Everything you Should Know about Swishers

What are Swishers?

A swisher is an American brand of cigar that dates back to 1860. It is made by Swisher International, Inc, one of the leading companies in the cigar industry. Swishers are normally labeled based on the fruit flavor they contain, like peach or grape.

This brand of cigar is mostly common with cannabis smokers in the US. Also known as “blunt”, swisher is one of the top-selling cigar brands in the US because of its affordability, quality, and availability.

What is in Swisher?

The primary ingredient in a swisher is tobacco. Other ingredients include flavors and additives that make this type of cigar unique. Swisher international comes up with a unique blend of additives and tobacco to create a variety of swisher cigars with a unique twist and taste.

What is the difference between swishers and backwoods cigars?

Backwoods cigars and swishers are some of the best quality machine-made cigars in the market. These cigars come in a wide variety of flavors that most of their smokers in the United States like. Cannabis smokers mostly consume these two brands of cigars in the US.

Most cannabis or marijuana users roll the swisher to make what is known as blunt. Since smokers roll these cigars on their own, they may look cheap to those used to smoking premium cigars.

The difference between these two types of cigars is the quality of tobacco used as ingredients. Backwoods cigars are of higher quality than Swishers. The wrapper used in making the backwoods cigars are easy to unwrap for other uses.  

Conversely, swishers are milder in quality, and their wrappers are split apart instead of being unfurled, which in most cases is a messy process. Most of these cigars are available at gas stations, and you don’t have to spend much to have one for the road.

Are swishers handmade?

No. Swishers are not handmade cigars. These are machine-made cigars that are produced from homogenized short-filler tobaccos that are beneath a wrapper which is normally applied with a machine. You can always spot the difference between machine-made and handmade cigars.

Does swisher contain nicotine?

Since tobacco is the primary ingredient in swisher, it contains some nicotine in it. Swisher sweet contains 10.8mg/g of nicotine. It has the lowest concentration of tobacco.

In most cases, rolling tobacco will always contain the most nicotine. It means that swisher is one of the most addictive types of cigars you can have. That is why beginners should stay away from this type of cigars.

Are swisher cigars any good?

Whether swishers are bad or good depends on which type of cigars you compare them to. Those who smoke swishers say that they burn smoothly and rarely go stale. They are also readily available even in your nearest gas station.

You don’t have to look any far when you need to pool out some swisher and enjoy yourself with friends. When scooping a stick of a swisher, the most important quality to consider is how it burns.

Should I choose backwoods cigars or swisher?

The choice between backwoods and swisher depends on your taste buds and how much intoxication you need. Both of these are quite mild and just worth the amount you spend on them. This type of cigar is rolled in 100% natural tobacco leaf.

The tobacco leaf used in making backwoods can break easily and get on a swisher stick. If you need some cigar that is a bit easy to roll, you can always go for backwoods cigars.

Are swishers banned?

Before you go round shopping for flavored cigars, you want to confirm if the FDA has not banned the consumption of such in your state. The FDA is on the look and is more likely to start banning or discontinuing most of the flavored cigar brands in the market.

Which are the best swishers blunts to smoke with friends?

When buying a swisher, you don’t have to look for long with many varieties already in the market. Here is a list of some of the best swishers in the market to enjoy:

  • Kingpin Hemp Wraps
  • Juicy Jay Hemp Wraps
  • Hemp Zone Cigar Wraps
  • Herbal Goods
  • Twisted Hemp
  • Kong Natural Hemp

Are all swisher blunts flavored?

Swisher blunts come in a wide variety of tastes and smoke. Some of the flavor options you can get in the market include wine, strawberry, white grape, sweet, peach, grape, blueberry, strawberry, and tropical fusion. You should try some of these flavors before choosing which one is the best for you.

Is it illegal to smoke blunts?

No law in any state prohibits the purchase and use of blunts. It means you can walk into your local cigar store and get some blunt flavor to enjoy with your friends. The truth is that smoking. Rolling papers, blunt wraps, and rolling tobacco are all available in plenty in most states and cities in the US. If you are using these products for the first time, there are plenty of tutorials online that can take you through the process.

How do you roll blunts?

Inside a good-sized swisher, you will get at least two grams of cannabis. It won’t be any big problem packing it out or choosing to get it thinner as you roll it down. You want to be keen on how much of these products you use daily because of the many risks associated with them compared to premium cigars.

Here are some simple steps you can take into account when rolling the perfect swisher blunt:

  • Step 1: Get your favorite package from the local purveyor. These will usually come in packs of two, and you can choose your favorite bunch. Take it from the bottom. The bottom is the most conical than the top.
  • Step 2: Once you have split the package, you can discard off some of the tobacco inside and replace the ground flower that still has some heft. You should avoid powdered or over-processed.
  • Step 3: Roll the edge of the cigar, which normally faces you into the weed. Try to keep your fingers placed if you want to make it uniformly rolled.
  • Swishers are not that expensive and easy to make. They are more addictive than your regular tobacco. Therefore you want to limit how much you take daily, especially now that you know how to roll a blunt on your own.

What are the pro and cons of smoking swisher blunts?

Most cannabis smokers cannot fathom the practice of putting a little tobacco in the cannabis. However, it is a nice treat they cannot do without for other people. There is no big deal when you let go of the spiciness and softness of tobacco in your blunt or swisher – it all depends on what makes you feel good when you smoke.

People love, and hate blunts in equal measures. The reason people hate blunts is because the tobacco leaves in them can turn the smoke to be a little bit harsh for their throats.

Here are some benefits of blunts you should look out for:

  • When you use a nice cigar or some flavored wraps, you will enjoy the taste and aroma your blunt gives out.
  • It has improved effects on your moods and makes you high.
  • They are readily available. You can take your blunts anywhere and store them as you travel.
  • They last longer no matter your smoking pace.
Final Thoughts 

The popularity and privilege that blunt boasts of in the cigar industry are untamed by most cigar brands. They remain common amongst smokers today because of their availability, flavor, and affordability. This article has unraveled some of the basics you should know about swishers or blunts.

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