How to Pair Cigar and Coffee for the Best Flavor

If you’ve been smoking strong and mild cigars for a long time, you’ll agree that cigar pairs well with a lot of drinks. Most people believe that you can only take cigars alongside drinks like Kentucky bourbon, whisky, beer, and scotch. The truth is that a cigar pairs well with your favorite coffee drink to give the best flavor.

Of course, most aficionado smokers like coffee, which makes it good news that pairing the beverage with a cigar is possible. Coffee should not be a normal breakfast beverage. There are plenty of things you can do with some hot cup of coffee, and pairing it with a cigar is one great move.

While coffee contains caffeine, cigars contain nicotine. A combination of these two elements gives out a perfect taste and aroma. Whether you are smoking your first cigar or you are a regular smoker, here are some amazing tips for pairing cigar and coffee and getting the best out of your stogie.

It’s all about the Cigar Notes and Coffee Flavors

The first reason for pairing coffee and cigar is to combine the taste in coffee and the aroma that your cigar produces for a perfect experience. Most mild and strong cigars come with different taste notes like smoky, woody, spicy, herbal, etc. On the other hand, coffee can be soft, mellow, floral, fruity, and bitter. Since taste is subjective, we all have different perceptions of our first coffee and puff of a cigar. It depends on how ‘efficient’ our taste receptors work.

Coffee and tobacco pair perfectly because they are all tropical and equatorial crops. The two crops share a lot in common, which makes it easy to pair them. The nicotine in tobacco and the caffeine present in a cup of coffee are both stimulants that can change our senses.

The quality of coffee and tobacco depends on the type of soil where it is grown. In most regions where these two cash crops are grown, the farmers are always passionate about ensuring the same quality in every pack. That is why most people will shop for the best cigar and coffee by country of origin. Cuba is known for its quality cigar, while Kenya is popular for the best coffee.

If you want the best pairing of coffee and cigar, you must choose the two products carefully. You want to check on the wrapper, country of origin, and cigar strength before pulling it off the shelf. Choosing a cigar based on the strength and quality helps you determine which type of coffee to pair with and what time to smoke.

Which types of Coffee should you Pair with your Cigar?

Cigar and coffee come in different tastes and strengths. However, once you’ve selected your favorite cigar, you should determine the best quality coffee to pair with. In most cases, the quality of coffee and cigar depends on the soil it’s grown and how it is stored, the reason most people shop for coffee by country of origin.

Here are some best types of coffee you can pair with a cigar for the best smoking experience:

  • Kenyan: it is popular for its fruity and subtle flavor. This coffee also gives out gentle and delicate notes, making it special for pairing with a cigar.
  • Columbian: if you haven’t tasted the Columbian coffee or paired it with your cigar, you miss a lot. The mild roast coffee comes with a balanced taste and hints of cream, acid, spice, and fruit taste.
  • Puerto Rican: the best is waiting for you when you choose this type of coffee. It is smooth, delicious, and gives a chocolate flavor. It blends well with a cigar when served hot.
  • Cuba: the best coffee and cigar come from Cuba. The Cubita coffee is popular for its smoky, caramel, and earthy tones.

Tips for Pairing Coffee and Cigar 

1. Pairing cigar with espresso coffee

Espresso is a popular type of coffee you can make at home or buy from your local coffee shop. Espresso recipe is made of Arabica coffee, which gives a bitter and creamy taste. It has a unique taste and aroma, which makes it perfect for pairing with mild cigars.  

The easiest way to pair a cigar with coffee is to choose those of equal strength. When pairing espresso coffee with a cigar, you must ensure your cigar has equal strength to the coffee. 

Go for full-bodied espresso coffee because they work perfectly with most types of cigars. You can pair espresso coffee perfectly with a Dunbarton cigar.

Lastly, you should have some lukewarm water by your side if you want to enjoy pairing espresso coffee and cigar. You can use the water to clean your palate and keep your body hydrated so that you get the actual taste of your cigar.

Coffee Espresso Cup - Free vector graphic on Pixabay
2. Pairing with ice coffee 

Ice coffee goes contrary to the popular rule that you should always serve coffee hot. It is one of the most popular fast drinks in the world today. That means you can always pair your cigars with ice coffee for the best experience of smoking.

Ice coffee has a bitter note. Therefore, if you want to make the iced coffee tasty, you can combine it with some mild cigars or medium-bodied cigars. This way, you can catalyze the bitterness and enjoy your smoking. You can also mix the iced coffee with milk to kill the bitterness and make it pair well with full-bodied and strong cigars like Padron 1964 Anniversary.

File:Blue Bottle, Kyoto Style Ice Coffee (5909775445).jpg - Wikimedia  Commons
3. Latte coffee and light-bodied cigars 

You should try pairing latte coffee with light-bodied cigars if you want to get the best out of your smoking. Latte coffees are popular for pairing with cigars because they have a lot of milk and are nutritious.

Most people consider latte coffee the lightest in the market because it is delicate and smooth. When paired with a light-bodied cigar, latte coffee brings out the excellent taste and flavor in every puff. 

If you don’t like strong aromas from your smoke, you can opt for light-bodied cigars or kill the aroma by pairing a stronger cigar with latte coffee.

File:Perfect caffe latte from Cafe Coffee Day.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

The Finest Pairing for your Palate 

Choosing the finest cigar and coffee paring is not easy if you don’t consider the cigar and coffee flavors’ notes. For instance, a light roast coffee can pair well with a sweet mild-bodied cigar like Montecristo: a cocoa-based coffee or medium roast compliments well with a medium-bodied cigar or one that is slightly papery. Full-bodied cigars with acidic qualities pair well with spicy and leathery cigars.

To make your coffee and cigar pairing hassle-free, here is a list of the best cigar brands in the market you can pair for the best smoking experience:

  • Mocha & Onyx Bold Nicaragua
  • Room 101 Farce Connecticut
  • Joya De Nicaragua Clasico
  • Diamond Crown Maduro
  • La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor
  • San Cristobal Quintessence

Final Thoughts 

When smoking a cigar, you want to enjoy your time. That means you need some drink by your side to complement the taste and aroma of the cigar. Cigar, when paired with black coffee, is the best stimulant you can get. It makes an ideal concoction to relive yourself and elevate your moods.

However, it’s never that easy finding the mix of coffee and cigar if you’re not familiar with most coffee and cigars brands out there. That is why you need this guide.

Whether you are a fan of Nicaraguan or Cuban cigars, you can always find some coffee to spice up the smoke. You can form your unique recipe of coffee and choose mild or full-bodied cigars for the best pairing. We all have different tastes and preferences for coffee and cigar. With this simple guide for pairing cigars and coffee, you are one step away from enjoying smoking cigars like a pro.

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