An Ultimate Guide on How to Hold a Cigar Correctly

If you are not fond of cigar smoking, cutting one can come with a lot of surprises. First, you need a suitable cigar cutter and just know how to position it well on the cigar band and cap. Cutting your cigar correctly takes a lot of skills.

However, when you select the best cigar cutter and learn how to cut your cigar correctly, it will not be challenging to experience your cigar. This post highlights some of the tips and steps you should follow when you want to hold a correctly.

 A collection of cigars comes in different shapes and sizes that fit on other cutters. This makes it tempting and hectic to choose where exactly to cut the cigar. There are also different cuts you can make on the cigar like v-cut, punch, and straight.


This post highlights some of the tips and steps you should follow when cutting your cigar correctly.

Step #1: Choose the right types of cigar cutters 

The first step to cutting your tobacco products cigar correctly is choosing the suitable cutter for the job. If you have read our article on cigar cutters, then you already have an idea of the best cutter you can shop for, depending on the type of cigar you like. Each cigar has unique features that are best suited for the types of premium cigars.

If you choose a cutter with a dull blade, it can crush or tear away the filler or tobacco and ruin your cigar smoking experience. Therefore, when selecting a consumer products cigar cutter, you should pick one that comes with sharp blades. Some cigar cutters you can shop include cigar punch, v-cut, single blade guillotine, and cigar piercer.

Step #2: Prepare the cigar

After choosing the right cutter, you have to prepare the cigar for the cut. Look closely at the cigar head; you can see several small seams on the circumference. The seams are always found along the curved part of the cigar’s head, also known as the shoulder. This part of the cigars with seams is known as the cigar cap, and your objective is to remove it and leave the strip of the flag leaf.

A cigar comes with a cap made of a wrapper leaf to complete the cigar look and hold the wrapper together on transit. When you cut the cigar, you should aim at leaving some flag and glue so that the wrapper does not unravel. Therefore, you should cut the cap below the end, leaving some small leaf strip around the cigar opening.

The method works best when your cigar has a Cuban triple cap . You can easily spot where you should be cutting on the cigar. If you don’t know how to cut your cigar in the right spot, you should get a punch cutter for the job.

Step #3: Moisten the cigar head


When cutting the cigar cap, you can easily tear the wrapper leaf because it is delicate. Therefore, to avoid unraveling the wrapper, you can damp the head to soften it. Simply place the cigar’s head on your lips. You don’t have to lick the cigar because the humidity in your mouth is just enough to make it moist.

By putting the cigar head in your mouth, you get the initial taste of the cigar before you light it. Furthermore, cutting a moist cigar cap is much easier than a dry one. If the cigar has been stored in humid conditions moistening the head reduces the risk of tearing and that makes the cut easier.


How do you cut a traditional cigar?

Ideally, you will be cutting a traditional cigar most of the time. For instance, one of the most tipped cigars is the parejos. It can be either double or single-tipped. Some methods of cigar rolling will duck the cap into the wrapper while others apply the cap over the leaf.

The most important thing to consider is whether your cigar has a single or double cap when you’re cutting it. Punching your cigar is often discouraged in most cases if your cigar is single-caped. The reason is a single cap cigar is less sturdy, and punching the cigar will often result in more surface being wasted.


Feel free to remove the cap if the cigar is double caped. You can use your teeth, knife, fingernails, or matchstick to remove the cap. If you’re removing the cigar cap for the first time, the rule of thumb is that less is more. That means you should concentrate on removing the slightest part of the cap to avoid wastage. Remove the cap surface, just enough of it to guarantee the draw.

The same rule also applies if you’re using a straight cutter to remove the cap. If you want to enjoy your cigar, you should remove the slightest part of the cap. You can unravel the wrapper and ruin the experience if you cut below the cap. The simple trick here is to check if your cigar has a flat head after cutting it. A flat head means you have cut too far.

How to cut a flat-shaped cigar Cigars that are a bit difficult to cut are flat cigar and under-humidified cigar. The flat cigar is a common type of cigar that has thrown most cigar enthusiasts on the loop in the lighting process.

Use a shallow v-cut cutter to cut a flat-cap cigar. You can also use other cigar cutters like straight cutters and punch cutters. Note that the difficulty increases from left to right when cutting a fat cigar.

How to cut chisel cigar

Luiz Gomez introduced the chisel-shaped cigar in 2003. This type of cigar is one of the recent innovations, and most Cuban cigar enthusiasts may not know how to cut the cap correctly. A chisel is a figurado-shaped cigar but a bit different from other premium smokes in this category.

If you want to cut a chisel-shaped cigar, you have to pinch it from the sides. Pinch the cigar on both sides until the wrapper cuts and creates an airway. You can also use a punch cutter at the flat side, bottom, or top. If it doesn’t work out, you can cut the cigar as a normal one.


Frequently Asked Questions about Cutting Cigars

1. How do you cut a cigar without a cutter?

As a cigar lover, you don’t have to use the official cigar cutters to cut your cigar for a secondhand smoke. Sometimes you can run into a situation where you don’t have a cigar cutter. In that case, you can use a knife to cut the cigar or your teeth.

On a basic level, you can use your incisor teeth to create a V-shaped hole on the cigar. Be careful not to bite too hard when making a hole on the cigar. 

2. Which part of a cigar should you start smoking?

Which end of the cigars fresh you should smoke will depend on the end of the cigar you will cut? If you happen to buy a pre-cut cigar, the side you smoke will usually come identified with the brand.

3. Can I Use scissors to cut my cigar?

Yes, cigar smokers can use scissors to cut your cigar if you know how to do it correctly. There are scissors that are a bit sharper and are mainly created for this purpose. Just ensure you don’t cut the cigar with your scissors the normal way because it can often split your cigar wrapper.

Final Thoughts

Cutting your cigar should not be that difficult if you have all the tools you need for the work at your disposal. Buy the best cigar cutter and read the producer’s tips on how to remove the cigar cap. This way, you can save yourself from wasting the wrapper away.

You should also get a cigar humidor to maintain the cigar humidity level when on the move. Exposing your cigar to direct sunlight can be can be damaging to your smoke Get some soft cloth dumped in distilled water to keep your cigars in humidor conditions.

Apply the tips we have shared in this article if you want to cut your cigar correctly. Remember the cigar etiquette not to cut cigars with your teeth.

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