An Ultimate Guide on How to Hold a Cigar Correctly

Smoking cigar like a pro comes with time. If you start smoking your first cigar, you have to learn to do it right. Holding a cigar in your hand and mouth will affect the draw or puffs you make. There is more you need to learn to hold a cigar correctly in your hand and mouth.

Many folks will try to smoke a cigar without puffing on it adequately, which affects their first experience with a new cigar brand. You shouldn’t be afraid to take your first draw if you hold your cigar correctly.

Puff aggressively for the first time, and once the tobacco is warmed up, you can take subsequent draws easily and enjoy your cigar to the fullest. In this article, Bottle and Ash makes it easier for you. We teach you how to hold any type of cigar correctly.

While most people have a phobia of inhaling cigar smoke, smoking a cigar is like drinking from a straw. You suck the cigar smoke into your palate and not your diaphragm. You wrap the lips around your cigar and create a vacuum where you can draw the smoke. You can read these tips on cigar etiquette to learn more about smoking cigars like a pro.

Holding cigar in your hand

Most of the time, the cigar will be on your hands, which means you should learn to hold it the right way. You don’t want to be holding the cigar with your mouth exclusively unless you light the cigar with matches. 

You have to hold the cigar in your hand to support its weight without clamping down on it with teeth. You should hold your cigar in your hands to preserve its construction and integrity.

Hold the cigar gently in your mouth if you are lighting up the cigar with both hands. Steady the cigar with your teeth, but just ensure you don’t bite it too hard, or you end up cracking the wrapper and leaf.

Only light up the circumference of the cigar’s foot and then proceed to smoke the cigar by holding it in your hand. If you want to take the first draw, you should bring the cigar to your mouth closed. Continue holding the cigar, or you can set it on the cigar ashtray as you take puffs.

Press your lips gently on the cigar 

When you put your cigar in the mouth, you should not press it that hard to avoid damaging the wrapper. You should practice placing the cigar in your mouth well to close all the air space and ensure you get a perfect draw. Draw on the cigar once in a minute to keep the draw from burning out. 

You should not puff too frequently because it can result in a hot burn, making your cigar bitter. 

Put only an inch of the cigar in your mouth.

When you hold the cigar in your mouth, avoid inserting nearly half of the cigar in your mouth. You should not exceed five or six inches of the cigar when you put it in your mouth. It makes you look like a novice smoker when you smoke in public. 

Avoid chewing or biting your cigar. 

When you have the cigar in your mouth, you might be tempted to bite or chew the wrapper. This is something you want to avoid by all means.

When you bite the cigar, the wrapper cracks and the cigar construction is compromised, resulting in an uneven draw. If you have to leave the cigar in your mouth without holding on to it, you should not clamp it with your teeth too hard to avoid damaging it.

No talking with a cigar in your mouth 

When you have a cigar in your mouth, you should not engage in any conversation with your smoking partner. Yes, it is not illegal to talk as you smoke, but you should avoid it as a beginner because you can end up choking.

In most cases, people will not understand what you are saying if you talk with a cigar stuck in your mouth. It is just like talking with food in your mouth. This is one habit you should refrain from, especially if you are going to smoke in public.

Do not saturate your cigar with saliva

When you put the cigar in your mouth, you should avoid saturating the head with saliva. That means you only need a bit of moisture at the head of your cigar to keep rotating it in your mouth. Too much moisture on the cigar is a bad thing and can damage the cigar. 

The draw from the cigar will become plugged if the head of the cigar is inundated. To avoid saturating the cigar head with saliva, remove the cigar from your mouth every minute once you take the first draw. 

Don’t smoke the cigar down. 

Every puff of your favourite cigar counts, but you shouldn’t go too far when you smoke the cigar. In most cases, when you are enjoying the cigar, you don’t want the puff to end, and you can often take a longer puff. 

There is a limit to taking a draw. You should not reach a point where you burn your lips or even set your moustache on fire. You should know how far you are allowed to smoke your cigar for your safety. 

You stop smoking your cigar when it’s half-inch to the head. When you can no longer hold the cigar with your hand, you risk burning your lips. This is the point where you stop smoking and call it a day. Don’t try your luck by pushing the draw too far to smoke the entire nub of your cigar. You can risk burning your lips and the hot nub bouncing into your lap.

A respectful grip 

You have probably spent some reasonable bucks on this cigar, and it deserves some respect. Hold your cigar with a mild grip as you pull it out of the humidor. The cigar you are holding in your hand is a result of painstaking and a long process. 

It is here in your hands, and it should be held with caution. When you take a respectful grip of your cigar, you hold it between the multiple fingers and the thumb. You should create a tight grip, just enough to keep the cigar in your hand and roll it back and forth slightly as you consider its quality.  

Use your four fingers if you are smoking a longer cigar. For shorter cigars, you are allowed to use the two fingers. The rule of thumb is to use a thumb and at least two fingers for any ordinary cigar. If you hold your cigar with respect, it means you are a veteran smoker, and you understand the value in every smoke. 

You also understand what it takes for that cigar to reach your hands. Holding a cigar is a craft you should take time to master. 

Final Thoughts 

With time, you will learn how to hold a cigar like a pro. You will also learn how to judge different cigars just by touching them. It takes time to master the craft of holding cigars and smoking like you’ve been doing it for years. If you want to check for consistency of the cigar, hold it from one end to the other. The cigar is not likely to draw smoothly if there are uneven, soft, and hard sports on the wrapper.

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