Why You Need Newair Humidors

If you value the taste and aroma of your cigars, then you want to ensure they are well kept in a Newair humidor. A cigar, just like wine, is an organic product that should be stored properly to preserve the delicate flavors and aromas which make them unique.

When you plan to store your cigars for more than a day, having them inside a humidor is the best you can do to preserve their quality. A high-end humidor can be as good as a wooden box or more complex than a refrigerator. You should consider many factors when you shop for your first humidor to store your cigars. 

In the humidor market, you’ll find many brands that chase your money. Therefore, you also want to make the right move and get the best Newair humidor for your cigars. 

Reasons you should get a Newair humidor 

Newair humidor is one of the best brands of humidors you can shop if you want to store your cigars like a pro. The base product in a cigar, tobacco, grows in a humid climate and is best kept in that climate throughout its life.

Ideally, the best cigars in the market are produced in the humid island climates of the Caribbean nations and Cuba. Since cigars are born and raised in a humid climate, the best you can do is to keep them alive in this kind of climate.

Here are the reasons you should be looking forward to buying a Newair Humidor to store your cigars.

1- Maintains proper burn in a cigar 

A humidor is the best you can have for your cigars because they help preserve and maintain the burn in a cigar. When you allow your cigar to dry, it burns fast and hot when you light them. This will often lead to acrid or some unpleasant smoke. 

When you have your cigars to dump, they are more likely to burn unevenly, making them hard to smoke. The expanded leaves will make it challenging to take that draw air smoothly and enjoy your cigars.

2- Protect all essential oils in a cigar 

The taste, aroma, and strength of your cigar are hidden in the essential oils and volatile compounds in the tobacco leaves. The essential oils can be easily damaged when you leave your cigars in the open air and direct sunlight to dry up. Your cigar is damaged by heat, cold, and sunlight. 

You will always need a humidor to provide a dark place and relative humidity to keep your entire cigar in the best condition.

3 – Improve cigar flavor while aging 

It is true that when you keep your cigars for long, you boost their flavor over time. A cigar undergoes subtle changes as it ages, and this is only possible when you store it in the right Newair humidor.

The best quality humidor should come in Spanish cedar shelving to protect the cigars for the long haul. Storing your cigars in a Newair humidor is one way of preserving the flavor and the complex mellow taste that you are always looking for in your cigars.

4 – Keep bugs off the cigar 

If you want to keep your cigars away from the tobacco beetle larvae, you should store them in a humidor. 

The beetle can survive in aggressive fumigation, lying dormant in the cigars until the correct humidity is achieved and they start hatching. In most cases, pest infestation in a cigar can damage the entire structure of the cigars. 

However, having the cigars stored in the Newair humidor will keep the temperatures too low for the tobacco beetle to survive.

3 best Newair humidor to store your cigars 

1 – Newair 840 Humidor 

The Newair 840 humidor is one of the best quality cigar humidors you can have at home to store your cigars. The humidor comes with a built-in humidification system with Opti-Temp technology. 

It means this humidor will heat and cool your cigars with more precision. It also has LED lighting, which makes it easy for you to view the condition inside the humidor with ease. The humidor also comes in Spanish cedar drawers, which help preserve the humidity inside.

2 – Newair 250 Count Electric Humidor 

This cigar humidor is made of stainless steel with Opti-Temp technology. This feature ensures all your cigars are stored for long without compromising the quality of the cigar. It also has a heating and cooling function, Spanish cedar shelves, and a digital thermostat.

The humidor store and protects your cigars from intruders. It has a security lock and key to keep everything in-store safe.

3- Newair 1500 Count Electric Cigar Humidor 

If you’re looking for the best cigar humidors on the market, this Newair 1500 is one of the best you can have. The cigar humidor has a built-in humidification system with an Opti-Temp Heating and cooling function.

The freestanding design in this humidor makes it unique from the rest in its category. Other features to look out for in the model include LED lighting, Spanish cedar drawers, and precision temperature.

What makes Newair humidor special? 

Newair humidor is a special type of humidor that you should look forward to buying. It stores your cigars for a longer time, ensuring the humidity and temperature is within the required level. Here are some unique features of the Newair humidor to look out for:

  • Opti Temp cooling and heating technology that controls both cooling and heating for maximum temperature control 
  • Made of stainless steel to keep your cigars neat always 
  • Security lock and key 
  • Free stand design for maximum stability 
  • Extra-large capacity to accommodate up to 840 cigars 
  • Spanish cedar shelves and drawers that repel insects and absorb excess moisture 
  • Built-in humidification system to manage the moisture level 
  • LED lighting and peek-in design make it easy to locate your cigars in just seconds.
  • 1-year warranty 

What to look for when shopping for a cigar humidor 

The major features you should be looking for in the Newair humidor will depend on the type of cigars you want to store and how long you will keep the cigars.

When you’re shopping for a quality humidor, you should consider the following factors:

  • Capacity: You measure the humidor capacity depending on the number of Churchill cigars it can hold. Choose a humidor with a capacity that is 30% larger than the number of cigars you plan to keep.
  • Hygrometer: You need a hygrometer to measure the humidity level in the humidor. This way, it is easy to keep track and ensure the moisture level in the humidor is optimum.
  • Temperature control: You can opt for a Wineador-type humidor if you stay in a hot and dry climate. This type of humidor is designed to keep your cigars in perfect condition throughout the winter.
  • Convenient features: Find out what makes the cigar humidor unique. Things like LED lighting, digital controls, a humidity system, and a free stand are some critical features to look out for.
Final Thoughts 

As a cigar aficionado, keeping your cigars in the best quality humidor is the best you can do to enjoy smoking. It all starts by shopping for a humidor with the proper humidity system to preserve your cigars for a long.

Newair humidors are some of the most sought cigar humidors you can shop for. In this article, we have listed some of best quality Newair humidors you can buy to start storing your cigars now.

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