10 Rules for Drinking Etiquette Every Whisky Lover Should Have

What do you remember the last time you were out with friends to drink and let loose? Did you like the experience? Your friends might have let you down when they left some of their crap on the table or couldn’t hold a glass of whisky the right way. When taking your whisky, drinking etiquette is crucial.

Before you can invite your friends for a late eve drink, you need to remind them of some drinking etiquette. Brushing your drinking etiquette can save you embarrassment. Things are a bit refined nowadays, and swinging with your glass of Champaign as you dance to your favorite tune is not some good manners.

Lucky for you, we’ve got your back on drinking etiquette. Keep reading to learn one or two things on how to handle your whisky with moderation. Here are the rules of drinking whisky when you are out with friends.

Rule #1 – Know Your Limits 

When you are out to drink with friends, you should not exchange bottles like some fuel guzzlers. Every whisky lover knows their limits they should not go beyond. If you want to enjoy the rest of the day, you shouldn’t exceed two bottles of your favorite brand. For ladies, you can stick with just a bottle of Jameson.  

Always take your drinks in moderation and slow down when you feel like you’re losing control. A rule of thumb you can follow here is to always drink your alcohol at the host’s pace. Watch how your friends are taking those sips, and stick with the pace. You don’t want to be taking another tip when your friends are still on the first one.

Rule #2 – Don’t tilt your head back 

Tilting your head back when you’re drinking is the last thing you want to do. When you’re taking the first sip of your whisky, you should keep your head upright. It may feel like a crime leaving some bits of alcohol at the bottom of the glass, but you have to take it easy.

You don’t want your friends to laugh at you when you splash the drinks on your white shirt or some cocktails sticking on your eye. Keep your head up if you must take the last sip.

Rule #3 – Don’t pour your drink

Pouring your drink is considered rude if you are drinking in Japan. However, this rule still applies if you’re out to drink with friends. When you pour your drink, you are likely to get it wrong, especially when taking the second round or third.

Have every person pouring the drink for someone. When you feel like you’ve had enough, you should not serve others because they will also be obliged to fill up your glass. Pouring drinks for others when in a group also shows some sense of togetherness, such an amazing way to drink with friends.

Rule #4 – Eating the garnishes 

In most cases, garnishes should always be edible. However, this rule may depend on where you are drinking. In general, anything on your glass of whisky should be edible or make you want more of the drink.

Some garnishes on your glass are simply there to make the drink more attractive. So, when you are drinking, you should always resist that urge to eat the garnish. Garnishes in your drink are just decors and not appetizers. Take it easy on the garnish to avoid embarrassment.

Rule # 5 – Don’t enjoy hard alcohol with food 

Hard alcohol is not for the table. Of course, you should not drink any type of alcohol on an empty stomach if you still love your guts anyway. Spirits are meant for taking before and after dinner. Yes, you may be in love with Mojitos, but drinking it while you dine is not appropriate. You can have some table wine instead to enjoy your meals.

Rule #6– Some order when using glasses 

When you are at the bar to drink whiskey, you need to be organized and orderly. Your bartender will arrange the glasses on the table in some order. You should use the glass closest to you first and end your session with one on the furthest end. This is a simple rule you should follow when you are out to drink. You can avoid breaking glasses at the bar and hurting yourself in the end.

Rule #7 –Hold your glass the right way

If you’ve been drinking for some time now, then you probably know how to hold a glass of wine or whisky. Ah, it’s not that simple as you may think. When drinking, you should only have stemmed glass on the table and hold them from the top of the stem and not from the bowl.

When you hold the glass from the bowl, your hot hands can heat the liquid and change its flavor. This is common if you are drinking and smoking a cigar at the same time. Holding the glass from the bowl also makes it look like you drink occasionally and not all the time.

Rule #8 –Drinking with your mouth full 

Eating or drinking with your mouth full is not good table manners. Yes, a mix of Sirah and steak is indeed superb, but having it all in your mouth isn’t that decent. Take one portion of the steak and meat at a time. You can enjoy the steak first, then follow with a sip of the drink. Drink with your mouth half full if you want to get all the flavors and notes in your drink.

Before you can take a drink, you should remember to place your utensils down on the dinner plate. If you cannot find your comfortable pose position, you probably have many things to worry about. This is where you stop drinking and take the cab home.

Rule #9 – Staining your glasses with food

It looks awful to have everyone staring at your glass when you leave some food dropping on the sides. Before you can drink the whisky, you should wipe your lips with a napkin to clean the sauce or food. Your bartended will always provide some napkins and serviettes you can use to wipe your lips and keep your glass clean.

Rule #10 – Don’t ask for more whisky

When you are out to drink with friends or attend some party, you should not ask for a top-up. Your host is probably making rounds to fill up your glass. If the host is in charge of topping your glass, you should not ask for it. The host is more likely to see your glass getting empty and fill it up with more.

When you refrain from asking for a top-up, you can keep up with your friends’ pace and drink just enough alcohol at the party.

Final Thoughts 

There is more you should know about drinking whisky or alcohol the right way. Drinking etiquette is almost similar to the usual table manners. For instance, you should not be talking as you eat or stretch your arms to get that glass when your friends can do that for you.

When you are out to drink with your friends, you should practice the ten drinking rules mentioned in this article. Stick to your limits,  and don’t forget to handle your alcohol with moderation.

 If you don’t know what to do when drinking, you are always free to copy what others are doing. Remember, you will not remember everything we’ve discussed here when you are taking the second glass of strong whiskey.

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