All You Should Know About Backwoods Cigars

What makes Backwoods cigars stand out from the rest of cigars is that you don’t stop when you start smoking one. These are the world’s best tobacco products for one reason – the quality is always top-notch. The cigars have a frayed end, tapered body, and unfinished head.

The aroma of each stick of Backwoods cigar is something you don’t want to forget the next time you are shopping for a cigar. The aroma is just enough to push you into making that move to purchase one stogie for you and your smoking friends.

The backwoods cigars get the rough look from the unfinished head pipe tobacco and the natural leaf wrapper. Looking at the inside of the cigar, they look like some hand-rolled cigars even though they are machine-made. It means if you are looking for some cigars with a hand-made feel for a low price, you should not hesitate to go for some Backwoods cigars.

The backwoods cigar is manufactured and sold by the popular Atlantis USA. A single box of backwoods comes packed in different sizes and flavors that you can choose based on your preferences.  

Right from the Black N’ Sweet to the Wild N’ Mild, every pack of backwoods cigars brings you some unique, exotic, and sweet aromatic flavors on your smoking table. First, a pack of Black N’ Sweet is more appealing to the eye, and the sweet and exotic aroma is something you will enjoy all the time.

This is probably the right cigar you should be shopping for if you have a sweet tooth. The only downside is a strict age limit for those buying this cigar. Only those who are above 21 years old can buy backwoods cigars online.

The brief history of backwoods cigars 

A backwoods cigar is a brand that was created in 1973 right after the US government came up with a law banning the advertising of cigars. This brand of cigars started as a small product line with the name Backwoods Smokes, but it later became the companies’ best-selling product.

The company started making many profits from this brand after the public became more informed on the harmful effects of smoking cigars. Backwoods cigars became more popular when tobacco manufacturers saw it wise to find alternative ways to make a profit as they were incurring losses for not being able to market their products.

Most companies resorted to making their cigars as the natural cigar, made from the planted tobacco, lost its market share. A backwoods cigar is a product of this effort by cigar manufacturers to develop an alternative cigar in the US market.

Today, backwoods cigars are still regarded by most cigar smokers in the US as an all-natural alternative to cigarettes. Most smokers also consider the cigars as less harmful to the body.

What makes backwoods cigars that unique 

Backwoods cigars are unique in most aspects. This cigar brand was marketed to outdoorsmen – these are people who enjoy going outdoors when they want to spend time with friends. The cigars are machine-made with a rusted look to the classic cigar design.

These cigars will give you the amazing smoking experience you can only get if you smoke some high-quality tobacco cigars. The cigar is constructed with broadleaf paper, which is properly aged to ensure you get all the natural flavors in the smoke.

Also, to ensure the cigar gets all the types of aromas required, it is cured at the right temperature. Therefore, Backwoods cigars are more attractive in terms of their delicious flavor and smell. Another feature that makes this cigar brand unique is that it comes with pouches that you can sell after use.

The pouch ensures the cigars remain fresh for the longest time, so you don’t have to worry about storing the cigars in a humidor when traveling.

Backwoods cigars offer a variety to choose from 

Apart from not being that pricey, you should look forward to buying Backwoods cigars because they come in different varieties that you can choose. Since its inception, the different varieties of backwoods cigars have been increasing.

The cigars still come in the usual rustic flavor, making you feel like you are in the wilderness. Today, backwoods cigars come in different flavors you can choose to enjoy your smoking session. In most cases, the strength of the tobacco used in making Backwoods cigars is mild and smooth. It offers different flavors like sweet aromatic, honeyberry, and many others.

There is a variety of Backwoods cigars that still maintain the original flavors to get the raw tobacco taste which made this cigar more popular since its invention to the market in the mid-90s. There is a wide variety of backwoods cigars to choose from if you want to enjoy smoking with your friends.  

You are not going to worry about finding a friendlier cigar on your throat and more fulfilling like the backwoods cigars.

Choosing the right backwoods cigars for you 

It should not be that difficult to choose the right backwoods cigar if you’ve been smoking cigars for years. In most cases, your choice of backwoods cigars will depend on your taste and preferences.

There is a wide variety of high-quality machine-made cigars with lots of flavors that you can choose if you want to enjoy smoking.

Since backwoods is offering a wide variety of cigars, it would be a good idea to shop for a sample of each cigar so that you test each of them and make up your mind on your ideal cigar. This way, you won’t waste your money buying different packs of backwoods cigars before you land your perfect flavor.

How much do you spend on buying backwoods cigars?

A high-quality cigar doesn’t have to be that expensive, and a backwoods cigar is here to prove this. Any cigar aficionado in search of a quality cigar in the market will find solace in this American brand of cigars.

How much are you likely to spend when purchasing backwoods cigars? The price you pay for backwoods cigars depends on the product you buy. You want to ensure you are not breaking the bank to have your excellent backwoods cigars. Different backwoods cigars offer you the best quality, like in the most expensive cigars in the market.

The price of backwoods cigars will usually range from $30 to $50 per box. This will depend on the number of cigars you find in each box. Buying a pack of backwoods is more economical than buying one cigar at a time. If you smoke in a row, you should look forward to purchasing a box of backwoods cigars to save some money when shopping.

Final Thoughts 

Starting your journey with backwoods cigars is never a bad idea if you are a beginner at smoking cigars. You can learn more here on how to choose quality cigars.

It is also a great choice if you look for some new flavor in cigars on a budget. Buying a box of backwoods cigars gives you that chance to determine which flavors most Americans would prefer in their cigars. It is more fun and fulfilling to smoke backwoods cigars outdoors with your friends.

Backwoods cigars are unique because they are part of American cigar history. They show how the tobacco industry has evolved for years from the political time to the change in tobacco preferences from smokers for the past decades. If you are looking forward to trying different flavors of cigars, you can try backwoods cigars today.

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