Facts about Cigars: What You Should Know About Your Favorite Smoke

We all have our ways when it comes to feeling good after a long day at work. Some go for a fine bourbon while some of us would simply go for a premium cigar. The taste and aroma of the smoke in a premium cigar is all that changes your mood. Yes, you know how to choose the best cigar for the party. But how much can you tell about the cigar you smoke.  There is a lot you should know about cigars, and in this article, Bottle And Ash puts it in white. Here are some facts you should beware of any premium cigars.

Fact #1 –Premium cigars are natural

A handmade cigar is the best you can have because it is artisanal and natural. There are a lot of cigar brands out there that will often use the phrases “natural’’ when the truth is that they don’t even fall close to that description.  

A premium cigar has the right to flaunt these credentials because of the many features it comes with. This cigar is made of only one thing worth the taste – it s a naturally bred tobacco. And where exactly does the best tobacco for handmade cigars come from – I gauze it’s the Dominican Republic.

Premium cigars are all natural and all the taste and aroma it gives are all naturally occurring. The brown color in your cigar is achieved through a process of ripening. It means your cigars is free of any color or dyes.

There are no sweeteners and chemicals added on the cigar to increase the shelf life.  Chemicals and additives are most likely to be found in most machine-made cigars which are normally produced in millions.

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Fact #2 – A good cigar is handmade

The best cigar in the market is handmade and artisanal. Forget about the machine-made cigars that are over the market. The truth is that if you want to taste some of the best cigars, a handmade cigar is the best you can choose.

Making a premium cigar is an artisan skill and it would take anyone years to master the skill and concept.  Blending the tobacco is also an art and science that you will need if you want to make a premium cigar.  

Tobacco crops come in different variety which can affect the blending process. It means cigar makers must be keen when choosing the type of tobacco to use in making the cigars.  

Fact #3 – Not all cigars are the same

Not all the premium cigars you find out there are the same in terms of tasting notes and flavor. Cigars differ in many ways depending on the ingredient used, where it is made, and who makes it.

Some cigar vintages are better than others because of the factory making it. However, most cigar makers will often do their best to ensure they give a consistent product. It means when you are out to smoke Winston Churchill, you can be sure the next stick you pull from the humidor will have the same flavour.  

You can always expect small variations from cigar to cigar because the tobacco used in making the cigar will be different depending on the weather and soil it is grown.

There are no handmade cigars that will look exactly the same. In most cases, the most natural and sincere cigars are the expressions of the cigar maker and the soil where the tobacco used is grown.

Fact #4 – Two hundred hands touch your cigar

There are hundreds of people involved in making your premium cigar a reality. There is always a saying that 200 pairs of hands touch your cigar before it finds its way into your  Savoy humidor.  Many people have contributed in making your cigar a reality.  It means a premium cigar is just a collection of different minds coming together to make you some fine cigars.

The process of making a premium cigar starts from the seed selection and greenhouse cultivation. A full grown tobacco starts off as a tiny seed which is planted in a small tray in the greenhouse.  The seedling is transplanted to the fields once it is about a few inches high.

The leaves are removed by hand when the tobacco reaches a full height and maturity. The leaves are always hung in a curing barn to dry and turn brown. At this point there are hundreds of people that are already involved in making the cigar.

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Fact #5 – Tobacco is fermented to add taste to the cigar

Fermentation is an essential process in the making of whiskey and wine. Tobacco also undergoes fermentation for one reason, to add taste and give it the brown color.  The microbial fermentation involves the use of oxygen, water, and pressure to break down the leaf organically.

The chemical composition and the physical traits of the tobacco changes as it goes through the process of oxidation and humidity.

Fermentation affects the smell and flavor of your cigar. It makes it less stringent and reduces the bitterness. It also brings out other aspects of the cigar like floral, nutty, and sweetness.

Fact #6 – Cigars are made of three parts

Another factor that all cigar smokers should know is the anatomy of the cigar. A typical handmade cigar is made of three main parts: filler, binder, and wrapper. When all these three parts are put together it makes a complete cigar.

  • Wrapper – this is the outer covering of the cigar. It is the most expensive part of your cigar. It means the leaves used in making the tobacco wrapper must have a nice look and flavour.
  • Binder- This is more like the wrapper and how it looks like does not matter. This is the part of the cigar that holds the filler together and helps the cigar with burning.  If you want a good burn in your cigar you should ensure you lit the binder correctly.
  • Filler – It’s the loose end on the other side of the cigar.  Cigar fillers are different and may be a mixture of various tobaccos sourced globally. The origin or where the tobacco used as filler is grown will affect the flavors of your cigar.

Fact #7 – A high price does not mean a high quality

How much you pay for a cigar may not necessarily determine the quality you get in your cigar.  The most expensive premium cigar may not be the best one for you. In most cases you get what you pay for the value your cigar comes with.

A premium cigar may be made with the best materials to guarantee you a fine taste. However, a less expensive cigar may have a better taste than a more expensive one.  Your choice of cigar will often depend on your taste and preferences.  

In most cases the top cigar brands will often put a higher price on their products because they are known for quality material and construction. However, this doesn’t mean you are guaranteed great taste in every cigar they deliver to the market.

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Final Thoughts

There is a lot to find out about cigars. These seven facts listed here are some of the basics you should know about your cigars. A premium cigar goes a long way before it reaches you humidor. As a cigar aficionado you can always research to learn more about premium cigars.

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