Why Do People Collect Cigar Boxes?

Why Do People Collect Cigar Boxes? There is something about cigars and cigar boxes that most smokers cannot explain. For a long, most smokers have been attracted to the unique cigar packages they come in. Over the years, antique cigar boxes and cigar humidors have not lost their value.

When you get to a cigar smoker’s house, you are more likely to find some antique box of cigars in the drawer or cabinets. It doesn’t get freakier than that, and sometimes it is not easy to explain how cigar aficionados feel whenever they keep a gallery of vintage cigar boxes by their side.

Not every antique collectible cigar box is worth more in the estate sales market. If you are looking for a cigar box to sell, you have to look further than any ordinary box. Most people collect cigar boxes because of their resell value.

If you are that kind of person that loves cigars fresh and antiques or you want to make that move, you’ll need to assess your antique cigar boxes. Here is what you should do when you want to collect cigar boxes.

Estimate the value of the cigar boxes

You should know more about the history of cigar boxes and why smokers started to collect Cuban cigar boxes. According to the Revenue Act of 1869 in the United States, cigars were required to be packed in boxes. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, a thriving market for cigars resulted in stiff competition in the cigar industry.

Cigar manufacturers and those in the cigar business were forced to invest in coming up with quality and unique wooden cigar boxes. This resulted in the emergence of different antique cigar boxes that most collectors are looking for to date. The cigar boxes come in different colours, styles, materials, and conditions, making them worth more than others.

The type of cigar box

When collecting your wooden cigar box and cigar bands, you want to consider the type of box and cigar brands that have the money value. In most cases, antique cigar boxes were made of nailed wood consisting of six pieces of wood nailed together. They would hold up to 50 cigars depending on the ring gauge and shape of the cigar.

Until technological advancement and cheaper materials took shape in the 20th century, antique boxes were the manufacturing standards for most cigar rollers. In most cases, the most valuable cigar boxes are those that were made before the Revenue Act. Most people would collect these boxes because of their desirable physical appeal.

Antique boxes were made of glass, tin, aluminum, wood, brass, China, and many other materials. In most cases, novelty cigar boxes made of quality materials are more expensive than wood. Some cigar boxes made of more valuable woods like Spanish cedar and mahogany are also more valuable and luxurious than others.

Condition and Age

The age and condition of the premium cigar box determine its value. Therefore, these are the two most essential factors you should look into when checking the value of the cigar box to collect. The two elements can boost the monetary value of the box. Boxes that are in perfect condition and old enough are more valuable in the market.

As a cigar aficionado, you should look out for cigar boxes that existed before the 19th century. These boxes are more valuable because they were made of expensive materials. They are also rare and not easy to find. That means there is high demand for ‘older’ antique cigar boxes.

Factors to consider when choosing cigar boxes

You should prioritize antique boxes that are in good condition over those that are already damaged. When choosing the cigar box for reselling, you should look at these factors: 

  • Mould: Check for any sign of mildew and mould. Most cigar boxes made of wood are more likely to grow mold when stored for long.
  • Manufacturer mark: The presence of a manufacturer’s mark on the cigar box can also increase its value. Therefore, you should look for boxes that still have clear marks on the bottom or inside the lid.
  • Label: A wood cigar box is more valuable if it has intact labels and is not peeled, ripped, or torn all over. 

Final Thoughts

When you look for antique cigar boxes, you should always consider some of the tips we have shared here. In most cases, you will find cigar boxes in good condition because they are made to store cigars for years. Some antique cigar boxes are found in the National Cigar Museum.

Keep looking for cigar boxes all over because they are in high demand. You can find cigar boxes in garages or at estate sales. Some cigar boxes were used to stash small plants or as home décor. Today, you can sell your cigar box online and make some good money.

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