5 Best Bourbon for Whiskey Sours

The whiskey sour is one of the most sought-after drinks you can have when out with friends. A sour cocktail is the worlds most iconic and classic barroom innovation. Have you ever tried making whiskey sours by yourself? You will need some fine recipes and perfect bourbon for the mix.

However, if you are not a mixologist, making a fine whiskey may not be that easy. There is a lot you can do when making the best whiskey sour.

Choosing the best quality whiskey in the market is one great movie you should make if you want to make a whiskey sour. For a perfect whiskey sour recipe, you should look through some of our recent posts for tips.

#1 – Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack 

There is a lot you can have in a bottle of whiskey. There are many bottles out there for the best whiskey sour to choose from. Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack is one of the best Tennessee bourbons you can choose if you’re on your way to making the best whiskey sour cocktail. This is a relaxed whiskey that lacks no pretenses.

This type of whiskey is velvety and soft, courtesy of the two rounds of charcoal filtering it goes through. The whiskey makes an excellent type of extra-drinking cocktail.

The crystalline sugar and lemon flavors mix well with the sugar and lemon cocktail, with some touch of smoke showing just underneath. This is the kind of whiskey sour you are most likely to get in your local bar.

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#2 – Old Forester Rye 

The Old Forester Rye is one of the best whiskey drinks you can think of if you want to make a cocktail. 

The main element or ingredient in a whiskey sour is the citrus lemon, but you can do better than this on your cocktail. Most mixologist prefer to incorporate other fruit flavors to make their cocktails better.

If you are searching for a fruitier-favored whiskey sour, this Old Forester Rye is always the answer. The whiskey drink is toasty and, combined with apricot, makes for the heavenly whiskey sour.

The whiskey is 100 proof hold up in whiskey sour when you add fruits like blueberries and raspberries. If you are making some whiskey cocktail with this drink, you should be more creative.

Experiment with the raspberry and blueberry sours, and you will find the perfect whiskey sour cocktail you have been looking for.

#3 – Lost 40 Rye Whiskey

It’s easy to tell the best whiskey drink by just looking at the bottle. In this Lost 40, you have all been looking for – the perfect ingredient for your whiskey sour cocktail. This Canadian whiskey has an ABV of 43% and gives you tasting notes of Spice, Toast, and Peach.

Most people would always opt for American bourbon to make a whiskey sour. Yes, they are the best you can have if you want to make this cocktail. In this Lost 40 Canadian whiskey, you have the best you can get if you want to make some whiskey sour.

The whiskey is not pot-stilled, which means it gives some notes from baking spices to stone fruits. 

It has bold levels of spice that will further brighten the cocktail with citrusy flavors. This whiskey can change the taste of your cocktail by changing the structure of your cocktail to make for a more interesting whiskey sour.

#4 – Knappogue Castle 12 Years Single Malt

With 12 years on a whiskey bottle, you can expect the best taste in any whiskey. This Knappogue Castle 12 Years single malt is one of the best whiskeys you can shop if you want to get the best of your sour whiskey cocktail.

This whiskey has been aged for 12 years in ex-bourbon barrels and gains for the bourbon’s signature notes of toast and vanilla. It also retains its original taste of honey and orchard fruit.

This is a refined Irish whiskey that you should serve in a cup shaken into a whiskey sour. The whiskey cherry flavors are subtle, and you want to focus more on how the whiskey interacts well with the simple syrup and the lemon juice.

If you are looking for the best quality bourbon for a whiskey sour, this drink is the best you can find in the market.

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#5 – Rittenhouse Rye Whiskey 

Here comes another high-quality rye whiskey you can count on if you want to make the best whiskey sour. Rittenhouse is one of the most sought whiskeys for the best cocktails. It comes in a signature taste of spice and smooth heat, which works wonders in a whiskey sour.

You can easily fall in love with this bottle for its high proof and 50% ABV. This drink will mix well and make you the best quality whiskey sour. Even when the whiskey is cut with citrus, sugar, and water, the spicy flavors and the orange zest will shine through but not too much.

The boost of alcohol will result when you taste this Rittenhouse spicy rye flavor when the drink is mixed completely. This is one of the driest whiskeys you can come around. It can become your whiskey of choice if you don’t want to have too much sweetness in your whiskey sour.

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What type of glass should you use for a whisky sour?

You should always present it in some sour glass when taking your whiskey. This type of glass has a rounded cup with a stem designed for citrus and sweet drinks. The glass stem keeps the whiskey from warming when you hold it.

Why do you use egg in a sour whiskey recipe?

The egg plays a significant role in your whiskey sour. It reduces the acidity from the bind and the citrus. It also binds the flavors together.

Which is the best whiskey for making a whiskey sour?

There are lots of choices you can go for if you want to make the best whiskey sour. Any type of high-quality bourbon makes the best choice for a whiskey sour. Most bourbon adds to the citrus notes and complexity of your whiskey sour.

Final Thoughts 

Which is the best bourbon to go for if you want to make the best quality whiskey sour? This article has gone through some of the best five bourbon whiskeys suitable for this. We believe these should be part of your whiskey recipe.

Choose a high-quality whiskey based on the tasting notes, ABV, and the aroma it gives. The best quality whiskey for making a whiskey sour should retain the citrus lemon and other flavors in the cocktail.

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