7 Interesting Facts about Cigar Every Smoker Should Know

Cigar dates back hundreds of years ago; way back when Christopher Columbus landed in Cuba in 1492. The locals introduced him to the burning of leaves, also known as Cohiba, presently tobacco. Since then, Cuba is popular for the best cigar brand- this is a subject of debate.

Most smokers believe they know more about cigars and cigarettes when, in reality, they still have a lot to learn about the stick. For instance, there is a misconception that cigars are less addictive than cigarettes, which is not true. Cigars are less hazardous than cigarettes because they are used differently.

Smoking a cigar has a lot of surprises you don’t know. In this article, we highlight some of the amazing facts about cigars you should learn.

Facts You Should Know About Cigars 

1. Cigar smokers are exposed to less poison 

There is a significant difference between smoking cigars and cigarettes. While most cigarette smokers inhale when smoking, at least 75% of cigar smokers don’t inhale. Additionally, cigarette smokers can consume up to 20 cigarettes a day, increasing the risk of infection.  

The difference in smoking habits is that most people, cigar smokers, are not exposed to less of carcinogens and poisons present in cigars. This is only the reason those smoking cigars are less likely to develop cigar-related diseases than cigarette smokers.

2. Cigars can make you more creative 

When you’re working on a tight schedule and have some complex tasks on the table, a cigar can help you relax your mind. Mark Twain, the legendary writer, was smoking at least 300 cigars a month. When the writer quit smoking, he ended up suffering writers’ block. When he started smoking again, he ended up writing one of his best-selling books in less than three months.  

If you’re a cigar fan, then this is one of the facts you should have in your notebook; that cigars can boost your creativity, especially if you’re working on a complex task. Just another reason you should start smoking cigars in moderation.

3. It is bad for oral health 

Cigars may be less harmful to your health compared to cigarettes. However, in matters of oral health, cigar plays the same role as cigarettes. A study by the Journal of the American Dental Association, cigar and pipe smokers are at a higher risk of tooth decay and tooth loss than non-smokers.

Apart from tooth decay, smoking cigars also increases the risk of alveolar loss. Alveolar is the bone that holds your teeth in place.

4. Price does not indicate the quality 

For most products, price is normally an indicator of quality. Most consumers believe that when a product is priced low, it’s of low quality. In the case of cigars, price is never an indicator of quality. Some top-quality cigars are less expensive than most of the cigar brands in the market. A cigar costing $10 may just be as enjoyable as one that costs $5.

Other factors that may determine the price of a cigar include the construction and materials used in making it. Apart from the materials used in cigar construction, the raw materials (tobacco) also differ in quality, which can determine the price. Not all tobacco is the same.

Your cigar’s quality is also determined by the aroma, appearance, combustion, and flavor it gives. When your cigar looks pristine in appearance, is highly aromatic, and has good flavor, it is likely to be more expensive. A coarse leaf cigar with less taste is less expensive than a cigar with better flavor and appearance.

Lastly, since some tobacco types take longer to ferment and age for maximum taste and performance, they are likely to be more expensive. The production cost for such a cigar is quite high, and that can raise the price of your cigars since it has to be kept in a warehouse for a long.

5. Cuba cigar is not the best you can get 

As you keep smoking different types of a cigar, you realize there are many brands you can light up. Again, there is a controversy on the origin of the best cigars. Most smokers will go for the Cuban cigars since they are believed to be the best in the market. What about non- Cuban cigars? Is it true that they lack the taste and aroma in Cuban smokes? What makes Cuban smoke so special for most cigar users?

Cuban cigars are overrated. They may sound the best you can get, but that doesn’t mean they are alone in the market. Other brands from Nicaragua, Honduran, and Dominican give Cuban cigars a run for their money. The best brands form the top cigar producing countries just march the flavor and performance you’ll get from Cuban cigars.

You can always shop for a top-tier smoke from any of the leading cigar producing countries and be sure of the same rich taste. The competition is a bit stiff on which country gives the best smoke. For instance, in the Top 25 Cigar of the Year Awards, sometimes Dominican cigar overtakes Cuban cigars.

6. You should smoke slow and cool for better taste 

A cigar is the only ‘meal’ you must take slowly. When smoking, you always want to enjoy the moment in every puff. The way you smoke your cigar determines the kind of experience you get. Fast and frequent puffing overheats your cigar and makes it bitter in your mouth. You cannot reverse the smoke’s bitterness, which is why you should take your time when smoking a cigar.

A perfect cigar is made to burn slowly to impact flavor and give out an ideal aroma. That said, you should always look for a cigar with the best construction so that you puff it slowly and avoid the bitter taste. Cigars are meant for slow smokers.

If you like smoking faster, then cigarettes are the best you can have when chilling out. It takes up to 45 minutes on a five-inch cigar while you take 10 minutes to smoke a full roll of cigarette. You should aim for a puff after every 30 seconds to get the most out of your cigar. Avoid smoking infrequently because that will mean you have to relight up your cigar when it goes out.

7. You need a humidor to store your cigars 

Cigars are not that cheap, and leaving them out of the humidor will cost you a lot. With a cigar humidor, you can store your cigars in a perfect condition to age and mature in quality with time. Cigars need a relative humidity of between 70-75 percent to avoid drying up and losing its taste and aroma.

You can only maintain this level of humidity when using a humidor to store your cigars. Humidors are made of Spanish cedar that helps to stop the bleeding of tobacco sap. Storing your cigar in perfect humidity keeps its quality intact for the longest time.

Final Thought 

There is a lot you can learn about cigars, and in this article, we’ve highlighted some of them. Smoking a cigar is one of the best experiences you can have. Cigars do relax your mind and improve your creativity.

Strive to learn one or two tips on tasting cigars and storing them. Smoking the best brand of cigar is not all about the puff but the kind of experience you get in the process.

For the best experience in every roll of cigar you light, you should go slow on all your puffs. You should always shop for the best brand of cigar for great taste and performance.

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