Frequently Asked Questions About Smoking Cigars

Are you having trouble smoking your first cigar, or you can’t seem to find the best cigar for the party? There is a lot you should know when it comes to choosing your first piece of the stogie. You have to be smart. When it comes to smoking a cigar, you should learn how to retrohale.

If you love cigars and want to smoke a cigar the right way, you are on the right page. Bottle and Ash is the place to be for everything cigars. In this article, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about cigars.

10 Most Asked Questions About Cigars 

1. Cigars or cigarettes- what is the difference?          

If you are new to the world of cigars, then these two terms can confuse you a lot. The difference between cigars and cigarettes is based on the wrapper, size, and flavors.

Both of these contain tobacco as the main ingredient. The difference is in the type of wrapper used. Cigars are wrapped in papers containing tobacco, while cigarettes are wrapped with materials that don’t contain tobacco. Cigarettes have filtered ends, while cigars tend to have an unfiltered end.

2. How long will my cigar take to burn out?

How long you will be smoking your cigar depends on various factors such as the wrapper, size, and type of tobacco used as filler.  

It depends mainly on your smoking habit and the type of cigar you choose to smoke. Ideally, a smaller ring gauge cigar burns faster compared to a larger gauge cigar. 

If you like to smoke fast, it doesn’t matter the ring gauge of your cigar. You will burn it out quickly. It takes you 60 minutes to smoke a Robusto and up to 120 minutes to smoke a Churchill.

3. What does it mean to retrohale?

Retrohaling means pushing some of the smoke through your nasal passage when smoking cigars. It is a method that experienced smokers mainly practice. If you want to enjoy your cigar, you should use a combination of your sense of smell and taste. Retrohaling allows you to enjoy the cigar more by activating your sense of smell.

It is advisable that when you decide to use this method, you expel most of the smoke through your mouth and only exhale part of it through the nose. It takes time to learn this method. If you’ve been smoking for just days, you should practice retrohaling in bits.

4. My cigar does not burn evenly 

Many factors can affect how your cigar burns. The main element is the humidity level in your cigar. If your cigar is dry, it is more likely to burn that fast. Again if you store your cigar in a place that is too humid, you’ll find yourself lighting the cigar every time.

Your cigar will burn hotter and taste worse if you store it in a dry place. Therefore, store your cigar in a cigar humidor to keep it at optimum humidity and temperature. If your cigar does not burn evenly, it’s time you check how to store your cigar the right way.

5. Can I bite my cigar instead of cutting it?

Whether you cut or bite your cigar is a subjective question. However, when it comes to cigar etiquette, biting your cigar before you light it is not advisable. You can bite or cut your cigar if you choose.

When you choose to bite your cigar, you should know that less is more. You should not rip the cap off or split the cigar into two. The reason for biting the cigar is mainly to remove a section of the cap so that you can easily light it up. Use a sharp object to make a V-cut on the cigar cap if you want to cut your cigar the right way.

6. How long should it take before smoking cigars from the mail?

You’ve ordered your first shipment of cigars, and you are wondering when you should pull the first puff. You should know that the shipment of cigars affects the humidity and temperature that contribute mainly to your smoking experience.

Therefore, when your cigar finally arrives at your door, you should keep it in a closed humidor for at least 10-14 days before smoking.

7. Which is the best cigar for beginners?

If you are smoking a cigar for the first time, you may find it tempting to choose your smoke. The best quality cigar for a beginner is one you can enjoy the most. When you are smoking for the first time, Bottle and Ash recommends that you start with mild-bodied cigars.

Once you learn the art of smoking, you can advance in terms of strength and body. Some brands you can go for as beginners include Montecristo No.2, Juliany Petit Corona, RoMa Craft Intemperance Virtue, and Upmann Majestic.

If you don’t seem to enjoy your first cigar, you can always try another brand. Keep changing brands until you find one that suits your palate. Sometimes it’s not you smoking the wrong way but the brand you choose.

8. How do I taste my cigar and get the hidden flavors?

Most cigar reviews give different cigar flavors you may not get if you don’t know how to taste cigars like a pro. If you want to get your cigars’ excellent taste, you should learn how to store the cigars and get ready for the experience.

Once you have learned to store your cigars, you should now equip yourself with a notebook and some glass of water to clear your palate. Isolate yourself and taste different cigars while you note down the taste.

When you focus and isolate yourself while smokings, your ability to taste cigars improve significantly. You can establish your volume of reference on cigars to know what reviews mean when they say that a cigar tastes like leather, cedar, caramel, vanilla, etc.

9. When is the right time to ash my cigar?

Most new smokers don’t know when to stop smoking or ash the cigar. Sometimes you may be caught up in the flavor of your cigar and forget it’s time to ash it. You can ash your cigar whenever you are ready.

When you ash your cigar, you keep it cooler and protect it from the wind. A cooer cigar provides the best flavor and, most importantly, takes time smoking. Let the ash build on your cigar for at least an inch if you are confident that you will not end up wearing it.

10. How much of a cigar should I be smoking?

There is a controversy on how much of a cigar you should be smoking. Cigar etiquette holds that you should only smoke your cigar halfway, while other sources recommend that you smoke your cigar until the band. That is smoking until three-width are left.

When you smoke your cigar halfway, you are most likely to miss out on some cigar. You can learn how to smoke a cigar like a pro and get the best out of every roll you buy.

Final Thoughts 

When you enter the world of cigars, the best you can do is learn the art of smoking from the most experienced people. Right from choosing the right cigar, storing, lighting, and tasting the flavors, you have to be following the tips we have given here.

If you have any questions about cigars, you can feel free to drop us a comment. Bottle and Ash is here to help you get the best of cigars.

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