How Far Down Should You Smoke Your Cigar?

There are many theories and ideas that cigar aficionados may have about just how far you are supposed to smoke your cigar. This is one of the most debated topics – how down should you go with your cigar.

Some smokers hold that you should smoke your cigar up to the band, while others see it appropriate to smoke until you cannot withdraw it anymore. There is another assumption that you should only smoke your cigar until it reaches the point where you can burn your cigar out naturally, that is when you reach a three finger-width.

There are many unwritten rules on smoking your cigar like a pro and exactly when you should stop smoking. Cigar aficionados even believe that you should only smoke your cigar halfway and leave the rest. This sounds like being wasteful.

So, how should you smoke your cigar? When is the right time to stop? How much are enough cigars for a sitting? This article seeks to uncover all these questions and make your life easy on the smoke.

Choose how far you go down with your cigar

How much or how far you should smoke depend on your smoking behavior and your choices. The decision on when you should stop smoking will depend on you.

 Here is a rule of thumb: stop smoking your cigar when you no longer enjoy it. When the aroma, taste, flavors, and strength of your cigar goes down, it’s probably a signal that you should stop smoking now.

Stop when it gets too small

After getting value for your money, you might consider going too far with your cigar. That is drawing the cigar until it’s too small to hold. It may be quite a challenge holding your cigar when it gets too small, as most people would do on cigarettes.

A cigar gets too difficult to hold when it gets small. You should stop smoking the cigar when it gets around an inch away from your mouth.

Now, if you prefer to smoke your cigar way down until it is no more, you might consider using the roach clip or cigar holder to get the most out of the smoke. A cigar holder helps you get the most smoke out of the cigar without burning your hands and mouth.

Stop when it makes you unwell

Another rule you can follow when smoking is to stop when the cigar you’re smoking makes you feel unwell. If you smoke a cigar and you feel dizzy and nauseous, it means you should stop and take a break for some hours. You are most likely to feel unwell if you:

  • Smoke cigar for the first time
  • Smoke a strong cigar than you are used to
  • Smoke on an empty stomach

Smoking should be enjoyable and lively. Therefore, when you feel dizzy and unwell as you smoke, it is a signal you should stop smoking and take a break.

Stop when the flavors are no more

How far you go down with your cigars will depend on whether the flavors and strength are still intact or you are losing it altogether. The flavors in a cigar should develop as you move down the cigar. Sometimes the cigar flavors become less enjoyable as you near the band. This happens if the cigar is burning too hot and dry, which is causing the bitter notes.

 The remedy is to purge your cigar natural and begin smoking afresh. Drop the cigar ash on the ashtray to relive your cigar and start drawing once more.

Know the smoking stages 

The best way to smoke your cigar is to know the many stages it goes through before you reach the band. You can think of smoking your cigar in three main stages:

  • The first stage is where you warm up the cigar. Here the cigar is burning off any unwanted flavors. If you’re using butane lighter, you should allow your cigar to burn the smell out.
  • The second stage involves you tasting the cigar. Here you start to experience the best-tasting part of the smoke. The draw is optimum, and you can start feeling the different notes and aromas from the cigar.
  • In the final stage, you are coming to an end of your smoking for this roll. Here you can start getting low notes. The draw is not optimum, and you start experiencing unwanted flavors caused by the build-up of oils and tars from the tobacco. You should purge your cigar at this stage and see if the enjoyable flavor you experienced returns.

When purging your cigar, you should blow gently through the cigar instead of puffing on it. This way, you will be clearing all the bitter oils that may be building up and making your cigar lose taste.

Smoke your cigar like a pro 

While you would like to smoke your cigar your way, you should learn all the rules if you want the best experience smoking cigars. Learn how to cut, hold, light, draw, purge, and put off the cigar. There is more to cigars than just taking the puff and feeling the heat and aroma.

Cigar smoking etiquette is also essential to learn, especially if you are a beginner in smoking. There are strict rules for smoking that will help you savor the smoking moments when with friends and some pack of fine cigars on the table.

If you are going to smoke with experts in the field, you don’t want to look like a beginner. You want to smoke your cigar like a pro and know when the right time to stop is.

The truth is that nobody is going to spend their money on something they want to use halfway. Smoking your cigar halfway is not only a waste of money but also a waste of cigars.

There are no rules on how down you should go with your cigar. However, for the sake of getting the most out of your cigar and not burning your lips in the process, you want to smoke your cigar until you cannot hold it anymore. Every cigar aficionado has personal preferences when it comes to smoking cigars.  

How far you smoke depend on the cigar

What is your most favorite cigar to smoke after dinner? Well, how far you go down with a cigar depends on its quality. The types of cigar you smoke also determine how far you can go down with it.

Some cigars start feeling hot even before you get halfway or close to the band. On the other hand, some cigars taste fine to the last draw, making it even difficult to stop smoking.

As you keep smoking different brands of cigars, you will come across the best to smoke until you cannot hold them and which ones you should stop smoking halfway. If you are smoking for the first time, you should try different brands until you land on your favorite cigar.

Final Thoughts 

How far you can go down with your cigar depends on the type of cigar you are smoking and how you prefer to smoke. There is no specific rule you should follow when smoking your cigar. All you have to do is follow the smoking etiquette and ensure you are always smart as you smoke.

Smoke your cigar like a pro, don’t be wasteful and don’t forget to burn your lips or fingers for going too far with the smoke. Smoking a cigar doesn’t get enjoyable when you don’t know when is the right time to stop.

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