Romeo y Julieta Cigars Ultimate Review

If you love smoking cigars, then you know how it feels to have the best brand of cigars in your humidor. When it is time to choose the perfect cigar for the day, you should be keen enough. Sometimes you don’t have to look any further than Romeo Julieta 1875 cigars,

The Romeo Juliet cigar is a brand that was developed over a century ago by Mannin Garcia and Innocence Alvarez. Between 1885 and 1900, this cigar brand showed its quality and uniqueness, winning several gold medals in global expositions. In 1903 the cigar became more popular after Jose Rodriguez Fernandez acquired it.

This famous brand is also associated with introduction of the favourite Churchill cigars named after the British statesman Winston Churchill.

Romeo y Julieta is a full-flavoured cigar and one of the most popular today. Even after the death of its pioneers, Fernandez, in 1954, this brand of cigar is still known for its uniqueness. There are over 2,000 Romeo Julieta cigar bands in the marketplace.  

Stay off the rocks with Romeo Julieta Cigars.

You should have heard of Romeo y Julieta cigars if you have not been living under a rock your whole life. This cigar brand dates back to the 1800s and is still one of the most sought cigars in the United States today.  Founded in Havana, Cuba, the cigar still enjoys its place in the modern marketplace giving most brands a run for their money.

Every smoker who loves a strong cigar can easily fall in love with this brand. Romeo Julieta makes you feel like you are smoking handmade Dominican tobacco.  If you love the delicate Dominican wrapper on your cigar, this is probably the brand for you. Most cigars don’t come in this kind of wrapper because of their fragile nature.

The marbled cigar wrapper hides the fresh Dominican binders and handpicked filler tobacco. When you light it for the first time, you can smell the fresh aroma of earth and hay. The aroma depicts different notes on a pre-light. You get the notes of leather, butter, light pepper, and earth for a cold taste.

As you take your first puff, you get a bit of salt and acidic citrus taste. If you don’t have a clean palate, you may not get the unique taste of this cigar. So, clear your throat and palate with some clean lemon water before a pre-light.

Just when you are half an inch, the cigar profile begins to smoothen out slowly and nicely.  The earthy creamy profile is perfectly balanced with a background flavour. For every puff you take, some notes of cedar poke through.

Key specifications

  • Brand name: Romeo y Julieta
  • Rating gauge: 52
  • Length: Medium
  • Strength: Medium
  • Origin: Havana, Cuba -1875

Into the middle of Romeo Julieta Cigar

Unlike most cigars, Romeo y Julieta 1875 gives it all to you. You get the ideal aroma and flavour when you get to the middle of the cigar. It eliminates all the peppery undertones, and a leathery pepper note comes into light. As the spicy nuttiness stays in the background, some leather and cedar notes remain the centre stage of the cigar.

Romeo Julieta has a decent finish. It tempts you to pull out the next cigar from the humidor and light it up. The construction of this cigar is also on point. The cigar is a bit wavy for the most part but changes to uniform towards the middle. You don’t have to perform any touch-ups with the lighter to keep this cigar ablaze.

If you like a tighter draw, Romeo Julieta may not be the right cigar for you. The cigar is a bit loose, and the smoke comes out in large size. It gives out a medium or mild line of smoke, making it suitable for a beginner. You can use this cigar to learn how to retro-hale.

The pros and cons of Romeo Julieta

Here is a breakdown of what you can expect when you order this cigar:


  • It is incredibly smooth and easy to draw
  • The cigar is medium-bodied
  • Comes in different stick size options to choose from
  • Affordable compared to other cigars within its range


  • It may be too spicy
  • A short smoke
Final Thoughts

The 1875 Romeo y Julieta cigar is one of the best you can find today. The cigar is popular for its unique taste, flavour, and aroma. Coming from one of the top cigar producing countries, you can be sure of quality smoke when you light the cigar. 

Romeo Julieta is produced today with the best tobacconists in the industry. At Bottle and Ash we recommend this brand for you and your friends if you love a high-quality cigar.

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