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As a cigar lover, what you need most is the best of time smoking your favorite cigar. There are items you should not miss on your smoking zone or man’s cave if you want the best experience smoking, like a cigar holder, ashtray, lighter, and a humidor.  You should look for a gift that takes your relaxation and smoking to the next level. Here, in this article, Bottle and Ash make it easy for you to choose the best quality cigar gift to make your life enjoyable. 

If smoking is your favorite thing to do when hanging with friends, you want to grab the best cigar gifts and start making memories whenever you smoke.

An exceptional cigar gift should not overpower your cigar but enhance the smoking. For a cigar lover, a great cigar gift can make smoking worth it.  

Here are some of the cigar gifts you need if smoking is your thing:

Special Ashtray Set 

Where do you put that cigar ash when you smoke in your office desk? If you want to reduce the risk of fire as you smoke, you need an ashtray to make it easy for you to collect the cigar ash. If you are gifting your friend with some cigar ashtray, you can get the best in the market.

There is always a brand out there for you. Make your friends’ next cigar celebration worth the moment by gifting them a special piece of ashtray.

A high-end and custom ashtray is something a cigar aficionado will use for years, always making smoking time enjoyable. An ashtray set will hold a glass of whiskey just the right way improving your experience as you smoke. 

Gift your friend an ashtray set, and you will always ensure they get the best experience smoking and drinking straight whiskey better than their friends. An ashtray is undoubtedly one of the best cigar gifts you can get him if you are out shopping.

Cigar shadow box

cigar shadow box is such a great gift for any cigar lover. It is a way of appreciating cigars without the need to have one by your side.

Whenever a cigar lover goes to smoke, the first thing they do is to take off the band and through it. They don’t know that they can always take this band as a decorative piece of art. 

Having a custom-made cigar shadow box makes it easy for any cigar smoker to showcase all the different brands of cigars they have ever smoked. 

This is also another way a cigar lover can remind himself of just how long he’s been in the game of smoking. 

Nothing feels good like keeping a cigar band of your once-in-a-lifetime cigar. Make all his smoking days count by gifting him a personalized cigar shadow box.

Cigar box set 

Besides getting a unique cigar accessory, there is another way of getting into a cigar lover’s heart. If your friend or spouse is a cigar lover and he smokes with a glass of whiskey just by their side, you can make their days with some special cigar box set.

If your man or friend likes to pair a bottle of scotch whiskey with some quality cigar, buy them a cigar gift they will always live to remember. This is one of the best cigar box sets you can have for your friend for a birthday party or their anniversary celebration. 

The box comes with all they need to have the best moment smoking. All he has to do is keep some scotch and cigars in the ammo can, and he is always ready to pull out the lights for some amazing time.

Cigar carrying case with a humidor 

Smoking is not just the process of lighting a cigar and taking that puff. A cigar lover knows that you need all the cigar accessories by your side to have the best moment. Your friend will get a cigar carrying case and a humidor to keep everything intact in this cigar gift. 

The cigar case humidor comes with an aluminum case making it great for traveling or smoking on the move. It comes with an anti-slip ridged side grip and a built-in humidifier and hygrometer. It carries up to three standard-size cigars or two large ones. This is one of the cigar-carrying cases that is more stylish and practical.

One-hand Whiskey Glass

Let him hold all he needs for the best experience in his hands. This is exactly what the special whiskey glass and a cigar holder  can help him achieve.  

The cigar holder can hold cigars of up to ring gauge 48 and fit in the liquor glass when he takes a rest. This is one of the special cigar gifts a whiskey and bourbon lover will always take to heart. If they love to pair whiskey with a high-end cigar, this is one of the best cigar gifts to shop for. 

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The custom cigar travel set 

If he loves to smoke while on the move, and he just can’t stop, the best you can get him as a cigar gift is this custom cigar travel set. This is a great cigar gift for any cigar lover that is always on the move.  

This cigar gift comes with a cigar cutter, so he won’t be looking for scissors to cut the cigar and light it up. It will carry everything you need to have the best moment to smoke when the thirst comes calling.

It carries and protects up to three standard-sized cigars at once. It also comes with a compartment to carry the cigar cutter. You can easily personalize the cigar case with the cigar lovers’ initials and an inspirational message on the other side.

If you are motivated to get him a cigar holder and want it to come with some accessories, you can always opt for this amazing cigar gift. He gets a cigar holder, a lighter, and a cigar cutter in this cigar travel set. The smoking experience is not complete without a cigar gift like this one.

Decanter set  

You only make his smoking worth it when you can get him the right accessories to make it simple. In this decanter cigar glassware set, your smoking has a perfect gift he will never forget you with. 

In a man’s world, noting makes the odd days worth it, like pairing a quality whiskey with some special cigars. A quality whiskey and a good cigar are sweet and savory vices. They always go together.

You want to make sure your friend can enjoy the very best of flavor profile any cigar lover can ask for by buying him this unique cigar glassware set as a gift. Any gift you buy for a cigar lover should improve their smoking experience, which is what this decanter and cigar glass set is designed to do.  

Your friend can just relax in his man’s cave while having the best experience smoking and drinking quality whiskey.

Custom Ammo Can Humidor 

You have all you’ve been looking to gift him once you put your hands on this unique cigar ammo humidor. When buying him a perfect cigar gift, you should not focus more on making the smoking enjoyable but think of how to make the cigars maintain their original taste and flavor. 

Your smoking ally needs a perfect cigar humidor – one they can always carry with them when on the move. A cigar humidor is a perfect gift any cigar lover will always appreciate. With this cigar humidor, your friend will always feel like they should order more cigars and keep the fire burning. 

Cigar Starter Pack 

A perfect cigar starter park is all you need to gift him to grace his days, if not for life. If he takes himself as a cigar smoker and he’s already hunting for the best cigar accessories online, this is a cigar gift you should not hesitate to buy him.

Has he been looking for the best scotch, Irish, or bourbon he can take alongside his favorite cigar? Is he on the look for the best cigar humidor to store his cigars for long?

You can come to his rescue by getting him this special cigar gift. Shop for this whiskey glass and a cigar set to make his smoking count. Make it easy for him to carry his cigars with him.

Is your friend a beginner at smoking? You can make their first experience with a cigar the most breathtaking with this amazing cigar starter pack.

Final Thoughts 

Smoking is a great experience when you have the right cigar and all the items to savor the moment. Having a good time smoking sometimes is not all about having the right cigar by your side. 

It’s all about having the ideal cigar gifts for your smoking fiend. Your search for a special cigar gift for your spouse, best friend, or father ends when you lay your hands on some of the gifts we have listed here.

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