The Ultimate Guide on How to Pair Whisky and Coffee

Do you love coffee? How many coffee recipes do you know? Well, there many different ways you can mix your favorite beverages, whisky, and coffee, to get a perfect concoction that will soothe your weekend moods.

You don’t have to be expert mixologist or an experienced bartender to prepare a perfect recipe of whisky and coffee. Although it’s not easy getting the right taste of Irish coffee, if you are keen on the details of espresso, you can still fumble and make some good stuff for the party. But why go through the hassle?

In this article, we hold your hand through the process. Keep reading for some tips on how to pair whisky and coffee for a heaven concoction this weekend.  

A Simple Recipe for Whisky Coffee 

If you are looking forward to having the best mix of whisky and coffee, then you may have to make your hands dirty a little bit. There are many brands of coffee-flavored liqueurs in the counter you can grab, but sometimes it’s okay to prepare one of your own – something you can trust to make you ‘high’ at least for the party.


Well, here are some ingredients you will need to get going:

  • Whole coffee beans ½ oz
  • 1.5 tablespoon of raw cane sugar (brown sugar) 
  • ½ tablespoon of real vanilla extract or ½ vanilla beans
  • 350 ml Kentucky Bourbon

You may be wondering why you’ll need that vanilla bean and a tablespoon brown sugar. Sure, you have a reason to doubt it. But you will like the infusion and the kind of taste the two items add on your drink after two weeks of storage.

It’s a bit difficult sipping a glass of whisky and coffee without something to make it tastier and perfumed. Vanilla beans and sugar got your back if you want to remove the bitter concentrate on the coffee and make your experience smooth.

Steps to follow
  • Start by measuring the coffee beans. You need about 16 grams or ½ oz.
  • Put the coffee beans in a towel or a bag and pound them with a mallet. Don’t whack the coffee beans to a fine product. You need them rough to maximize flavor exchange.
  • Get a clean container with a tight lid and place the bashed coffee inside it.
  • Pour some sugar inside.
  • Get your vanilla bean, cut it along the length to get the fine parts and add it to the jar containing the whacked coffee beans.
  • Take a cup and half of your favorite Kentucky Bourbon and pour it in the jar containing the mixture.
  • Shake everything in the container until they combine.
  • Keep the mix away from sunlight for the next two or three weeks. The best place to keep the container is inside a closet or in your basement. Ensure you put the jar in a black opaque paper bag to block the sunlight before storing it.
When it’s finally ripe and ready

After two or three weeks of storing the mix, you can now pull it out of the closet and feel the magic. There is something ‘strong’ and tastier in the jar – something you’ll definitely like. The liquid in the container will be extremely dark, which means it has changed to the color of black coffee.

The next step is to use a coffee filter to remove all the coarse particles in the drink. You want your drink to be smooth and free of any solids for a great experience. It should take you a few minutes to finally get your perfect drain. Use a finer filter or French press to remove large solids faster.

For some large solids you manage to remove, you can press them once more and get the liquid out of it. Save the vanilla beans to make your morning brew – nothing goes to waste here.

Now, you have your favorite mix of liquor and coffee. Pour it in a large ice cube with some orange twist and sip it close to some fire to get the chilling experience of coffee.

5 Best Coffee Whisky Pairings 

The secret to making the best coffee whisky combination is getting the right type of coffee and whisky around. Kenyan and Colombian coffee goes well with a well-balanced whisky if your barrister knows how to mix them.

Most people know the Colombian coffee for being easy to drink and well-rounded. You can take a sip of the coffee any time, in the morning or after a busy day at work. They have a whack of caramel sweetness and some slight acidity.

If you are looking for some blackcurrant fruitiness, you can opt for the Kenyan coffee. Experienced bartenders will agree that this type of coffee offers you nothing but the real coffee experience if only you know how to scale things up when pairing it with your favorite whisky. Kenyan coffee is always big and bold, which makes it the best for an incredible coffee whisky mix.

Again, you’ll have to be smart on your choice of the best whisky to pair with coffee. Here are some of our best whisky brands you can choose to kick off your experience:

1. Bulleit Bourbon

When looking for some cool and natural taste of coffee whisky then this Kentucky Bourbon is the best you’ve got. It is a 90-proof drink with some trace of honey and vanilla with a tasty smoky finish. Combined with some strong Colombian coffee and brown sugar, you make the best concoction to cool you after a long day.

2. Frangelico

Frangelico is a hazelnut-and-herb liqueur of Italian origin. This drink gives you a perfect experience with its nutty flavor. It is ideal for making coffee whisky drink to spice up your day. If you love whisky and coffee, and you want the two beverages to grace your table, you can mix a cup of Frangelico into your coffee container for the best taste. It brings out the vanilla and hazelnut taste when you mix it properly with coffee.

3. Kahlua

Kahlua is one of the best liqueurs of Mexican origin. It comes packed with some rich coffee flavor which makes it the perfect choice if you’re looking for some whisky to pair with coffee. This drink will add some unique quality of taste to your coffee. You can also use it to add some flavor to other drinks.

4. Glendronach

Glendronach is one perfect whisky you can grab from the counter and spice up your drink. It comes with a roasted and rich taste of vanilla, toffee, and some traces of natural apple. When combined with some fresh espresso, you won’t stop at a single shot. The experience goes beyond a cup of coffee, Glendronach has a way of making you love coffee and whisky more and more.

5. Four Roses  

Are you looking for something spicy and floral to give your whisky-coffee drink a new look? Four Roses bourbon is all you need. This bourbon comes parked with a taste of honey twist, floral aroma, and some spicy undertones. It has a smooth and crisp taste marked by apple, vanilla, and pear.

Final Thoughts

If you love coffee and whisky, nothing can stop you from having the two beverages on the table for a great sip. You can pair whisky and coffee with the simple recipe shared here. Lastly, you want to choose one of the best bourbons for a tastier mix.

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