Why are Some Cigars More Expensive Than Others?

Have you ever asked yourself why some cigars are more expensive than others? Did you, at one point, get the answers? This is a common question for most tobacco lovers. Some say that it is because of the process involved in preparing and drying the tobacco leaves, while others say that it is the type of tobacco leaves used. While all cigars are made from the same product, in this case, tobacco, their prices may differ due to different reasons.

Why Some Tobaccos are More Expensive Than Others

As a cigar enthusiast, I know you are eager to understand what are the most critical factors that make some cigars to be expensive than others. On top of that, I will guide you on the factors that affect the cigars’ prices. I will also help you answer some of the following questions:

  1. What makes a good cigar? Is it the quality or the price?
  2. What is the difference between an expensive cigar and a good cigar?
  3. What are some of the processes involved in manufacturing cigars that might trigger an increase in the cigars’ prices?

It is Time to Understand how Cigars are Made

This is interesting to know. Isn’t it? It is important to note that before you get our favorite cigar packet, skill and labor have been used, which might affect the final cost. The cigar industry is a huge one, and mostly involves partnerships. From the time tobacco is planted, until packing, a lot has been done. 

Before we have some of the best cigars in the market, hundreds of people have been used to make sure you get the best quality. It is worth noting that in all the development stages of tobacco, different teams are deployed to ensure that the texture, appearance, and taste of the cigar is constantly monitored. During these processes, tobacco leaves are assessed and sorted on the bases of size, the burning characteristics, and the color. 

What Next?

It takes up to three or more good years for tobacco to attain the complexity and depth of its flavor. After that, tobacco is passed to a blender, which then combines various types of tobacco in several varying amounts to make sure that specific strength and flavor are achieved.

Tobacco is then taken to cigar maker company where the filler, wrapper, and binder are combined to make sure that the cigar’s appearance looks smooth and meets the construction standards. This is done to make sure that the cigar burns appropriately and improves the experience for the smoker.

And now the Final Stages…

Finally, these cigars are now sored by colors to make sure that similar cigars are packed in one box. They are later given more aging t give a chance for the flavors of different tobaccos to blend into each other and develop more complexity and smoothness. 

In the last stage, the finished cigars are packaged for sales, packed into cedar packets, which includes a feature of lithographic artwork t boost the package’s appearance. Once this is done, the cigars are then shipped or transported to a distributor who also makes sure that they are stored in a humidified room to make sure that the cigars retain their taste and smoking characteristics. 

Do These Processes Affect the Price of the Cigars?

The answer is YES. As we have discussed above, there are many processes involved in making cigars. The process is a long and labor-intensive that depends on the dedication, skills, and craftsmanship of experts. Every development stage requires special attention and money to monitor these steps.  They all contribute to the final cost of these cigars. This is but one factor you should know.

What Other Factors Affect the Price of Cigars?

Having taken you through the development stages involved with tobacco, other significant factors influence how much you pay for a single box of cigars. We will evaluate each element and define it thoroughly to make sure that it reflects the effect it has on the cost of cigars.

Here is the list:

The Size of the Cigar

For most of the cigars that you will find in the market, the size has a great impact on the cigar’s final cost. To make it easier to understand this, the bigger the cigar’s size, the more you will dig into your pocket. The definition of the scale is based on various factors. Cigars come in many forms, and in addition to that, size provides an additional influence in the final price.

It is worth noting that it is not just the ring gauge and the cigar’s length that determines how much you would pay for the cigar, but the shape of the cigar also contributes to the cost. If you would go for Cuban Cigars, unusual vitolas will determine how much you will be paying for that cigar. Cigar shapes that usually take extra time to prepare and roll would elevate the price of the cigar. Such shapes include Double Figurados and Torpedos.

Construction and the Quality of the Cigar

Cigars that are mostly produced for international markets are entirely handcrafted using excellent quality of tobacco leaves. Remember, for the production company to make money, the cigars should make sure that those smoking enthusiasts find only the best quality of the cigars in the market. In some cases, the tobacco construction and the blending process might undergo more refinements than usual. When such happens, the price of the cigar might be influenced in one way or the other.

If we take an example of Cohiba Maduro 5 Cigar, more blending is done during the development. The cigar is usually handmade and wrapped with tobacco leaves, which have been aged in wooden barrels for more than four years. The high-quality tobacco leaves s provide the smoker with a beautiful moment of smoking pleasure. This provides proof that the quality of the tobacco leaves used and the construction mechanisms deployed during the cigar production influence the cigar’s final price.


Like any other product in the market out there, the amount of taxes paid profoundly affects the price of the cigar. For instance, in the United Kingdom, approximately three Euros is paid for every ten grams brought there. That is about 20 % of the VAT rate for all retail products, hence adding up to the total cost. It is recommended that you buy your cigars online to lower the amount of money you spend on your favorite cigars.

Quantity of Cigars you Intend to buy

What happens if you go to a retail shop and buy one product at a time? What then happens when you purchase dozens of the same package? You will notice that you will end spending less if you buy at a wholesale price. The same happens to the cigars as well. If you are a cigar lover and you would love to spend less for cigars, make sure that you buy a box of your favorite cigar and not a single cigar. This will save you money. To add to that, you should have proper means of storing them; otherwise, you will have wasted your money.

The Name or Brand or the Cigar

I believe that you must have come across, bought, or heard of a product that sells through its brand name. Some products such as wines, watches, and even some of the most expensive vehicles in the market sell by their legendary names. The same case happens to the cigars industry. The more the legendary brand of the cigar manufacturer, the more the value associated with such products. That does not necessarily mean that the quality matches up with the brand.

What Then Makes a Cigar Good? The Price or the Quality?
Is it a Waste of Money?

The question here is, is flavor a significant factor that determines whether a cigar is good or not, or is that just too simple of an answer? Other factors that include a cigar’s strength, construction, or nicotine, the content, draw, feel, burn, appearance, etc. all contribute to the overall enjoyment of a cigar. Still, the majority of cigar smokers consider flavor to be the most critical factor. However, many aspects of character require further analysis. For instance, we must consider the various flavors and tastes, such as spice, pepper, sweetness, salt, etc. The texture, smoothness, fullness, and intensity of the smoke also contribute to the overall flavor. The coolness of the smoke is also an essential aspect of taste to some cigar smokers.

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