What are the Best Cigar Lighters?

If you’ve been into cigars for years, then you’ll agree that choosing one of the best cigar lighters for your smoke is not that easy. There are plenty of cigars lighters out there you can choose for lighting your cigars, but you have to be careful which brand you land on.

For instance, when you opt for Zippos lighter or other fuel-fired lighters, they can easily interfere with the taste and flavor of your best quality cigar. That’s because they contain chemicals that can easily taint the cigar flavor.

Those who opt for matchboxes instead of lighter should also beware that they are not as convenient as the best cigar lighters. So, what are the best options of cigar lighters out there? Here we list some of the best cigar lighters you should opt for when shopping around.

1. Colibri Rally Lighter 

There is something hidden in this brand of cigar lighter. It’s the simplicity and compactness it comes with. This rugged lighter is the best you can get from Colibri. It gives out a jet flame which makes it suitable for lighting up your cigar in any kind of weather and environment.

The cigar lighter comes with a two-year warranty, which means it’s going to be of great service to you for the longest time. The lighter provides accurate precision and an easy lighting process.

It comes with a separate SV cutter. You can buy these two to make your smoking enjoyable. This product is available on Amazon and other high-end online stores.


2. Xikar Volta Lighter  

Xikar is such a big name in the world of cigar accessories. When it comes to getting a high-quality cigar lighter, the Xikar Volta makes it easy for you. This tabletop type of cigar lighter makes your cigar smoking a walk in the park. With this sturdy beast of lighter, you will enjoy your smoking time in the Man Cave and enshrine your smoking zone.

It comes with a huge cylinder and looks a bit heavy when you hold it in your hands. It has an oversized push button that launches a powerful quad jet flame that can light any cigar flame in seconds. The lighter also features a hearty reservoir and a fuel gauge at the back.


3. WindBlaze Outdoor Lighter  

If you’re looking for an outdoor cigar lighter, then WindBlaze should be the right choice for you. This sleek and fine-looking cigar lighter offers you an amazing outdoor performance. You can count on this cigar lighter if you are going to spend some time outdoors smoking. It doesn’t let you down when you are playing golf with buddies.

The lighter gives a single flame that is precise and tough. This way, it reduces the slip-ups when you light your cigar in a windy environment. The cigar lighter comes with a tilted nozzle with a small windshield that effectively blocks the wind. It is portable, sleek, and well-designed. If you’re looking for a cigar lighter on a tight budget, this is the right choice for you.

4. ST Dupont Defi Extreme 

ST Dupont is one of the best quality and durable cigar lighters we were able to find around. The lighter has this modern look, compactness, and sturdiness, which makes it more durable. With this cigar lighter in your pocket, you no longer have to worry about lighting up your cigars in a windy place.

This cigar lighter is the easiest to use. It comes with a trigger on one side that clicks easily to the body. The other side consists of a fuel gauge that you can easily check.

 Now, if you are looking for a cigar lighter that will always be there for you when you want to smoke, this ST Dupont is the right choice. It may be a bit pricey, but its durability and value are something you shouldn’t hesitate to pay for.


5. Colibri Quantum Lighter 

For those looking for a durable and multi-flame cigar lighter, the Colibri Quantum lighter is the right choice for you. This cigar lighter produces a precise multi-flame which makes it easy to light your cigars on the wind. To improve the precision and assure you of an accurate burn, the cigar lighter has an outer jet angled inwards.

This was the first triple jet of its kind that Colibri first released it in the market. So far, there is no other lighters you can compare with this unique Colibri Quantum. If you’ve been looking for a lighter that gives out a multi-jet flame without compromising on accuracy, you should consider this one. This cigar lighter is a bit pricey but assures you value for your money.


6. ST Dupont Ligne 2 Lighter

When looking for the best cigar cutter, you know that ST Dupont is one brand you can always count on. The ST Dupont Ligne 2 is a premium cigar lighter that gives out a soft and precise flame. This is a full expression of beauty and luxury you might be looking for in a cigar lighter. The lighter is made for cigarettes but tends to be more related to cigars.

The cigar lighter is made in France and comes with a Chinese Lacquer finish which makes it stand out from the rest of the cigars in the market. This lighter has a distinctive sound when you open it, sounding as clear as a bell. 

With this cigar lighter, you won’t be disappointed with what you pay for.


7. Xikar Ultra Combo Lighter 

Xikar gives you another high-quality cigar lighter you can count on, the amazing Xikar Ultra. With this brand of lighter, you get a torch flame lighting your cigar conveniently.

This device comes as a lighter and cutter at the same time. The lighter features an ultra-slim design. It is slim and slightly thicker than a credit card. 

The cigar lighter has rivets that fit nicely, preventing it from sliding when you hold it. The cutter comes with a sharp double guillotine which enables you to measure any cigar of ring gauge ranging from 24-56. You can use the cutter to clip a 70 ring gauge cigar.

The lighter is built in a full-body metal construction which makes it durable. It gives a single jet torch flame, making it even easier to light your cigar in any weather.


8. Jetline New York Triple Torch Lighter 

If you’re looking for a high-quality cigar lighter at an affordable price, you should go for this Jetline New York Lighter. There is a wide selection of single and multi-jet models you can choose from when you opt for this brand. With this device, you can light up your cigar in just a second.

The lighter comes in a variety of designs. You can have one Jetline for your man cave and the other for your glove box. There are a variety of pocket-friendly models and tabletop torches you can opt for when you choose this brand of lighter.

The device includes handy features like easy to adjust flame height and flip-out punch cutter. With this multipurpose lighter, you get value for your money.

Final Thoughts 

When choosing the best quality cigar lighter, you have to be careful which brand you go for. This article has listed some of the best eight cigar lighters that will give you the right flame and precision you are looking for when lighting your cigars.

Find a lighter that suits your smoking style and doesn’t let you down when you are out with friends. Nothing is more disappointing than buying a lighter that will stop working after a few days. You can choose one of these lighters and enjoy your time smoking your favorite cigar.

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