Can You Add Weight By Drinking Whisky?

If you’ve been taking a glass or two of whisky every evening, and you’re adding some weight, you may be wondering if the whisky is making you fat. Well, you are not alone. Most whisky and alcohol drinkers have been compelled to believe that whisky makes them add weight when that is not true, or maybe they are right.

Whisky, like most types of alcoholic drinks, does not make you add weight. There are other variables to consider when addressing the issue of whisky, alcohol, and weight loss.

There is a lot to learn about whisky and weight loss. Stay put into finding out the secrets about whisky and whether it’s healthy drinking whisky if you’re in a weight loss program this year.

Whisky: Does It Make You Fat?

Can whisky make you gain weight? There is no exact answer to this question. Whisky can help with weight loss and gaining weight, depending on how you drink it. Most people take whisky in cocktails or mix the drink with other foods and sugar resulting in weight gain.

If you are conscious about every food choice you make whenever you have a drink, whisky will not make you fat.

Some factors that will determine whether whisky will make you fat or not include:

  • The amount of whisky you drink every day
  • You overall health
  • You current BMI
  • History of obesity
  • Frequency of drinking
  • Diet

Of all the factors that result in weight gain, your diet is very crucial. If your diet is made up of calorie-rich foods and beverages, you will likely add weight even when you don’t drink whisky. Therefore, you should limit the consumption of foods rich in calories and fat if you want to keep your weight in check. Maintain a balanced diet by limiting animal fat, carbs, and processed food. Even green with a lot of spices and fat is not good for your waistline.

How to Avoid Weight Gain When Drinking Whisky

1. Drink Enough Water 

If you want to limit weight gain when you frequent taking whisky, you should drink enough water every day. Take at least 7-8 glasses of pure water every day. Water is good for your health because it helps remove toxins in your body by keeping you hydrated.

You should make it a habit to drink a glass of water for every bottle of whisky you take. This way, you can reduce the stress alcohol causes on your kidney and liver as the body tries to digest it. You also reduce the number of calories in alcohol and other beverages by drinking pure water for every shot you take.  

2. Take some meal before drinking 

Before taking whisky and other alcoholic drinks, you should ensure your stomach is not that empty. Eat foods rich in protein, fiber, and healthy fat to control your blood sugar levels. You also reduce your cravings for food when you take some heavy meal before drinking whisky, which helps you prevent weight gain.

Therefore, before you go for a glass of whisky, you can eat some apple slices, boiled eggs, oatmeal, or protein shake. Take any food that stays in the stomach for a long to lower your cravings for food after drinking whisky.

3. Not all drinks are good for your health 

There are some types of drinks you should avoid if you want to avoid gaining weight. You should cut back on all types of whisky cocktails to avoid gaining weight. The simpler the drink, the better it is for your health. Mixing your drinks with other beverages increases the calories you consume, which is not good for your body.

If you must drink, then go for champagne, white wine, and other types of clear alcohol drinks. Most sweet drinks contain a lot of sugar and calories that make you hungry fast. Clear alcoholic drinks are the best if you want to avoid weight gain because they don’t contain congeners – harmful chemicals from the fermentation process.

Lastly, instead of adding other drinks like cola to your whisky, you should instead opt for seltzer water, lemon, or orange.

4. Drink whisky hours before bedtime 

If you must drink whisky and other beverages, you should do so some 3-4 hours before bed. Most people prefer having a glass or two of whisky before going to bed to reduce stress levels and fall asleep fast. This is helpful, but it reduces your average time for the restorative sleep cycle from 30 minutes to less than 10 minutes.

Apart from affecting your sleep cycle, alcohol also elevates your blood sugar level increasing your craving for food. The reason most people wake up at night to eat when they slept on some whisky.

5. Drink responsibly 

Alcohol is not good for your health if you cannot drink it in moderation. How much whisky you consume depends on how much whisky and other beverages you can hold per session. However, your doctor recommends that you take at least 1-2 drinks a day if you want to remain healthy. That is still not wise. You should NOT drink whisky every day if you want to keep your weight in check.

Drinking alcohol every day poses a risk to your kidney and liver since your body takes a lot of time to digest and remove all alcohol from your blood. Some alcoholic drinks have a lot of fat content. You can add up to 10 pounds of packed fat per year by taking four sugar-rich alcohol bottles daily.

You should limit drinking alcohol to at least twice a week. Drink whisky on Friday and Saturday and take a break for the remaining five days to give your body some time to rest.

6. Know the calorie count in every drink 

Do you know the calorie present in your best whisky drink? Well, that’s how you start to check your weight, knowing the calories you take for every shot or glass of whisky you drink every day. You should know all types of whisky with the lowest and highest amount of alcohol and calories.

This way, you can make smart choices when it comes to drinking. Read the sticker on your beverage pack and the whisky bottle before you turn and take that first sip. It can help you avoid the risk of weight gain.

Here are some types of alcoholic drinks and their calories count:

  • Red wine: contains 125 calories for every 5.0 oz
  • Champagne: 84 calories for every 4 oz
  • Vodka, gin, whisky, tequila, rum: 97 calories for every 1.5 oz
  • Cognac and Brandy: 84 calories for every 1.5 oz
Final Thoughts 

When you’re on a weight loss plan, you should limit the calories you take and burn more calories and fat. Whisky contains a reasonable amount of calories, unlike most types of beverages and alcoholic drinks. However, that doesn’t mean you should drink a lot of whiskies.

You should drink whisky in moderation to keep your weight in check. Take at least four drinks a week, and avoid mixing your drink with cola and sugar. You should also take a balanced diet if you want to lose weight and keep obesity at bay. Only drink whisky after taking your meal because it can raise your blood sugar levels and increase food craving.

Whisky is one of the best drinks you can pull out of the counter after a long day at work. However, to stay healthy, you must drink whisky in moderation.

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