Are Trader Jacks cigars any Good?

Are Trader Jacks cigars any Good?

We are all looking for the best when it comes to shopping for premium cigars. We want to keep out smoke lighting for long and our lungs in good condition, without compromising on happy moments. A high-quality smoking cigar with low nicotine is the best you can do if you are a smoke enthusiast.

There are many cigars you can buy for the best experience smoking, and Trader Jacks cigars are some of the best in that category.

What is Trader Jacks Cigars?

Trader Jacks cigars are some of the best-flavored premium cigars you can find in the market. These cigars come from cigar factory in perfect construction, flavors, and Caribbean twist. A little notes of spice is added to each cigar before it is packed.

This means you can get your favorite smoke in the different varieties of Trader Jacks cigars you shop for. These cigars can change your mood and take you to the Caribbean state of mind. So if you are looking for a cigar that makes you happy, Trader Jacks won’t let you down.

The different varieties of Trader Jacks cigars such as Midnight and Sunrise come in distinct Nicaraguan, Dominican, and Honduran tobacco flavors. In addition, Trader Jack’s Midnight comes in a tasty Connecticut Madura wrapper, while Trader Jack Sunrise comes in a smooth Connecticut shade wrapper.

The cigar comes in a pouch of 20 cigars – just enough for the road. The cigars are packed in an eye-catching zipper bag. The bags are designed using the latest humidification technology. Therefore, you will always find your cigars in the best condition, shape, and flavor. The package is designed to keep Trader Jack’s cigars in perfect condition.

Who manufactures Trader Jack’s cigars?

J.C Newman Cigar Company is the leading manufacturer of high-quality Trader Jack’s aromatic cigars. The company is proud of the many years it has been in the industry, making the best cigars for the market. It is home to some of the top skilled cigar makers in the country.

For over two decades, the company has been perfecting its art to develop some of the top-quality cigars in the industry. As a result, their machine-assisted cigars come in different tastes, flavors, and quality, giving every smoker a chance to choose.

So forget about the affordability for these cigars, you can always be sure of some unique taste when you grab a Trader Jack Kickin cigar.

Key specifications of Trader Jacks Cigars

  • Origin: USA
  • Strength: Medium
  • Filler: Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua
  • Rolled by: Machine-made
  • Color: Natural

The best of Trader Jack’s Cigars

Here are some of the best Trader Jack’s cigars you should look out for if you want to smoke this evening.

1. Trader Jack’s Aargh

You are about to hit the road, right? But if you are looking forward to an exciting journey, you should look no further than some Trader Jacks. So grab Aargh Jar of 30 for a smooth sail or drive.

The cigar comes in a rich vanilla and rum flavor, making it one of the biggest bargains you can find in the market. Any cigar enthusiast can enjoy the cigars, right from a pirate to landlubbers.

Trader Jacks jar of 30 is affordable and gives you value for your money. However, if you are yet to discover the taste and flavor hidden in the Trader Jack cigars, you may feel like you’re paying more. These cigars come with some hidden treasures you can only discover when you take your time to light them up.

2. Trader Jack’s Midnight

Your night is not complete without this Trader Jack’s Midnight cigar by your side. The cigar features the famous Connecticut broadleaf Maduro wrapper – one of the best you can have on a premium cigar.

Also, the filler is from Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Nicaragua. The mild cigar comes an affordable price. The rich vanilla and rum flavor, give you a perfect midnight and morning smoke. Made from fresh tobacco leafs this cigar is one of the best in the United States.

3. Trader Jack’s Sunrise

The best of Trader Jack’s Sunrise is hidden in this Trader Jack’s Sunrise cigar. The cigar has a mild strength and comes in a natural Ecuadorian wrapper. It covers filler-made Honduran, Dominican, and Nicaraguan tobacco. This vanilla and rum-flavored cigar are highly is associated with notes of cocoa and flavor.

Final Thoughts

For the best of times smoking, you should not look further than Trader Jack’s midnight cigars. There is more you get when you buy these cigars. Trader jack cigars flavors are mainly vanilla and rum.

They come in different tobacco, giving you the best of cigars made in the USA. If you are looking for the best experience smoking for the first time, Bottle and Ash recommends a puff of Trader Jacks cigars.

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