Rocky Patel Edge: The New Nicaraguan Smoke

Since its release in 2004, the Rocky Patel Edge has remained one best seller in the cigar industry. The cigar has ranked consistently as one of the most sought cigars in the country, giving other brands stiff competition. 

If you are one of those smokers who prefer sticks that are thick with powerful smoke and buzz, you can always find solace in the great Rocky Patel Edge. There is a lot that makes this smoke unique amongst cigars enthusiasts.

In this review, Bottle and Ash uncovers all the unique features of the cigar to you. Get a glimpse of what makes this Nicaraguan cigar so special in the market.

The key specifications of Rocky Patel Edge

Brand name: Rocky Patel

Origin: Honduras

Length: 6 inches

Strength: Full

TCM Rating: 8

Ring Gauge: 52

Filler: Honduran/ Nicaraguan

Wrapper: Costa Rican Maduro, Honduran Cuban Seed Corojo 

A brief history

When the smoke comes out from this amazing Honduran cigar, most smokers would think of how many years of experience it takes to develop such a brand. Rocky Patel is unique in its own space and comes in three distinct wrappers, the Sumatra, Maduro, and Corojo. 

This cigar was released in 2004 and took only three years to penetrate the market and become one of the best. In 2007, Cigar Aficionado ranked Rocky Patel Edge 24 out of 25 best cigars that year.

After being ranked amongst the best in the industry, the Rocky brand had a plan to improve and discontinued the Sumatra wrapper. Sumatra was a high-priced wrapper, and not everyone would afford it.

In most cases, the Rocky brand of cigars is advertised as ‘for professional smokers only.’ Using these words in the advert means that the cigar of high quality. The Nicaraguan filler used in making the cigar is aged five years, which also makes the cigar a bit unique amongst its peers.

It is a bit difficult telling where the rocky brand gets the filler to make the cigar. Most people believe the manufacturer uses a blend of Nicaraguan-Honduran Ligero to make the cigar. The unique selling point for the Rocky Patel Edge is the filler and the two wrappers, which remain a big secret to other manufacturers. 

Rocky Patel Edge is a special cigar hand-made in Honduras. The cigar goes through a rigorous and extensive quality inspection and assurance process before it is released to the market. The company believes that quality should come first when delivering the final product to the consumer.

This belief in quality makes Rocky Patel Edge one of the best cigars you can ever lay your hands on as a professional smoker. 

A review of Rocky Patel Edge

The visual characteristics 

Rocky Patel Edge represents a true masterpiece of a perfect blend. This cigar is one of the hottest you can find when shopping for the best cigar around. It remains one of the most voted cigars. For Rocky Patel Edge, what you see is what you get. Most cigar reviews have described the cigar as being real and ‘perfect’ on the hand and mouth. 

Every smoker would describe the cigar as an oily, dark, firm wrapper with a lack of imperfections. The cigar band is found around the foot to distinguish it from the rivals and counterfeits in the marketplace.

The cream color of the cigar is a sign of the great quality and uniqueness of the filler and wrapper used in making the cigar. The cigar has a ring gauge of 52 and measures 6 inches in length, just the perfect size for a spicy smoke. 

How Rocky Patel Edge Smokes 

The first time you grab this stogie, you can feel that it will take time before you reach the bottom. The first pre-light brings out the sense of power and quality. You can feel a strong aroma of bitter coffee, leather, and some spice of a normal Maduro wrapper. As you cut the cigar, it remains intact, a sign that the hand-rolled cigar is made for quality. 

Once you toss the foot of Rocky Patel Edge, the sweet aromas of spiced espresso begin to shoot to the air. At this point, when you have a clear palate, you can start experiencing the best side of the cigar. When you smoke the cigar to the first half or the first two inches down, you can feel some cold chill run down to your knees. 

As you smoke the cigar, you also come across the rich flavors of black coffee and peppercorn. The leather hints come from the Maduro wrapper that Rocky uses in making the cigar. From the deep interior of the cigar emanates some heavy spice.

The flavors present in Rocky Patel Edge build in the first third of the cigar. They level off as you smoke down to the last second two-thirds. It is easy to predict the flavors coming out of the cigar, and this is what makes Rocky Patel Edge more enjoyable. 

Final Thoughts

We all love cigars because of how they make us feel after a long day at work. If you are looking for some smoke to cool your mind and kill anxiety, then Rocky Patel Edge is the right one for you. This cigar is made for professionals only. That means you should know how to smoke a quality cigar before you can grab this one out of the humidor. 

Rocky Patel Edge is a relaxing cigar in three distinct Vitolas: the Battalion, Toro, and Torpedo. It takes about 100 minutes to smoke the Toro, making it suitable for smoking after a heavy meal. The strength of the cigar is well-balanced, the flavor is smooth, and the power is controllable. 

After taking a puff of this cigar, you don’t want to get busy or operate any machine. The best you can do after smoking is to relax on the couch and watch a movie. For a chilling moment, you should grab some original quality Rocky Patel Edge.

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