6 Best Cigars for Beginners In 2021

Do you love to smoke Cuban, Brazil, or Dominican cigar? Are you looking forward to starting your journey in the cigar world with one fine stogie? Well, you are definitely on the right page. Over the years, some of the best cigar producing and exporting countries have gained a competitive advantage by launching special cigars – the best cigars you can have as a beginner 2021.

Everyone seems to be looking for the best stick in the market. Cuban cigars remain some of the best you can find. The richness of Nicaragua cigars is something worth your attention too because they’ve been topping the list of best cigars this year. Some new cigars are also coming into the limelight. In this article, we provide a list of the best cigars you can try this year for the best experience of smoking.

1. Rocky Patel Hamlet 25th Year Salmon 

Are you going to smoke or take coffee? This is the big question Rocky Patel asks you whenever you stare at it. Rocky Patel is a big, inconspicuous, and self-fulfilling cigar. If you are a novice smoker, this one doesn’t give you a hard time.

It has a clipped perfecto foot and cap, which makes it easy to cut and light simultaneously. The cigar has a thick and hard wrapper and binder. That means it takes some time to light up, but ones it catches fire you can’t stop having more of this salmon. For those who love a thick smoke, the Rocky Patel Hamlet is the best you can have for the cold day. It is probably going to stay in your humidor for the longest time.

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2. Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No 2

When choosing a stogie as a beginner, you might be tempted to go for the big ones or the Cuban cigars. There is this rumor that big cigars are for class and Cuban cigars are the best you can have. Well, you haven’t had your share of Hoyo de Monterrey.

Most cigar lovers and retailers are likely to recommend this cigar to you if you are a beginner. It is made for those who want to start their journey in smoking. The stick is packed with a balanced flavor and a delicious borderline, making it the best you can have.

It is a premium Cuban tobacco that’s been selling in most countries for decades now. Hoyo de Monterrey is very popular amongst beginners, and you can have two or three sticks somewhere in your humidor. If you are confused on the best cigar to choose, this is one you can trust as a novice smoker. The cigar comes in a Robusta size measuring 5.88 X 50. It has a light body but well-packed with rich flavor and unique aroma. Whichever box you choose, you can always expect the same flavor and taste in your Epicure No 2; this is a rare character in most Cuban cigar series.

3. Cohiba Siglo I

If you cannot go to bed without a cup of coffee, Cohiba Siglo I is another friend you can have on the table. Cohiba cigar is one of the most distributed cigars in the world today. It is also the most counterfeited, so you have to be careful when shopping for this stogie. For those who’ve been smoking for quite a while, you can try Cohiba, and join the big boys club.

Cohiba appears on this list of best cigars for its rich flavor. It is a light-medium cigar which makes it suitable for a beginner. It gives you all the time to learn how to make that puff and push the smoke through your nose. If you want to take time having a lighter cigar, Cohiba is the right place to begin.

This is a short cigar measuring 4.0 x 40. It comes with a rich profile and note that hits you right from the start when you light it. You can expect profiles like cocoa, vanilla, and coffee when you smoke it for the first time. If your palate is still developing you may not get the unique flavors in this cigar – it takes time to discover the flavors in every cigar.

4. Por Larranaga Panetelas L

Larranaga is another unique short-filler cigar you can try as a beginner. There is more into smoking every cigar as a beginner, and before you discover the right stogie for your palate, Larranaga is something you want to try.

Although it’s a short-filler, the cigar has a bigger body, making it stand out from the rest of long-fillers. The cigar is about 5.00 x 38, an ideal size for a beginner. If you want a cigar that lights up fast, this one is meant for you. Larranaga has a sharp light, and the ash falls off easily while you smoke, which makes it comfortable. It is also budget-friendly if you don’t want to spend more on smoke.

Some note and profile you can expect when smoking Larranaga includes caramel, earth thyme, and cedar. This is a unique cigar, and its special aroma will have most people asking you where you got it –another way to start that conversation.

5. Davidoff Winston Churchill 

The medium-body cigar, Davidoff Winston Churchill, is another special brand every novice smoker should try. If you are developing your passion for a cigar, this brand can help you complete your journey of no return. It is named after the legendary cigar smoker, Winston Churchill, so you can expect some great profile when you light this one.

It is a heavier body cigar that lights for at least 50 minutes, just enough time to practice taking a puff. If you have a weaker palate, this cigar can help you trigger it. The handmade cigar has an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper and Mexican binder. It measures 5.25 x 52 and comes in four different fillers, Condegas, Piloto, Estelí, and Olor-Piloto.

6. Macanudo Gold Label 

Macanudo Gold Label cannot miss in your list of best cigars for beginners. Made of golden Connecticut wrapper and San Andrea Mexican wrapper, the mild-medium cigar offers you the best you can have for your palate. It is creamy and quite aromatic on your palate. This cigar earns its name from the ‘cap special’, a unique wrapper obtained from the first priming of the USE Connecticut volado leaf.

The cigar is more refined compared to other brands in its series. If you prefer a thicker smoke for a start, this may be the right one for you. It comes in a robust size measuring 5.2 x 54 with a smoking time of 60 minutes. You can always have the best experience of smoking Macanudo for the first time.

Final Thoughts 

What do you consider most when choosing your first cigar as a beginner? Go for the size, smoke, profile, and most importantly, the leaf primings. If you want the best of cigars for beginners, you should not look beyond the six cigars listed here.

Other cigars worth your time as a beginner include Syncho Ritmo, JC Newman Brick House, Nub Connecticut, Ramon Allones Superiores LCDH, and Davidoff Aniivesario Special. As a beginner, you can try several cigars and find one that suits your palate.

When smoking a cigar for the first time, it’s advisable to keep your body hydrated. Have a glass of mineral water by your side. Note that coffee, coke, and other beverages may affect the cigar flavor. As a beginner in smoking, you should give your palate some time to activate before you can change to another brand of cigar.

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