Tatuaje Cigars to Exclusively Spice Your Day

For the love of the smoke, the flavor, and the aroma, Bottle and Ash make it easy for you to choose the best whisky and cigars that will make you enjoy smoking once more. Yes, and when it comes to choosing the best smoke from the cigar humidors, Tatuaje Exclusive Series should come to your mind. 

There are plenty of cigar brands out here you can smoke. As a beginner in smoking, you should listen to what the experienced smokers say on the best choice cigar; just then, can you land the best cigar for your palate. 

This article makes it easy for you to choose the best cigar in the Tatuaje series. Here we highlight some of the top cigars in this collection we believe you should look forward to lighting up.

1. Tatuaje Black Label Tubo Torpedo

The first impression of the Black Label Tubo is the fact that it comes from Nicaragua. When you open the cigar, you realize how perfect the manufacturer, My Father Cigars SA, has made it look.

This fantastic cigar comes in an extremely marbled and rough-looking wrapper. The great look is one feature you find in most types of Tatuaje cigars.

What is even more intriguing is the flavor in this cigar. When you cut the tip and take a pre-light draw, what welcomes you is a unique pepper taste. On lighting the cigar, you are welcomed by a combination of spice and pepper. You can find other flavors on this cigar if only you know how to smoke like a pro, including cedar and sweet maple.

Origin: Nicaragua

Shape: Torpedo

Filler: Nicaragua 

Release: 2019

Size: 6 1/8 Inches 

Wrapper: Nicaragua 


2. Tatuaje Jekyll 

This amazing cigar comes seventh in the list of the Tatuaje Monster Series. It is one of the best the cigar world has had for the last decade. It utilizes the Sancti Spiritus wrapper from Ecuador. The wrapper is designed to last longer and be resistant to mold. It means it is not that challenging to store this kind of cigar in your humidor. 

Tatuaje Jekyll comes in a wrapper with caramel color. You notice a darker marbling appearance when you take a close look at it. The cigar has a slightly rough and sandy textured wrapper. ‘When you get ready to light up this cigar for the first time, you are welcomed by amazing cedar and natural tobacco notes. 

It gives you a special pre-light draw as you get ready to light it up for pleasure. The flavor is a simple combination of cedar and pepper, which is unique to most Tatuaje cigar brands. In areas of burn and draw, we can give this brand an optimum score. It burns fairly. Although it has a slight curvature in the burn, it remains straight, assuring some good time smoking.

Origin: Nicaragua

Filler: Ecuador 

Release: 2014

Size: 7 x 49

Wrapper: Sancti Spiritus 

Binder Nicaraguan 

3. Tatuaje W Nice Ash 2015

Meet the Tatuaje Nice Ash cigar released in 2015 by the makers of the best smokes in the world. This Tatuaje cigar is an exclusive smoke with all the features you may be looking for as a beginner. 

This is a 6 x52 belicoso cigar that uses an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper and Nicaraguan filler and binder. It comes third in the list of five single-store cigars Tatuaje released in 2015, the famous Tatuaje Exclusive Series.  

As it comes from an exclusive brand, what catches the eye most is the cool-looking band. The wrapper, Sumatra Rosado, has been applied seamlessly, giving it a simple look. The cigar is firm and gives an earthy barnyard aroma. The aroma is not quite complex, but the cold draw comes in tons of spice like peppermint, earth, leather, and some touch of pepper. The pre-light draw in this cigar is a big deal. When you light it, the cigar burns slowly and even. The first smoke gives out the taste of cinnamon and leather. 

Origin: Nicaragua 

Filler: Nicaragua 

Size: 6 inches 

Ring gauge: 52

Release: 2015

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra Rosado 

4. Tatuaje The Rumbo 

Tatuaje the Rumbo follows after the Tatuaje Drinking Age was released in 2015. The cigar was released in the celebration of the Club Humidor chain in San Antonio. It borrows its name from the owner Keith Rumbo.

The cigar comes in an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper that covers the foot too. It has a Nicaraguan filler and binder underneath. The manufacturer specifies that the rapper used in the cigar is similar to that of Tatuaje Cojonu, which comes in a full flavor profile.

It has a covered foot that keeps the aroma under the wrapper. As you light it and take your first puff, you are able to get the subtle notes of dark coffee beans and chocolate. It may not have such a vibrant smell, but it’s pretty easy to enjoy smoking for beginners.

Origin: Nicaragua

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano

Filler: Nicaragua

Binder: Nicaragua 

Size: 7 5/8 inches 

Release: 2015

5. Tatuaje Drinking Age 

When you are finally on the smoking age and want to pull your first cigar, here is where to start your move – Tatuaje Drinking Age. The cigar measures 5.5 x 54 and comes in a Nicaraguan Sun Grown Criollo wrapper.  Both the filler and the binder come from the country of origin, Nicaragua. 

The cigar looks spongier when squeezed with no oil visible at all. When you light it up, you get the fascinating aroma of leather, raisins, earth, oak, and graham cracker sweetness. 

For the actual lighting, the cigar assures you an even burn and massive smoke production. On the strength side, the cigar hits a medium halfway point and stalls out. Sometimes it shows no sign of increasing the strength as it nears a finish. 

Origin: Nicaragua 

Ring gauge: 54

Size: 5 ½ inches 

Wrapper: Nicaragua Sun Grown Criollo

Filler: Nicaragua 

Release: 2015

Final Thoughts

Tatuaje cigars are some of the best brands of cigars you can smoke with friends. These five cigars of Nicaraguan origin should be able to spice your days as a smoker. Remember to clear your palate when you smoke to get all the notes and flavors in each cigar. Lastly, always smoke responsibly. 

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