Cigar Classification: 4 Best Types of Cigars Every Smoker Should Know

If you are a cigar enthusiast and don’t seem to be finding a perfect roll for the day, maybe it is not you, but the kind of cigars you buy. You may not have found the right cigar that gives you the pleasure you need, and you just need to keep digging.

The pleasure, aroma, flavor, and notes of a cigar are mainly derived from tobacco, wrapper, and filler used in making it. Additionally, how the cigar taste and smells are also affected by the cigar’s size and shape, don’t forget about how the profile of the cigar changes as it burns to the bottom.

For the love of cigars and stogies, Bottle and Ash is giving you a perfect gift today. Here we are shedding more light on different cigars you can choose for the ideal chill out with friends. Even if you don’t smoke or you rarely light up a cigar, you will find this guide useful when choosing the best types of cigars in the world.

 How Cigars are Classified 

1. Shape and size 

Cigars can be grouped based on size and shape. The cigar industry has grouped different cigars based on their dimensions. The dimensions of cigars vary across different manufacturers. Since cigars are available in various dimensions, manufacturers have their names to describe different cigars based on size and shape.

A cigar’s width is measured on a ring gauge, while the length is usually given in inches. However, most people still prefer to describe cigar size with names and not measurements. Most cigars are defined by how they appear, like cylindrical or the common ‘panejo‘ shape. A cigar with an irregular shape is called a ‘figured‘ cigar.

2. Hand-made Vs. Machine-rolled

You can also differentiate cigars based on whether they are hand-rolled or made using a machine. There is a difference between the two types of cigars; one is done through a machine that makes the rolling work simple while the other one is rolled by hand.

Machine-rolled cigars have a special type of binder and wrapper and come in short filler made from scrapped tobacco leaves. This is why most machine-rolled cigars burn faster than hand-made cigars.

Additionally, most manufacturers use grounded tobacco and natural glue to hold the machine-rolled cigar together.

Hand-rolled cigars use extended filers, which burn out slowly. You are likely to take some time smoking a hand-rolled cigar compared to a machine-rolled cigar. Hand-rolled cigars burn slowly through the tobacco leaves. They come in coarse tobacco and special types of binders and wrappers.

Most people prefer machine-rolled cigars because they are easy to find and inexpensive. Hand-rolled cigars are of high quality. However, it is challenging to find one when you travel, leaving them to be enjoyed at the casinos or in the comfort of your home.

3. The cigar body 

The cigar body refers to the type of smoking experience you get when smoking a specific brand of cigar. The experience relates to the cigar’s flavor or aroma and is usually measured as medium, mild, or heavy.

A heavy cigar is also known as a ‘full’ cigar. It is one of the best you can get if you want to experience smoking cigars like a pro.

The best cigar blenders worldwide are using the best methods and wrappers to create perfect cigars packages today. The flavors in every cigar may vary depending on the kind of wrapper and binders used. You can be lucky to find cigars with flavors such as butterscotch, chocolate, caramel, cinnamon, and apple.

4. Country of origin

You can also group your cigar based on where it originates. Cuban cigars are some of the best you can find around, mainly because the country is one of the cigar industry pioneers. Some of the largest cigar-producing countries are:

  • Honduras: most cigars from this country are medium or full-bodied. They come in fruity and earthy flavor.
  • Peru: Peruvian cigars are unique in their big body and smooth flavor. They come in harsh flavor and heavier body. Unlike most cigars, Peruvian cigars come in a complex and wonderful blend, making them a favorite for cigar lovers.
  • Dominican Republic: this is home to some of the premium cigars you shop around. The country produces cigars with a mild profile.
  • Mexico: Mexican cigars are some of the best you can shop around town. Of late, Mexican cigars’ popularity has gone down, but you can still be certain of getting some quality cigars from this country.
  • Brazil: one of the leading producers of tobacco in the world does not disappoint when delivering the best cigars to the market. Brazil produces some toasty, spicy, and rich-flavored cigars.
  • Nicaragua: some of the best cigars in the market come from Nicaragua. The cigars are spicy and come in complex flavors that most types of cigars cannot imitate. The type of cigars has become popular amongst smokers because of their advanced quality.

Types of Cigars you Should Enjoy Smoking

1. Toro – Montecristo White

Toro, also known as Corona Goda, is one of the most popular cigars today. Most people prefer this type of cigar for its unique size. It is also affordable compared to most of the hand-rolled cigars within its range.

It measures 50 ring gauge and 6 inches long. It’s a slow-smoking cigar that burns slowly to a perfect taste and flavor. You can always take your time smoking Toro for some pleasure.

As you smoke Toro, the flavor profile keeps changing until you reach the bottom. It is a medium-bodied cigar with a perfect draw for every puff you take.

2. Corona – Highclere Castle Edwardian 

When you admire this cigar from a distance, you notice it looks like a corona. The all-round cigar measures 42 ring gauge and 5.5 inches long – just a perfect length for a go-slow smoker.

The cigar comes in a robust size that takes time when you smoke. It does not have a harsh flavor profile. Because of its low diameter, it gives out rich flavors. It has a gentle finish, making it one of the best types of cigars you can shop around.

3. Churchill – Cohiba Dominican 

Named after the famous British Prime, Winston Churchill, this type of cigar has quite big in size. It is usually 7 inches long and 50 ring gauge. It means, with this cigar on your fingers, you can be certain of a four-hour-plus smoke.

You can also count on the rich flavor profile that keeps changing as you smoke Cohiba. The cigar comes in unique flavors of spice, cedar, leather, and coffee. It can only maintain its original taste of cedar when you store it properly in a cigar humidor.

4. Panatela – Joya de Nicaragua Antano 

Panatela, also known as Lancero, is one large cigar measuring 6-7 inches long and a 34-38 ring gauge. It comes in an elegant shape and size that most smokers love. This cigar type is sometimes robust or mellow, depending on the type of tobacco used in making it. It is a popular Nicaraguan cigar known for its peppery, bold, and rich profile and notes. SHOP HERE

Final Thoughts

The best type of cigar is not easy to find if you don’t know what you are looking for in one. In the article, Bottle and Ash has mentioned some basics of the best cigars you can shop for a great experience of smoking.

The best type of cigar is one that makes you long for another puff, one that quenches your thirst for smoke.

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