawers that can hold almost everything, from spare cigar cutters, cigar matches, screws or any other smoking accessories.

Cigar boxes of every kind have been upcycled in countless ways. Some have been recycled to come up with furniture, music instruments such as guitar, and more. But the most critical thing here is, you have never come to understand what the reason behind that makes these boxes shine is.

The First Cigars to be Kept in Boxes Were Upmann H.

This was around 1840. Interesting. Isn’t it? Well, the Upmanns were a family of German bankers. As they had already opened a branch in Cuba, they later relocated to Havanna. One of the brothers would then send cigars from various Cuban factories back to his home, Europe. They would seal the boxes with the bank’s name and address the packages to the clients for marketing purposes. This was just, but the start of cigar boxes introduction into the market.

Cigar Boxes Were Later Mandated by the American Laws Around 1863

In the late mid-1800s, most American people were blazing through their smokes at a furious rate. The number of cigars manufacturing companies were increasing at a very high standard. Since there wasn’t much regulation regarding cigar’s manufacturing, the government decided to set up strict guidelines on how the cigars were to be made, packed, and brought to the market. After the 1860’s that the packaging of cigars was made mandatory to be done in boxes.

What are the Most Commonly Asked Questions About Cigar Boxes?

Whether you’re a beginner or used to smoking, you can’t escape from some of the questions that we will try to get answers today. Some of these questions have been asked by numerous cigar community members, and providing solutions for you will be a great idea.

Let’s look at some of them.

Does an Old Cigar Box Worth Money?

The best way to answer this question is to evaluate several factors, as we have discussed in this article. In short, depending on the cigar brand, the condition, and the age of the cigar box, it can have much value to the right person or company.

Another depending factor is the rarity of the cigar box. The best action to take here is to check out for the best different collectible sites and antique collectible company sites that might serve the same purpose. Just try to type collectible cigar boxes or just cigar boxes and get to the results. Analyze the details of the cigar boxes you have and see whether the site would most likely require them. Try advanced search that utilizes photos and videos as well.

Old cigars have their unique values depending on the years of manufacturing. For instance, cigar boxes manufactured around the 1900s will range from 25 USD to 300 USD on eBay. You should go ahead and take it to a dealer for an appraisal and see how things go.

What are Antique Cigar Boxes, and How Does Their Price Guide Work Like?

Antique boxes are cigar boxes that have been designed to contain caches of the cigar. These kind of boxes are the most commonly known having been made from wood. They are designed to keep the cigars fresh and in good condition. This is done to make sure that the cigars maintain their flavor and last longer. Although these boxes are commonly constructed out of wood, silver, and gold cigar boxes are still available, but on a given commission and according to the smoker’s characteristics and specifications.

Collecting Antique Cigar Boxes

The reason behind collecting cigar boxes is to get money from them. Cigar labels can often be found in Victorian books as they usually exhibit fantastic elements of art, ranging from adults to children. Mostly, large numbers of antique cigar boxes can be found near factory sites, and old shops that used were established a long time ago.

What is the Collectible Guide for Antique boxes?

How valuable or collectible antique boxes are will depend on several factors. One is the material of the box used, whether or not the cigar box has a label on it or not, whether or not the antique cigar has any notable smoking owners, the condition of the box and the name on it the image on the box, the rarity and the country of origin.

Some of the famous images include Indians, nudes, cowboys, sporting icons, and animals. If you happen to be purchasing antique boxes based on their worthiness, it is recommended that you avoid boxes that have any indication of mold, significant scuffing, any damage from water, and more.

What is the Price Guide for Antique Cigar Boxes?

Although many collectors will not acquire some of these boxes based on their monetary values, appreciating them as well decorated and valuable examples usually do apply in the market. For instance, an English cigar case that was made from varnished ash was sold along with ash tea caddy and two other antique ash boxes for &1,750 USD in June 2005 by the Neal Auction Company.

Another one is that a sterling silver cigar box that had a map of Cuba engraved in the box, dating from 1965 to 1968, was sold for more than 3,000 USD in 2012, which tends to exceed the real value of the silver.

What are Vintage Cigar Boxes, and How Should you Collect Them?

Vintage cigar boxes are far better than the simple, standard cardboard boxes repurposed to serve as drawers for some materials. Most of them are made of metal, wood, or even glass, and they usually have high potentiality rates. Some factors, such as the age, rarity, condition of the box, and completeness, typically affect the value of these boxes.

However, collecting them might be another way of appreciating their shape, the advertising, or the stamps found on the outside and inside parts of the boxes. Some of the things to look out for when doing your collection includes the condition concerns of the cigar boxes, the rare rewards that might be running for a short time, how to find and get them to the market.

What is the Summary?

To determine the value of different types of cigar boxes, several factors must first be put into consideration. The following factors are the ones that affect how high or low the value of each cigar box is to be determined:

  1. The rarity
  2. The age of the box
  3. The condition of the box
  4. The brand name of the cigars
  5. The shape and style used to label the box, inside and out, and
  6. The historical factors surrounding the cigars.

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