Top 10 Cigar Travel Cases

We know how tedious it can be to choose cigar accessories like the best cigar travel humidors, holders, and case to keep your cigars fresh when you are out shopping. In this review, Bottle and Ash is holding your hand in selecting some of the best-seller cigars fresh travel cases in the market. So, if you are a beginner in a trave cigar case topic, this review should be of great help to you. Which are some of the best cigar cases you should look out for in the market?

1. The Mantello Black Leather Cigar Case

Made by Mantello Cigars, this is one of the best cigar cases you can lay your hands on if you are out on tour this weekend. The cigar case is made of different materials like cedar wood, stainless steel, and leather. It is black in color and measures 1.8 x 7x 3.2 inches.

The quality of the materials used in making the cigar case is proof that your cigars will be stored in this case safely and intact. The cigar case holds at most three cigars of ring gauge 54, just an ideal cigar capacity for a beginner in smoking.

It only weighs 0.35 pounds, which makes it more portable to carry around. It features an elegant design, and the leather material is a complement to the craftsmanship. This is one gift you can buy your smoking friend, and they will gladly appreciate it.


2. Lagute Groucho Leather Cigar Case

If you are looking for a cigar case that is perfect for traveling, the Legute Groucho is a perfect choice for you. This cigar case is made of genuine bull leather, giving it a unique look. It has a u-shaped cedar wood tray, making it easy to store up to 4 cigars of different ring gauges and sizes.

It is easy to maintain this cigar case. You can use a humidifier or dropper to regulate the humidity level inside. It also comes with detailed instructions on how you can maintain it.

This favorite cigar case comes with a dropper, cigar cutter, and a humidifier in the package. It acts as a backup for your home humidor, making it ideal for carrying a pack of four cigars when you are traveling.

3. AMANCY Cedar Wood Leather Cigar Case

AMANCY is one of the best-selling cigars fresh cases you can find in most online shops. This cigar case comes in elegant modern designs, which enables you to conveniently carry your cigars. It is built with PU leather and cedar wood, which keeps your cigars in perfect humidity. It can hold up to 5 cigars measuring 7.9 x 3 inches. The cigar case will keep your cigars safe for the whole day.

This beautiful cigar box comes with a built-in dropper, humidifier, and a digital hygrometer. The manufacturer provides you with a price range and detailed instructions on how to use the case. The seller assures you a money-back guarantee when you buy this case, and you are not pleased with it. Amancy Cigar Case is leather proof, which means you can carry it around comfortably to enjoy your favorite smoke.


4. Volenx Leather Cigar Case

Volenx is a brown leather option cigar case that comes with a stainless steel cigar cutter to make your work easy. The leather case has a classic crocodile pattern, which adds to its beauty.

You can carry this stylish cigar cuter around because it is light and compact. It is made of highly durable leather, foam cushioning, and a humidification unit. All these high-quality materials mean you’ll be having it around for some time.

The cigar cutter may get loose quickly, but that is not what you are buying the cigar case for. Also, the cigar case is perfect for a one-off occasion. You don’t want to keep the cigar inside this case for long.

5. CL Carbon Life Carbon Fiber Cigar Case

The stylish Carbon Life cigar case is one of the best you can grab today. This cigar case is made of 100% real carbon fiber and 3K plain style, making it stylish and more luxurious. The case is designed to fit in your jacket and any small space you wish to store it.

The cigar case comes in an airtight cigar seal that locks the moisture and keeps your cigars in perfect condition when you are golfing or partying with friends. It is strong and lightweight, which means you can carry it around with ease. The case carries cigars measuring 0.9 x 0.95 inches. It can hold a cigar with a ring gauge of 57.


6. Galiner Cedar lined Cigar Case

Save some money when you buy this durable and stylish Galiner Cedar cigar case. The cigar case is made of cedar wood inner trays. It comes with a built-in humidifier to keep your cigars in perfect shape and condition as you travel.

If you like to carry something stylish on the road, this stylish cigar case will make good company. It comes in a black leather design and compact design, making it easy to carry around. It carries up to 6 cigars which makes it convenient for carrying cigars on a short trip. Part of the cigar case may only make it limited to holding some small-sized cigars.

7. CiTree Cigar Case

CiTree is one of the best quality cigar cases you can shop when you are traveling, and you want to enjoy a fresh smoking cigar on your way. If you are looking for a cigar case with some quality leather material, this is the perfect option for an angry person. It comes in a genuine leather cover with a crocodile finish. It is 7 inches tall and thick.

The cigar case weighs 10 ounces only, which makes it light and convenient to carry around. It can hold up to 2-3 cigars with a 54 ring gauge. The cigar case is nice and compact, meaning it won’t weigh down your pockets.


8. Scotte PU Leather Cigar Case

Scotte is another stylish cigar case you can shop for a cigar enthusiast. It is a better option if you are looking for a compact, stylish, and affordable case at the same time. The cigar case is made of PU leather and an aluminum body. This travel cigar humidor case has a standout feature that makes it easy to monitor the humidity level inside the box.

For instance, if the meter on the case reads 60%, you have to add some distilled water to the case to increase the humidity level. The cigar comes in a canister, and the fact that it has a meter makes it stand out from the rest of the park. You can store up to 3 different type of cigars in this case.

9. Cigar Case Travel Light Brown

Cigar Case Travel is another cigar case you should look forward to buying if you need value, simplicity, and design in your case. The cigar comes in a stylish design and durable construction, making it a perfect choice to gift a friend.

It comes from the cigar shop in a cool light brown color and crocodile leather finish. It is made of PU faux leather not genuine leather). The case can hold up to 3 cigars of ring gauge 51. It also has a stainless steel cigar cutter that is included in the pack and fits perfectly in any pocket size.

10. Mantello Executive Genuine Leather

If you are a cigar aficionado shopping for a premium cigar case, this Montello leather case is a good choice to store your cigars on vacation. The unique side of this cigar box and case is that you can easily adjust it to fit precious cigars of different ring gauges and lengths.

It can hold up to 3-finger cigar. It comes with a cigar lighter and a cutter to make your work easy. The sale price is also friendly to the pocket.

The case can fit in cigar smokers’ pockets perfectly. It measures 6.75 inches wide. You can also store the cutter and the lighter in the pockets found on the case. these pockets are made of durable materials.


Final Thoughts

If you are out to shop for a cigar case and portable cigar humidor, you should check if it has the qualities like a humidor, leather case, cedar wood lining, and compact design. The ten cigar cases mentioned here are some of the best you can shop online for different cigar sizes.

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