Best Cigar Gifts for a Bachelor Party

It’s that time of the year when you are going to have a bachelor party. You can wait to meet your friends, tangle, and wine, dine, and most importantly, take a puff in unison. Yes, it takes a lot to host a wonderful bachelor party. Some gifts should not miss at a well-organized bachelor party – it’s a high-quality cigar.

If you’ve been a cigar smoker looking around for the special touch cigar as an awesome gift box for your loved ones this holiday, you are on the right page. In this article, Bottle And Ash is holding your hand and listing some of the best quality cigars to make your shopping easy.

5 Top cigars for a bachelor party

Here are some fun times cigars you should have in mind if you plan to host or attend a bachelor party with your buddies.

1. Perdomo Champagne Noir

We all know that having fine whiskey and champagne on your checklist for a wedding party gift is such a fantastic idea. Well, if such a name is written in this brand of cigar, then you know what to expect in this Cuban-made cigar. The cigar comes with a Cuban-seed Maduro wrapper, giving it the ideal look and taste of a genuine cigar.

The cigar has been aged for six months in an oak bourbon barrel, giving it the sweetness and rich flavour you might be looking for in some bachelor party cigars. This cigar will also keep you awake and set an awesome party mood all night so you can enjoy the party with your friends.

2. Romeo Y Julieta Capulet

If you are looking for the best Nicaraguan cigar for bachelor party games, then Romeo Y Julieta got your back. This fine smooth blend of Honduran cigars comes in a creamy Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. Those conversant with the famous Shakespeare’s classic story can relate to this cigar.

It comes in medium strength and natural colour. You get all you need in a cigar when you grab this one from the counter.

3. Davidoff Escurio

Are you heading for the VIP table at your next bachelor party? Well, what you need is a cigar that fits your company. That cigar is the famous Davidoff Escurio.

This type of cigar comes with a mix of South American, Dominican, and Brazilian heat, refreshing your moods. It comes in full strength and natural color. The wrapper is Habano, meaning it doesn’t cease to give you the actual taste of a Dominican cigar.

4. Inferno Flashpoint

The inferno flashpoint is one of the best cigars for a bachelor party gift. This cigar combines the Olives’ estate-grown Nicaraguan fillers and the sweet Jalapa-grown leaves. It comes in a fresh Sumatra wrapper making it exceptional among its peers.

The cigar blooms into a creamy and full-bodied flavor, making you eager to puff more. This Nicaraguan cigar comes in a more natural look which makes it ideal for chilling out with friends.

5. Camacho American

Camacho American is a barrel-aged cigar that gives you the flavors and feeling you’ve been looking for in your favorite smoke. It is aged for up to 6 years in a Corojo leaf. The secret behind the rich flavor and blooming smoke is the charred Kentucky bourbon barrel. The cigars are aged for extra, warm, and lingering smoke.

They come in dark natural color and a broadleaf wrapper. This is a full-strength Dominican cigar with the ideal taste, gauge, and taste you need. It is a perfect gift for any smoke lover.

Other unique gifts for a bachelor party

Cigar glasses

When you’re having a great bachelor party, all you need is a wonderful gift for this day. You need to have fun, enjoy the day with friends, and most have something you will remember this day for.

You can help your friends enjoy this feeling too, gift them unique cigar glasses. You can have that free hand to play poker with your buddies, give them high-fives, and do anything you want while your vices are resting comfortably on the other hand.


Cigar humidor

Every cigar aficionado knows that when smoking a good cigar away from where it is manufactured, you need a cigar humidor at your disposal.

A cigar humidor is a perfect gift for any drinking and smoking fellow. It helps to keep your cigar humid and at the right temperature so that it doesn’t wear or lose the charm in it. When going for a bachelor party, you should not forget to shop your friends a high-quality cigar humidor.


Cigar cutter

What do you need a cigar cutter for? Well, if you don’t have the teeth to cut the cigar head properly, you probably need a cigar cutter. There are tens of cigar cutters you can shop around when you look forward to a bachelor party.

This cigar accessory is a must-have for any cigar lover looking for a good time smoking. It helps you to cut the cigar head properly without tearing off the wrapper and losing any bit of tobacco.


Crate of cigar accessories

Crate of cigar accessories is the best bachelor party you should gift your friends. This is the best gift if you want to ask one of your best friends to be your groomsmen.

A cigar crate box can be customized with your best friend’s name on it. They are going to feel loved when they see their names are written on the box. Also, to make this gift unique, you can include a bottle of your favorite whiskey.


Pint glass

A pint glass is a gift every bachelor would long to have. Having your name printed on glass makes you feel good as you sip your favorite liquor or drink. Your friends will be able to enjoy any beverage on the menu at your bachelor party. Buy your friends some pint glasses to make this day memorable to them.

Cigar cases

If you are in the company of friends in love with the Cuban and Nicaraguan cigars, the best gift to give them is a bunch of cigar cases. A cigar case will prove useful to them when traveling, and they need somewhere to store the cigars for a day or two.

You can shop around for some high-quality cigar cases for golfers and gift them to your friends. Some of the best cigar cases to shop are those made of PU leather. They are more natural and durable.

Cigar lighter

Any cigar lover needs the best quality cigar lighter in their pockets. Carrying a matchbox around is not that easy, leave alone lighting it when with friends.

A cigar lighter makes the work easier for you. When shopping for the best bachelor party gift, you should not look any further than a butane cigar lighter. Shop around for unique cigar lighter and gift them to your friends on this special day.


Final Thoughts

What do you need most at a bachelor party? This is your special day to hang around with your friends. You probably need one of the finest and classic cigars listed here. If you are going to gift your friends on this night, you can shop for some high-quality cigar cutter, lighters, cases, and humidors. Your friends will appreciate you for that special cigar gift you buy them.

Your bachelor party is going to be a blast if you have some special whiskey and cigars on the table. Your friends will go home thinking of that the next day you are going to have a get-together party. So, make that move now and shop for any of these gifts if you look forward to spicing up this special day.

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