Difference Between Cigar Cutters

Difference Between Cigar Cutters

When it’s that time of the day when you have to pull out your cigar from the humidor only to realize that you don’t have a cigar cutter by your side. The best you can do is learn how to cut the cigar with your teeth, or maybe count on a V-cut or punch for the job.

If you’re smoking for the first time, choosing the best type of cigar cutter can be quite a task. There are different types of cigar cutters out here you can choose from, but you have to know their pros and cons.

In this article, we give you a short review of different types of cigar cutters so that you pick the best tool for your cigar.

Cigar Cutter and cut options

1. Straight cigar cutter

You can ruin even the best cigar in the world if you don’t know how to choose the right cutter for the job. Straight cigars are some of the most difficult cigars to cut the cap. With a straight cigar cutter, the task is hassle-free. Single blade guillotine is the basic type of straight cutter you can use to cut a straight cigar.

Most cigar lovers prefer the straight cigar cutter because it can make a cleaner and fast cut on the cigar. It is the best cutter if you want to trim your cigar at the exact spot without unraveling the wrapper. The guillotines are affordable, practical, and easy to carry around. You can carry the guillotines in your pocket without worry of injury.

When using a straight cigar cutter, the cigar’s tip is sliced off without trimming a significant part of the wrapper. The only problem using this cutter is that you can accidentally cut off a bigger part of the cigar if you don’t point to the exact spot. If you cut off too much of the cigar, it will be airy and get hot fast when you smoke.


  • You can use the cutter on most types of cigars; it is not limited to the size and shape of the cigar
  • It makes it easier to draw the cigar
  • It creates a larger opening on the cigar which means more space 


  • It creates a larger opening or hole on the cigar, which means you will likely get some tobacco in your mouth when you smoke. 


2. Cigar punch cutter

Do you know how to punch a cigar? Well, punching a cigar is sometimes one of the most challenging things for cigar aficionados. As the name suggests, a punch cut will simply create a small hole on the cigar, making it easier to draw the cigar.

Punch cutters are inexpensive and easy to recognize. They are affordable compared to most types of cigar cutters. The only downside of using this type of quality cigar is that since it involves making the cigar cap humid fast before cutting, you can easily clog the cigar with your saliva.

It creates a small hole in the cigar cap which means there is minimal risk of getting the tobacco in your mouth when you draw for the first time

Punch cutters are almost similar to v-cut cutters since they create a tight draw and a reduced flake. They work best on cigars with a round shape. What this means is that it won’t be that effective when you are using it on a torpedo cigar.

Punch cutters will perform the best when you use them on cigars with a higher ring gauge. The punch cutters create a small hole on the cap of your cigar, which leaves room for a bigger draw. Therefore, most smokers will find this cigar cutter more interesting to use than others.


  • It makes a small opening on your cigar, making it suitable for all torpedoes
  • The cut retains most of the cigar cap reducing wastage of your tobacco
  • The small cut reduces the risk of getting tobacco in your mouth
  • It is inexpensive and easy to use 


  • It is not suitable for cigars with a small ring gauge
  • It makes a very small opening on the cigar which can make the cigar too hot fast


3. V-cut

You can use a v-cut to create a wedge-shaped cut in the cap of a cigar. Creating a wedge or v-cut on a cigar is not that easy, which means you have to pay close attention to get the right cut.

When using a v-cut, you insert the gauge cigar on the opening of your v-cutter. Press the cigar down using your thumb and create a wedge cut. A v-cutter creates a cleaner cut which gives you more control of your cigar when you smoke.

As a way of reducing the risk of the premium cigar unraveling, it leaves the cigar cap more intact. However, the opening is a bit smaller compared to a straight cut. It means when you start drawing from the cigar, you will not get as much smoke as you want.

The vast majority of cigar enthusiasts prefer this feature of a v-cut, while others would drop the cutter for this reason. Whether you choose a v-cutter or a punch depends on your smoking style and personal preferences.


  • A v-cut is a cross between punch and straight cut
  • It creates a relatively small hole which leaves most of the cap intact
  • It is easier to draw on a v-cut hole
  • It works best on small cigars


  • Sometimes, the cut may close down when you’re smoking
  • Some cigars may become more compressed, making it difficult to draw the cigar


Other types of cigar cutters

Cigar scissors

Cigar scissors are specifically designed for cutting cigars and look different from the normal household scissors. They come in highly stainless steel blades that are sharp. The blades get sharper as you use the scissors.

When buying cigar scissors, you should focus more on the quality of the blades because you can risk damaging your cigar and smoking experience eventually if you don’t.

Shuriken cutter

A shuriken cutter is another type of cutter you should look forward to buying. It resembles a capsule with six sharp blades. This type of cutter was introduced in the market in 2011 and has become popular amongst cigar smokers. The cigar cutter is the best for cutting slits across the cap. It is also suitable for cigars with small fillers.


Biting is another way of cutting your cigar. If you find yourself without a cutter, you can resort to biting to save yourself the day. All you have to do is ensure you’re keen on how you bite the cigar to avoid making a bigger opening on the cap.

Follow the old caveman’s way of chomping the cap off when biting your cigar. Most cigar smokers may not prefer biting because it leaves some tobacco in your mouth and creates a rough opening that can damage the wrapper. When biting the cigar, first locate where the cigar neck ends and bite once.

Final Thoughts

What cigar cutter you for as a cigar aficionado should depend on the type of cigar you want to smoke. When choosing a cigar cutter, you should look more into the pros and cons of using it and whether it is suitable for your cigar’s ring gauge.

Ensure the cut you make will keep the tobacco out of your mouth and give you the best experience smoking. Lastly, you can always experiment to find out which cigar cutter works best for you.

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