What are the Different Cigar Sizes?

We all have our set of specs when shopping for the best quality cutter and cigars in the market. Cigars usually come in different sizes and shapes, known as Vitolas. The shape and size are designed to offer a different experience when smoking, right from overall burning to fullness on your fingers. 

Cigar size and shape can also determine its price. This means you have to be keen when choosing your cigar based on the shape and size. If you look forward to building a collection of cigars to shop, we are here to help. 

How cigar is measured

A cigar is measured in inches. However, countries like Cuba still employ the metric system when measuring cigars. It is an industry norm to use the imperial system when measuring cigars.

Overall, cigars are measured based on the length and the ring gauge. For instance, the length of a Corona cigar is usually 5.25 inches long. Conversely, the ring gauge of a cigar is its diameter. It is usually tiny in size and therefore measure 64ths of an inch and not decimal. The measurement is simplified by giving the resulting figure. 

For example, normal Corona cigars will have a diameter of 0.680 inches thick, translating to 44/64. The manufacturer will specify this as 44 on the package. The length and diameter measurement is 5.25 x 44.

Cigar size will always vary from one brand of a cigar to another, making it difficult to understand. You can use this scale to conceptualize the exact size of your cigar when shopping.

10 types of cigars and their sizes

1. The Presidente

The Presidente is one of the most popular cigars you find in the market. It is a long cigar with 10 inches length and a ring gauge ranging between 60 and 64. This is the best cigar you should buy if you need a long smoking session. 

Most smokers would enjoy this cigar on fishing trips and golf courses. The cigar is referred to as Gigante because of its extended size and gauge.

2. Torpedo 

Torpedo is another standard cigar size you should already know if you’ve been smoking for years. The typical imperial dimension for a torpedo is 6×48, while the metric measurement is 152 x19. You can simply compare torpedo with Toro of Figurado based on size and ring gauge. 

Torpedos are a size on their own and will usually come in a ring gauge of less than 50 and length of about 6 inches. When cutting a torpedo size cigar, you will lose some of its measurements, and the final size is likely to be that of the corona cigar.

3. Belicoso 

The typical size of a Belicoso cigar is 5.5×50 (in) or 140×20 (mm). If the size of this cigar is not specified, you can compare them to the Robustos cigar. You can take the extra half-inch on the length to be the sloping head of the cigar. 

Belicoso is small size cigars just like the Corona. These are standard cigars most smokers would buy for short sessions. You can choose Belicoso Gordos the next time you buy a short length cigar to enjoy with friends. 

4. Corona 

Corona is a type of Parejos. It comes in a straight side, capped head and an open foot—the cigar measures between 5.5 and 6.0 inches in length with a ring gauge of 42 to 46. Corona is the benchmark of all cigar sizes in the industry despite being less popular than Robustos and other cigars.

When accessing true premium cigars, Corona is considered the average size of a cigar. The smaller ring gauge in the Corona cigar simply means that it can burn hotter than Robustos with a slight build-up of smoke.

5. Toro

Toro is also as popular in the industry as Corona Gorda. Most people love this cigar because it offers the same experience as the famous Robustos. It measures 6×50 or 152×20 in the imperial and metric dimensions, respectively. The extra inch on the Toro cigar makes a lot of difference, providing you with more smoking time. 

Toro cigars are slightly smaller in size (5 5/8 X46) and may be mistaken for Robustos. Since they are almost identical in size, the producers normally round off the length to 6×50.

6. Panatela 

From far, you can say that Panatela has the same size and gauge as the Gordo cigar. However, this cigar is something of its antithesis. It is an older cigar that has been in the industry for quite some time. The cigar size became popular in the 20 Century.

Although short-lived, the cigar became more popular when marketed as the best choice cigar for women. These cigars can still be found among the Cuban manufacturers, although they are now a different niche compared to thicker cigars in the market. Pantela measures 6×34 (In) and 152 x 14 (mm).

7. Lonsdale 

Lonsdale is another typical cigar size you should know. Generally, Lonsdale is thicker than Pantela but longer than corona cigar. It has an imperial size of 6.5×42 and a metric size of 165 x16.

The cigar is named after an English lord who requested the producers to have this line of cigars under his name. It is often associated with the Cuban house, Rafael Gonzalez, whose portrait would appear inside the cigar boxes. 

Lonsdale tends to come with more aristocratic connotations and a Cuban format. However, the Lonsdale size is way below the prominent Churchill and Gordos sizes. 

8. Churchill 

Churchill is perhaps one of the most popular cigars in the market. Named after Winston Churchill, the cigar has grown in popularity for its unique flavour, size, and shape. It comes in more conventional gauge size. Winston Churchill was fond of Juliet No. 2, and after his demise, the manufacturer named the cigar after him.

Churchill cigar is a bit longer than Toro to provide you with a long and complex experience smoking. The cigar measures 7×48 and 179x 19 for the metric conversion. In most cases, a quality cigar should evolve in flavour as it burns, and Churchill gives you this from the first draw. The oil and smoke are drawn through the cigar influences the tobacco down, giving the rich flavour.

9. Lancero 

Lancero cigar measures 7.5 x 58 for imperial dimensions and 190 x15 for the metric dimensions. This type of cigar is generally an inch longer than Panatela. It features a larger ring gauge which makes it easier to support the longer length.  

This rare breed of the cigar gives you the same experience you get from smoking Churchill. If you get a chance to grab this cigar, you should expect more than you see on the box.

10. Figurado 

Most figurado cigar sizes will follow the typical Parejos size, with a couple of exceptions. The cigar will normally compound different names to make it easier to identify. Sometimes they will remove the size in the name because the shape already illustrates the size. A typical Salomon Perfecto, a type of Figurado, measures 7.25 x 57 (in) and 184 x 23 (mm).

Final Thoughts 

What cigar size should you go for when shopping? Well, that will depend on the length of your favourite cigar. If you intend to have a long smoking session, then go for lengthy and thicker cigars, the likes of the Presidente.

You can also consider Corona cigar sizes for a short smoking session. Always choose your cigar wisely if you want the best experience smoking.

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