Which is the Best Torch Lighter To Buy in 2022?

If you are looking forward to the best of time smoking your favorite A Fernandez Last Call cigar, you will need a quality torch lighter for a powerful flame to start the party. There are different kinds of lighters you can find in the market, which means you have to take your time choosing a good one based on your budget.

What makes torch lighter stand out from the rest is that it uses Butane fuel which gives it an intense-looking flame. Other features that make this lighter unique are the zinc alloy casing which makes it durable. There are multiple torch lighters available in the market; you just have to take your time when choosing one.

Whether buying a torch lighter or butane lighter, you should give it your time and ensure it all works well for you. We have listed some of the best torch lighters you can buy and get value for your money in this review.

5 Best Torch Lighter For All Occasions

From a sleek design to colorful and robust options, you get more when you choose some of the high-quality lighters. Here are some of the best you can find when shopping around for a torch lighter.

1. The Blazer Self-Igniting Butane Torch Lighter

Do you want to get a butane torch lighter that you can use hands-free? Well, this self-igniting micro torch lighter is one of the best you have in the market today. It is designed to avoid accidental ignition. This butane lighter is suitable for multitasking and, therefore, one of the best you can get for lighting your cigar. It is suitable for different ranges, including construction, automotive, and culinary.

It comes with an adjustable gas flow lever that you can use to control the proportion of flow according to your requirements. It produces up to 2500F degrees temperature at a time. It has a piezoelectric ignition system which ensures you light up your cigars with ease. It requires no electricity to light up your cigar. It also has a tabletop mountable stand which means it will do a hands-free job.


Key features

  • Lights up to 2500F degrees
  • No electricity is required to light up
  • It comes with a tabletop mountable stand
  • Diamond-shaped grip
  • Sizeable fuel tank 

2. Ronson Mini Butane Torch Lighter

Having this perfect gift butane torch lighter will save you a lot if you are a smoker. For non-smokers who love outdoor activities such as camping, caving, and boating, this inexpensive lighter is a must-have tool whenever you step out. The lighter sparks up quickly, even in the coldest winter weather. You don’t have to wait for that much for a flame to light up the cigar and start enjoying yourself with your friends.

If you love walking around with your lighters, this large flame-size lighter is an excellent choice for you. This lighter is a mini size which means you will carry it comfortably in your pockets as you move around. The lighter has an impressive satin chrome finish, making it attractive to any smoker.


Key features

  • It has a sleek look
  • Ignites a spark even in cold weather
  • Satin chrome finish
  • Mini-size
  • Portable
  • Strong  flame

3. Zoocura Refillable Butane Torch Lighter

If you are looking for the best strong flame butane torch lighter, you should not look any further than this Zoocura lighter. It gives up to 2.4 inches of continuous flame at 2100 degrees. Apart from lighting your cigar, you can also use this lighter for the grilling and cooking experience.

It is easy measuring the level of butane in this lighter because the fuel gauge window in the lighter is handy. It also has a zinc alloy construction which means you are well protected when using the lighter. The refillable fuel system ensures you are not always distracted from your job when using this lighter. You can get a 2 hours service once the tank is fully refilled.

Also, you can easily adjust the flame depending on the job you are doing. For instance, when smoking, you will need a relatively smaller flame.


Key features

  • Gives up to 2.4 inches of flame
  • It can reach 2100 F degrees
  • Zinc alloy construction to keep you safe
  • Lights up to 2 hours
  • Refillable butane torch lighter

 4. WindBlaze Precision Outdoor Torch Lighter

If you haven’t set your eyes on this WindBlaze design lighter, the best torch lighter is waiting for you. This sleek and well-designed cigar lighter offers you a consistent flame and superior outdoor performance.

It means you get the best flame just to light up your cigar and get the party going. It doesn’t let you down whether you hang out with friends on a windy day or just play some rounds on the golf course.

The single flame torch lighter is tough and precise. It reduces the common slip-ups when lighting your cigars outdoors. It comes with an angular tilted nozzle that acts as a windshield. It means you get to light up your cigars even on a windy day without worrying about the weather. Nothing is annoying like a sudden gust that is nudging the flame to scorch the wrapper and spoil the moment.


Key features

  • It is lightweight and portable
  • Tilted nozzle that acts as a windshield
  • 1-Year Warranty 
  • It is inexpensive
  • Sleek and well-designed

 5. Xikar Volta Torch Lighter

Every smoker knows that having the best compact design cigar lighter from a reputable brand is an investment. On this Xikar Volta torch lighter, you have a lighter for not only your cigars but also an asset you and be proud of. It gives up to 4 flame bases and comes with an invisible fuel reservoir.

If you love to smoke in your office or you just need equipment for your man cave, this triple-flame lighter is one of the best you can have around. The Xikar lighter is sturdy and attractive; you can use it to enshrine your environment.

The huge cylinder is something unique on this cigar lighter. The cylinder has an oversized push button that launches a powerful quad jet flame that can light up in seconds. The lighter also features a handy type of fuel gauge at the back. It is a bit heavy, making it impractical to carry it around with you. With its amazing design, you can have this lighter somewhere in your home.


Key features

  • Gives up to 4 flames
  • No visible reservoir
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Torch flame
  • Sturdy and impressive 

What to look for in the best Torch Lighter 

  • Material: When shopping for the best butane torch lighter, you should always consider the material used in making the casing. It should be able to protect you from any hazards. You want to ensure the material used in the lighter is alloyed with rich aluminum to make it durable and protect the lighter.
  • Fuel gauge meter: It is important to have a fuel gauge meter in place if you want to gauge if the lighter has enough butane fuel or not. That means your torch lighter should come with a reliable fuel gauge meter to keep you on notice when using the lighter.
  • Maximum temperature: If you are buying a torch lighter, you should ensure you check the maximum temperature of the flame it gives. Check if the flame is between 2100 -2500F degrees. If the temperature falls within this range, you can easily multitask the lighter.
  • Adjustable flame width and length: The lighter should have the capacity to adjust the flame. Not all the time, you are going to require a large flame. Choose an adjustable feature when you are shopping for a cigar lighter.
Final Thoughts

If you are looking for the best cigar butane torch lighter, you can go for the five mentioned in this review. Always consider checking the ignition process, flame length, and the price of the lighter you are buying before making that move.

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