Special Bottles to Gift a Whisky Lover

Whisky is one of the world’s best drinks you can have at a party. It is a distilled dark spirit made from fermented grains like barley, wheat, rye, and corn. Some of the best whiskies you can have at your local bar come from Scotland, United States, Canada, Japan, and Ireland. 

With so many whiskey or whiskey brands in the market, it is not easy to identify the right one for you. As a beginner in whisky, you may find it hectic to choose the right bottle for your birthday or a tot with friends. This is because different brands of whisky have a unique tastes, Alcohol by Volume (ABV), aroma, and flavor.

What factors determine the quality and price of your whisky? 

When choosing your favorite or ideal whisky, you have to consider the following factors:

  • The method used in producing the whisky
  • The country of origin
  • The age of your whisky or the number of years the whisky has matured 
  • The grains used in producing the whisky

Ideally, the difference between an expensive and a cheap whisky is dependent on the factors listed above. For instance, a 12 years old whisky is more expensive than a nine-year-old whisky. However, that will also depend on the country of origin. Scotch whisky is budget-friendly compared to US whiskey.

6 best whisky brands for beginners    

When you are out with friends looking forward to the best of a party, you shouldn’t hesitate to grab some of these popular whisky brands. Here are some of the most popular and notable whisky brands you can have as a whisky lover. 

1.  Speybrun 

If you are on a tight budget and you still want to enjoy yourself, Speybrun Scotch whiskey is the right bottle for you. The price of this bottle may be misleading because it comes with much complexity. You wonder why it is rated low budget-wise among its equals. Speybrun is easy to drink and thus suitable for a whisky lover looking for something to cool down the mind.

Most of the offerings are Moorish and mellow. You can also get some light flavors of Speybrun that still come with a lower price tag. 

This bottle ensures you enjoy the world of scotch whiskey without breaking the bank. It comes first on our list as a best price scotch whisky you should shop this weakened. Speybrun does not have an age limit on the package, suggesting it’s a bit younger than most whiskies – a reason it is affordable to most whisky lovers. 

2. Highland Park 

Highland Park is one of the oldest whiskies you can find in the liquor market. It dates backs two centuries ago and has proven to be an outstanding whisky brand for most people. Right from its sharp taste to the unique bottle design, Highland Park probably has what you’ve been looking for in a whisky bottle.

When it comes to drinking the best of Scotch whisky, Highland Park does not disappoint in any way. This brand is famous for a range of 12 years old successful bottles. It offers the perfect Gold standard for Scotch whisky. The unique honey flavor in the whisky makes it one of a kind. The 12 years mark on the bottle may be tempting that you are likely to spend a lot on this drink. Surprisingly, Highland Park is just affordable as your next whisky bottle. 

3. Johnnie Walker 

Johnnie Walker is one famous whisky brand most whisky enthusiasts and novices will want to taste. Established back in 1860 by a grocer, John Walker, this brand remains famous for its consistent taste and flavors. 

Again, Johnnie Walker is one of the most distributed whiskies all over the world. That means, you are more likely to find this popular drink in your local bar no matter the occasion. The whiskey comes in different varieties known as ‘labels.’ You can find the blue, black, red, gold, and platinum labels. The blue label and odyssey are some of the most expensive Johnnie Walker scotch whiskies. 

You should expect an explosion and sweetness when you taste Johnnie Walker’s prestigious blue label. The drink comes in a variety of flavors like tobacco, hazelnut, sandalwood, and toasted oak. Johnnie walker is easy to drink and worth a first experience of the best scotch whisky. 

4. Oban 

Oban is another popular whisky drink you should have in your list of the best value and best quality drinks. If you were to judge whisky bottles by taste, then Oban would still come at the top. This brand has a coastal and sweet taste, which makes it unique. It originates from a small Scottish Highlands distillery all the way to your table. It comes in a Fino sherry cask finish giving it a superior taste and flavor of a scotch whisky.  

The single malt, Oban Distillers Edition, takes at least 14 years in bourbon casks before it is finally transferred to sherry masks for complete aging. The last step in producing this whiskey results in a soft and full-bodied feel with hints of fresh honey. You can go through some pieces of candied fruit and toasted spices to have the best of Oban whiskey with friends. 

5. Jack Daniel’s 

Jack Daniels is one of the best Tennessee whiskies you can have for the party. This whiskey is produced in Lynchburg, Tennessee. It is one of the oldest whiskey brands in the industry, dating back to 1864. Jack Daniel’s whiskey is unique for its original taste obtained from the Lincoln County Process. This is a process of filtering whisky through maple charcoal to give it a unique taste. The best of Jack Daniels comes in almost every bottle you grab from the counter. 

Although Jack Daniel’s whiskies meet the perfect bourbon description, this brand owner only allows it to be promoted as a Tennessee whisky. Jack Daniel is made of 51% corn and aged for at least two years. You can only gauge this brand of whiskey’s maturity by looking at the color and not the age. The manufacturer does not specify the label’s age since there is no specified age limit for a mature Jack Daniel. The taste, color, and smell are some attributes to look into when choosing a Jack Daniels for an occasion. This drink offers a mellow and smooth taste with a balance of oaky flavor. 

6. Jameson Irish Whisky 

Jameson is an Irish whisky frit produced in 1810 in Dublin. This is one type of whisky brand you can count on for some amazing adventure on your first drink. The drink is popular amongst most novice drinkers because it doesn’t have hangovers. It is also affordable if you are looking for a bottle or two for the occasion.  

Just like most types of Irish whiskies, Jameson is triple distilled to remove all the impurities. However, Jameson obtains its flavor from the aging process. It is kept in a wood barrel for at least three years, where it obtains its unique flavor from the wood. Most Irish whiskies don’t have that smoky taste because the barley used in making the drink does not pass through the smoke. 

As one of the best selling Irish whiskies globally, you can be sure of some great taste, aroma, flavor, and experience with Jameson. 

Final Thoughts 

If you are looking for a special whisky bottle to gift a friend, then these are some of the best you can shop. The list of best whisky brands does not end here. Other whiskies you can also enjoy include Glenfiddich, Macallan, Monkey Shoulder, Chivas Regal, Balvenie, Glenmorangie, The Glenlivet, and many others. 

As a whisky lover, you can always explore other brands and take your time to enjoy the rich taste, flavor, and aroma that comes in every drink.  Always learn more about whiskies before choosing your favorite brand.

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