Why You Should Drink Whisky Every day

When was the last time you were out with your friends to enjoy a glass of your favorite Johnnie Walker Blue Label or just some brand of Kentucky Bourbon? There is more into the world of whiskies you are yet to explore. Whisky enthusiasts will tell you that they cannot go a week without a tot of this magical drink. But what exactly inspires such love and desire for more whisky.

Is whisky good for your health? Should you be drinking lots of whiskies, and how much is enough of whisky a day?

In this article, we explore the limits of whisky drinking. We give you another reason why you should be drinking more whisky when out with friends. 

6 Reasons you Should be drinking Whisky 

1. Whisky is the ‘water of life’. 

If you have that passion for drinking whisky like a pro, then your dreams are valid. You don’t have to stop here, maybe until the barrel is finally empty. According to most American states’ dietary guidelines, moderate alcohol consumption is taking up to two drinks of alcohol per day for men and a bottle for women.

You should not stop taking another tot of whiskey a day because it’s good for your health. When your friends ask why you are taking more, you can tell them that whisky is just some blessed water in a beautiful bottle. 

2. Whisky has low calories 

Whisky is the only liquor that values your waistline. If you look forward to having that perfect shape, body, and fitness, whisky is the only drink to have on the table. You need to maintain your ideal shape even as you drink more alcohol. 

Unlike other brands like beer, vodka, wine, and spirits that contain more calories, whisky spares you the workout. You won’t add any significant weight when you drink more whisky. In every 100 grams of 86 proof whiskies, there are only 250 calories.

Whisky contains little sodium and no excess fat. This makes it the perfect drink if you want to cut weight. Additionally, some studies have shown that drinking whiskey reduces your desire for sugar and increase your energy. You are likely to eat less fatty foods after a glass of bourbon. If you drink whiskey every night, you will likely consume fewer calories and carbs the following day. 

3. Bid goodbye to cold 

There is no better treatment for a common cold than a glass of whisky. When you are feeling under the weather, a glass of whisky will never disappoint you. It helps you get rid of that blocked nose in a couple of days. During the 1920s prohibition, when alcohol drinking was banned in the U.S, most doctors would prescribe whiskey for patients with a common cold. 

Whisky has found its way into medical books as some ‘holy’ liquor. Although there is no proven cure for the common cold, whisky has shown significant benefits in removing its symptoms and helping patients find some relief in just days.

Whisky dilates your blood vessels helping your mucus membranes to deal with the infection. Having a glass of whisky when you have a common cold can help you get on your feet again. Take a glass of whisky for some nights when you are sick, and you can notice the difference. 

4. It gives you value for money 

Whisky is not only for the rich. Even those in the middle-income bracket can still share top whiskies like Johnnie Walker, Jameson, or Glenfiddich. Contrary to popular belief that whisky is expensive, most brands are now coming up with cheaper whiskies. You can give it a try. For instance, brands like Speyburn are budget-friendly and may not cost that much for a one-off party with friends.

If you think about whisky’s cost compared to other alcoholic drinks, you are probably getting it wrong. Whisky is more expensive than most alcoholic beverages but still gives you value for your money. In addition, a bottle of whisky may last longer than that of vodka. The longer you store your whisky, the more mature and tastier it becomes. You can consume a bottle of whisky in bits and keep the rest for the next day. This is not usually the case in beers and vodka.

For a bottle of beer, you have to drink it fully or risk losing your money. You are also not likely to consume a single bottle of beer, which translates to more money spent. Whisky saves you money when you are out drinking with friends. A bottle of whisky is enough to get you going while your friends cling on two or three bottles of beer.

5. Whisky relaxes your mind 

If you love meditation, then there is a good friend in town you should meet this weekend. It is a bottle of bourbon, Scotch, Tennessee, Japanese, or other whiskey types. After a long day at work, we all need to stop our mind from wandering, take a nap, and re-energize for the next day. Whisky can help you relax your mind after a stressful day at work. Additionally, most whiskies, like Jameson Irish Whisky, don’t have side effects and hangovers. It means you can grab a glass of whisky and remain productive at work the next day.

If you want to relax your mind and remain creative, we suggest trying some of the top whisky brands. Explore more of whiskies and find a bottle that quenches your thirst and helps you reveal your true self. Get off your comfort zone and grab a glass of whisky this weekend to relax your mind. The experience with whisky is something out of this world.

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6. Improves your sexual prowess 

Yes, you got it right! A glass of this ‘holy water’ can make you a star behind the closed doors. If you find it hard to last longer in bed or you just cannot pull the stand. Whisky can sort you out easily. Men with erectile dysfunction (ED) can find solace in a bottle of whisky. If you want to ensure your libido is intact when going for a date, there is nothing wrong taking a glass of whiskey. 

However, too much consumption of alcohol may still affect your sexual performance. Drink whisky in moderation and notice the difference in your libido.

When is Drinking Whisky Beyond the Limits? 

Whisky has a lot of healthy benefits. However, your body can only get these health benefits if you drink whisky in moderation. According to most American states’ dietary guidelines, moderate alcohol consumption is taking up to two drinks of alcohol per day for men and a bottle for women. This is the amount of alcohol you should drink per day. Anything beyond this limit may be harmful to your health.

Taking one or two fingers of whisky a day is good for your health. However, anything above this threshold is dangerous to you. You should also be careful when mixing your whisky with other drinks if you want to cut weight. A glass of clean water mixed with whiskey does not affect you, but mixing your whiskey with coke is not advisable. Here are some whisky cocktails you can try for weight loss.

Final Thoughts

To live a longer and healthier life, you should drink whisky in moderation. Drink your whiskey without any splashes or squirts if you want to enjoy the health benefits. There is more that whisky offers to your body apart from relaxing your mind. You only get the health benefits of whisky if you drink it in moderation.

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