How to keep Humidity in your Cigar Travel Case

When you take your first puff of the best quality cigar in the market, it becomes part of your daily life. You cannot sleep before you smoke or hang out with friends without some stogies or cigars in the travel humidor. When traveling, all you will need is a travel case to carry some cigars for you and your smoking friends.

How you use your cigar travel case is essential to keeping the taste and flavors of the cigars intact. So, what should you do to ensure the humidity and temperature level in the case is optimum? This article shows you how to keep the humidity level in the cuban cigar travel case leveled.

Get the right cigar travel case.

The first tip to ensuring the humidity level in your cigar travel case is always regulated is to get a cigar case to store your cigars fresh while on the move. There is a wide variety of cigar cases out there you can shop for based on your budget and other preferences.

Here are some factors you should consider most when shopping for the best premium cigar travel case: 

  • Ensure the cigar travel case comes with a built-in hygrometer for checking the humidity level
  • The inner lining of the travel case should be made of the Spanish cedar wood
  • Go for PU leather cigar travel cases; they are less susceptible to damage and are likely to preserve the moisture in the case. 

When traveling, a cigar aficionado knows that cigars also go bad and lose their charm. It all depends on how you store it and where you store it while on the journey. Getting the best quality cigar case in the market will ensure your cigar is well-preserved all the way.


Maintain the right temperature

Most cigar lovers are conversant with the saying, “if you want to enjoy a cigar, then travel to the country it is made”. This saying means that the best quality cigars are those that haven’t traveled that far to lose their actual taste.

In most cases, cigars will always be fresh and steady at humidity levels of between 68% and 72%. Sometimes seasons and weather change making it difficult to maintain a consistent temperature.

Learn how to regulate the temperature inside the cigar humidor and travel case. For instance, if the temperature falls to 65%, you should adjust by 1% and keep the temperature inside the humidor and travel case at 66%. Now, you don’t have to travel to Nicaragua to enjoy their cigars. All you have to do is ensure that the cigar is stored in a perfect cigar case and humidor.

Shop for a hygrometer or a Humidistat

A hygrometer and Humistat are some of the tools you need if you are going to keep the humidity level in your cigar case optimum. A Humidistat does not use electricity and has a relative humidity of around 70%.

With a hygrometer in your cigar travel case, you can know the humidity level of the environment your cigars are in. Therefore, you should get yourself a cigar case with a Humistat and a hygrometer.


What are the optimum temperature and humidity levels for storing cigars?

When you know the ideal or optimum temperature and humidity for your favorite cigar it makes it easier for you to store the cigar while on the way. The best cigar temperature for storing cigars is a relative humidity of 70%.

You should never store your cigars on humidity levels below this level if you want to keep the taste and flavor intact.

Also, to prevent the cigars from unnecessary dryness, you should make the temperature consistent enough.

Is it appropriate to store cigars in a freezer?

Yes, you’ve heard from most cigar lovers that storing your cigars in a freezer or fridge is something you can do. Well, the truth is that you should refrain from that if you value the charm in your favorite cigars. Storing your cigars in the freezer will damage the wrapper leave alone make your cigars tasteless?

It is not advisable to store your cigars in a freezer. Note that when traveling, you can get yourself a small cooler to keep your cigars. A small cooler is preferable because the temperature and humidity inside may not be that extreme.

Cigar storage methods

If you do not have a cigar humidor or cigar case with you, you can still store your cigar when traveling. Here are some other ways you can keep your cigars in perfect condition when on a short journey.

Ziploc bag: Storing your cigars in a Ziploc bag keeps them safe and humidified all the way. All you have to do is ensure the bag is airtight closed. Only place a sizeable number of cigars in the bag, like two or three cigars, and you are good to go for up to 4 weeks.

  • Tupperware container: you can also store your cigars in a Tupperware container when traveling. Ensure the container has a tight lid for closing it.
  • Humidification pouch: Get one of the best quality humidification pouches to keep the moisture level in the cigars. Also, you can and use them to store your cigars when traveling. Keep your cigars in thehumidification pouchfor up to 30 days without losing the actual taste and flavor.
  • Airtight jar: It is also possible to store your cigars in an airtight jar. These jars serve the same purpose as a Ziploc bag or a Tupperware container. They can keep your cigars in shape for weeks.
  • Cooler: This is another great option if you want to store your cigars for the longest time when you travel. All you do is washing the inside of the cooler with unscented soap and distilled water. Leave the cooler to dry and line the inside with some Spanish cedar wood. Add a hygrometer to help you in checking the humidity and the temperature in the cooler. You can store your cigars here as you travel.
  • Cellophane wrapper: When you visit a cigar shop to buy a cigar box, you will likely get a couple of cigars wrapped in cellophane. The cellophane wrapper acts as a protective layer. If you cannot get a small humidor or travel case for your cigar collection, you can just keep the cellophane wrapper intact and provide a barrier to your cigars against weather elements.
  • Humidor bag: If you cannot get a cigar case or humidor, get yourself a humidor bag with a small capacity to store the cigars. This special type of bag is designed to control the humidity level inside, perfect for storing cigars while traveling. The bag can add and remove the moisture inside it and maintain it at the required level of between 68% and 72%. 


Final Thoughts

All you need is a good quality humidor or travel cigar case to store your individual cigars when traveling. However, keeping the single cigar case at the ideal humidity level involves a lot. Ensure you store the cigar case in an open space to perfect humidity.

If you are flying, then opt to bring your cigars in carry-on luggage. This is because the cabin temperature is more conducive for storing your cigars compared to underneath storage.

Lastly, when shopping for a travel cigar case and humidor, you want to ensure you get the right one for your favorite cigar. Ensure the cigar case comes with a hygrometer for checking the humidity level. It should also be made of the right material like leather and have a proper cedar wood lining.

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