Tatuaje Cigars: The Skinny Monster Review

The world of cigars is vast and wild. If you are looking for some of the best quality cigars to smoke in the cold, you can start with some Tatuaje Skinny Monster. These are some of the most popular boutique and dark chocolate cigars in the market. They were first developed by the legendary artists Pete Johnson in collaboration with Don Jose Garcia.

If you love smoking cigars, there is an endless list of Tatuaje Skinny Hyde cigars you can choose from. What if you’re trying this brand for the first time? What should you expect in Tatuaje special releases? Which is the best Tatuaje to smoke with friends?

In this review, Bottle And Ash show all you should know about this famous brand of cigars. We give you a review of Tatuaje cigars and, most specifically, the Skinny Monster.

What cigars are Tatuaje popular for?

Tatuaje released a special treat of cigars back in 2016 for all cigar enthusiasts. The brand introduced the now-famous Tatuaje Skinny Wolf Monsters in ten-count sampler boxes to the market.

The 6 x 38 Petit Lancero features the same unique blend as the first eight original monsters. The unique Tiff and Tatuaje Skinny Chuck come in a slim package. This brand of the cigar would soon hit the scores in 25-count dress boxes.

Let’s, dive into some of the best Skinny Monster cigars you are likely to have when hunting for quality cigars.

1 – Tatuaje Skinny Monster Tiff

Tiff annual release is the lightest side of the Skinny Monster. It is also one of the most famous brands you can have. The cigars offer some nutty earth, cream, and toast on the draw. On the first draw, you are welcome with some aroma and taste of cinnamon, caramel, and toast.

When taking a draw of the last third, the finish consists of grass, leather, and black pepper—the body and strength float around the medium mark throughout the smoking.

2 – Tatuaje Skinny Monster Chuck

If you take the first draw of Chuck and pudgy monster, your palate is hit with cayenne pepper, cocoa, and earth. The smoke delivers salty tobacco, graphite, and spicy cedar through your nose.

The finish on this Nicaraguan tobaccos cigar consists of leather and earth with some spice of orange zest. The strength and body of the cigar are consistent at medium to full.

3 – Tatuaje Skinny Monster Mummy

The Mummy cigar is another brand you will enjoy. The Skinny Monster gives you a cedar, grass, and black pepper draw.

Throughout the first draw, you get some taste of coffee and cinnamon. On the finish is a blend of black pepper, gingerbread, and leather. The strength is medium, but the body of this cigar is medium-to-full.

4 – Tatuaje Skinny Monster Jason

The Tatuaje Skinny Jason brand can let you down for those who love a more robust cigar. This is not what you should expect in most Skinny Monster brands. The cigar gives you some spices like nutmeg and cinnamon.

On the first draw, it also gives a blend of oily cedar and sweet cocoa. When making that retro-hale, you get some taste of strong black pepper and espresso toast. Some bold black pepper, dark earth, and charred mushroom are on the finish. The strength of this cigar is full throughout the blend.

5 – Tatuaje Skinny Monster Jekyll

There is always more to enjoy in your favorite cigar, and in this brand, you get all the notes. When the first draw opens, you get the notes of leather, black pepper, and other floral notes. There is black pepper through the nose. It also gives out some herbal tea notes.

You get some grassy earth on top of the black liquor ice and spicy oak on the last third. The body and strength are medium to full. In the first two-thirds of the cigar, the flavors are muted and a bit distinct in the last third.

What you should know about Tatuaje Cigars

Tatuaje cigars have a long history. However, what is remarkable about the cigars is that Pete Johnson founded them after smoking Henry Clay and falling in love with cigars.

Tatuaje cigars is now a popular brand that combines music, fashion, wine, and travel in one – these are arguably some of the finest things in life. This brand of filler tobaccos cigars brings the best side of life to you in every single draw you take.

The output in this strip of tobacco cigar is prolific, with a variety to choose from. It’s no surprise that Tatuaje cigars are one of the best cigar brands. You should opt for a nice time of leather notes and cedar notes when you smoke this cigar.

How Tatuaje cigar is constructed

The Skinny Monster is usually associated with Pepin, which means you should look forward to some good construction. The construction of this brand ensures an even burn and some straight lines with well-compacted ash.

Being a slimmer stick, you will be forced to relight the cigar at some point if you forget to take a draw. That means if you need to have your cigar lighter closer to you when you smoke.

What to expect when you take a cold draw of the Tatuaje cigar

There is more that you get to enjoy when you smoke Skinny Monster for the first time. When you take a cold draw of the cigar, you will experience a complex and balanced aroma on each stick. The experience on a cold draw will depend mostly on the type of Skinny Monster brand you smoke.

Taking a cold draw of any Monster Releases Tatuaje cigar is a good way of judging the strength and body of the cigar before you can finally light it up or take a pre-light draw. Once you light the cigar, you will know what you can expect from the flavor profile.

The dominant flavors in Tatuaje Skinny Monster

Skinny Monster single blend comes in ten different blends with varying smoke production. This means it’s not easy to give universal tasting notes of the less pudgy form brand. Each blend of the Tatuaje Skinny Monster cigar gives a unique sensory experience.

With Pepin’s masterful hand being behind the taste, you can rest assured of finding a lot to enjoy in every Tatuaje Monster cigar that you light up.

Here is a breakdown of the flavors in Skinny Monster Release:

  • First third: Each blend of Skinny Monster has a unique aroma and flavor to detect. In most blends, you are likely to find a woody, leathery background and some seasonal pumpkin spices.
  • Second third: In the middle of the skinny version cigar, you should look for some peppery notes. This is, in most cases, a signature taste of any Skinny Monster blend that you should watch out for.
  • Final third: At the finish or near the end of the cigar experience, you get all the closing notes, and you can make your judgment of the cigar and smoking time.

What is the strength of Tatuaje Skinny Monster like?

The strength, just like the notes and flavors, will vary depending on which blend of Skinny Monster you’re smoking. Each cigar like Tatuaje Petite Lancero has a unique complexity of sweet cream and brings to the table some notes of cedar. If you are out for a unique experience smoking, there are 25 sticks in the box to try.

Final Thoughts

There is more to enjoy when choosing the Monster size brand as your ideal cigar coop. Other types of Skinny you can grab and smoke include brands like Jason, Wolf, Drac, Face, and Franc. All the Skinny Monster sixth cigars are an excellent taste for Tatuaje aficionados. If you love to smoke some good cigars, brands like Mummy, Chuck, and Tiff should not miss in your humidor.

Most cigar lovers will dismiss Tatuaje Skinny Monster cigars for their uneven burn. If you need some uniform Tatuaje Skinny Drac burn in your cigar, a Skinny gauge cigar is never a perfect choice to go by. The limited edition Skinny Monster cigars have an issue with staying lit for the longest time.

However, this is not a deal-breaker on expensive cigars, as long as the taste and aroma of this cigar are up to the task. So, which offshoot sizes of Tatuaje Skinny C will you smoke next?

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